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Five Word Friday

Our five words today come from Mom’s September draft which she finished this weekend.

16. Bunnies – There are lots of bunnies around my apartment complex. I don’t try to chase them, and they are not even afraid of me. Someday, I would like to taste one. #goals

47. Practice – Mom practices writing a lot. She studies about it and works on new and old stories all the time. Whenever Mom teaches me tricks, we also practice a lot.

Plus, I get Cheerios and chicken to help me learn. When Mom writes stories, she doesn’t even get Cheerios and chicken. Only coffee.

Sometimes she shares…

9. Sleep – Once in a while, when Mom and I are in bed, ideas come into her mind. Sometimes, she writes them down in her phone, but when she is absolutely, positively sure she will never, ever forget the perfectly amazing idea, she confidently goes to sleep. She does not remember anything in the morning.

51. School – When I wasn’t born, Mom worked at school for a long time.


Now, she only goes to school once in a while. On the happiest of happy days, she takes me with her.

School has tons of kids. Plus lunchboxes. Plus delicious pencils and crayons, and did I mention lunchboxes…?

I smell peanut butter….

99. Dark – I don’t like the dark. Mom tells Alexa to turn on the light and turn on the television. Nightlights are everywhere in our house. But Mom still makes me go outside in the dark.


I am skittish, hesitant, and edgy. Mom says, “You have to go out.” and “Toughen up.” and “Sorry, Charlie.” But Charlie isn’t even my name.

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  1. we agree, the best ideas come at night when we are in bed… and the mama has a note pad and a pen on the nightstand… sadly she can not read in the morning what she wrote at night and so the world has to turn around without one of her inspirations (fortunately huh? hahah)

    • Ha! I’m sure your mama has some decent ideas. But once they’re lost into the night, they’re gone. Happily, she has no shortage of ideas during the day…

      Love and licks,

  2. Oh Cupcake…..I know that the kids at school and the library love to see you – so do we! You make me smile and they say laughter is the bestest medicine. You are a cute “pill” for sure! Tee Hee……I’m sorry you don’t like the dark – I’m a kitty and we see great in the dark but some bad animals only come out in the dark like kitty-attacking owls and the scary foxes and bears. I prefer being INSIDE too!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Thanks, T. You said it right. It’s always better to be inside when dark comes. Owls and foxes and bears – Oh my!!

      Love and licks,

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t write something down because I absolutely knew I would remember but didn’t. I would estimate the number to be somewhere near every time.

  4. Cheerios! I love Cheerios! I understand about not remembering in the morning. I can’t even remember long enough sometimes to make it to the list for shopping for the thing I needed! I bet your Mom was a great teacher. Going to school on the happiest of happy days sounds like a very fine plan to me.

    • Thanks, Pix. Mom tells Alexa to write things on her shopping list. That’s a sure fire way to get things on there while your head is still inside the refrigerator. We are on the same page with Cheerios. They are my best training snack. When I swallow them whole, they melt in my belly.

      Love and licks,

  5. Carole Schulman said:

    Cupcake, you would be so happy to see ME and Mom so happy after seeing you this morning and reading what you had to say. You make the morning bright. The kids made a super poster for you when you went to school that day. That looks just like you! Since one of my favorite brothers is a middle school teacher, mom and I are so glad your mom was a teacher too. Brother thinks once you are a teacher, you stay one forever. Even not in school. You are such a good girl to not chase the bunnies. They taste like hot peppers…right?
    XXOO Katie Isabella

    • Thanks, KI. I’ve always wanted to taste a hot pepper. Maybe I should reconsider the bunnies… Your brother is 100% right. Mom always does teaching, even though she is NOT a teacher anymore. She still thinks she’s the smartest one in the room! Not always, Mom!! Jeesh!

      Love and licks,

  6. We like bunnies, too, Cupcake, and chicken and lunchboxes and any other treats we can find (but sometimes our Mom says we find, and eat, things in the park that aren’t really treats). In the dark near our house we saw a skunk on Saturday. Dad said to run and we did because he said it was no rabbit! Hope you have a wonderful week! The Two Orange Pups Woof!

    • Skunk! Yikes! Mom warns me of them a lot. When I stick my head into a hole or under a bush, she tells me I won’t do that anymore when a skunk comes out and bites my face off and sprays skunk poison on me. I also like the candies in the grass at the park. I think the critters are nice to leave candies for us there…

      Love and licks,

  7. Margret Abbott said:

    All very good words Cupcake! We totally understand the whole not liking the dark thing. That’s when the imaginary whatchamacalits come out at our house. Tell you what let’s all help each other to be brave. ~ nose nudges Bessie Pup

    • Imaginary Whatchamacallits??!! Oh man. I didn’t even know about them! I will add them onto my list of things I am afraid of. I’ll put them right under balloons and ladders.

      Love and licks,

  8. Moms and their ‘tuff’ love parenting. Sheesh. You deserve extra treats. Or at least more exposure to lunchboxes.

    • Thanks, M. I like how you think. Lunchboxes are strange and mysterious beings. I am not sure I have ever smelled anything so yummy in my life. #bologna

      Love and licks,

  9. Your Mom is beautiful! Boomer and My Mom!

  10. My grandson had Cheerios and chicken yesterday at my house! You guys are like twins! Sometimes I have ideas at night but I close my eyes and they disappear. Mission accomplished! 🥺 The dark scares me. Sometimes I think I see scary things so I use my hands like visors and keep walking. You can’t do that, I don’t think. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But it’s worth a try 😉

    • Oh yeah, G. Cheerios and chicken are all I really need in life. If I had hands, I would block out the dark and keep going, too. As it is, I take care of business and head back inside with Mom. Plus, she puts my headlight on me and carries a flashlight.

      Love and licks,

  11. C, is that a nightlight around your neck? That seems like an excellent idea. Angel Lexi had a Mother Mary nightlight ’cause Daddy thought she was Catholic but turns out she was Episcopalian. She still loved her night light, though. xox Xena

    • That is puzzling about Angel L., but believing is believing. That’s what matters. I am Catholic, but on Sunday, Mom is bringing me to a Presbyterian church for The Blessing of the Animals. Blessings are blessings. I’ll take them wherever I can get them!

      Love and licks,

  12. MOL…Granny says that it doesn’t matter when the ideas flow, she forgets them anyway, even when it’s still daytime…MOL 😀 Btw Did you say lunch? Where’s that school?..😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

    • There were tons of lunches in there, Little B. I wish you could’ve smelled them! We would’ve had the party of all parties!

      Love and licks,

  13. Mommy does the same thing. She enters the idea into her phone. When she awakens she can’t remember the idea, or read what she wrote

  14. Lulu: “Bunnies! I love bunnies! I could chase them for hours.”
    Chaplin: “And never catch them for hours.”
    Lulu: “You pipe down.”
    Charlee: “Hey! Charlee is my name! Is your mom talking to me? What is she sorry for?”

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