Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

About Cupcake

I’m Cupcake.  I used to live in a shelter, then I was rescued.  Now I live in a real home with my mom.  During the day, I play, I work, I play, I eat, I play, I sleep, and I play.  …Um, yeah, I really like to play.  My favorite toys are stuffed animals, but I play with squeaky toys, socks, water bottles, and anything else that looks like fun.  I play with my mom a lot, but I’ll play alone if she’s busy.  She’s a children’s writer and poet, so even when she’s home, she’s busy sometimes.

My mom writes SUCH awesome stuff.  Sometimes she writes about me!  Other times, she writes about kids.  She knows lots of stories about kids, since she used to be a teacher.  I can’t wait till one of her stories about me gets published.  Then she’ll take me to to an author visit, which I think will be super fun!

Here is Mom’s web site: Genevieve Petrillo

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  1. Cupcake,

    You sound like the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered – and I’ve been around a few. You sound loyal and fun and – ah – sweet.

    I can’t wait to hear more about you, and, um, mom.

    Keep on bloggin’…

  2. Joan Altgelt said:

    Cupcake! What fun to read about you and your mom! My mommy is Mrs. Tortorello’s mom!!! She adopted me, too, and I love my forever home! We heard all about your visit from “sis” (aka Mrs T) – we laughed about the praying mantis story. My mom said she remembers – the REAL story – well! Mommy says you should check out, the Editor-in-Chief is Kristine Pidkameny ( Mom buys lots of books on neat topics from them. They have unique children’s and also “animal wisdom” books. Might be a wonderful place to showcase (and sell!) your books, stories, poems and advice – check it out. Chloe Cat & Mom Joan

    • Chloe C-C-C-CAT!? Gulp. I don’t have many cat friends, but you sound awfully nice, instead of just awful, like most cats that I know. Mom seems happy to know about When she finishes playing with me, feeding me, walking around with me, brushing my teeth, and cuddling with me, maybe I’ll leave her alone for 5 minutes to check it out. Thanks for saying hi, Chloe. I love new friends.
      Love & licks,

  3. Hi Cupcake. I see that your person writes stories for children about you. My tall person writes stories for children about me. I have one of his stories on my blog:

    • Bassa, you are SO funny and adorable. Your blog is hilarious. Mom says she will read it to me every day because it’s one of her favorites EVER. Huh?… I used to be one of her favorites ever….. I guess I will share favoriteness with you. You’re cute!

      Love and licks,
      (also cute)

  4. Hi Cupcake. I have dropped by to let you know that I have awarded your blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. Congratulations!

    This is the link to my post announcing the award:

  5. I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. This is the link to the post. Congratulations.

  6. What a cutie Cupcake is! I didn’t know you loved dogs! Thanks for swinging by my blog and commenting! I love to read what you have to say. 🙂

  7. To commemorate 52 weeks of blogging the tall person and I have designed a blogging award to acknowledge 52 blogs that we think are stars of the blogging world. You are one of the stars. This is a link to the post:

  8. Hi cupcake! can we be friends?
    – Angel and Chaos

  9. I saw you on John’s blog. I have a disabled adult son with autism and your site intrigued me. : )

  10. Hi Cupcake…We found you from Clowie’s blog!!!! Pleasure to meet you!!!!

  11. Dear Cupcake! Let’s be doggie blog pals!

  12. Hi Cupcake, Just wanted to let you know that AnotherBoomerBlog has nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

  13. Cupcake, my dear friend! I’ve nominated you for a WordPress Family Award. Thank you for all you do to bring joy to the lives of others. High paw!

  14. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can read all about it here: Thanks for getting me through the week with BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!

  15. We are finally catching up on blogs! We love your blog Cupcake! Your mom is super talented!

  16. What breed is Cupcake. I adopted a female 5 years ago and no one knew what breed she was. She looks just like Cupcake. Thank you.

    • Wow! She really does look like Cupcake! Cupcake is a Jack Russell mix, but we don’t know what she’s mixed with. I got her from a rescue when she was 3. She’s 7 now. Looks like you’re a new blogger. Welcome and good luck!

  17. Cupcake,
    Would you mind thanking your mom for dropping by my blog when you are napping?
    Alesia and Linus

  18. Hi Cupcake,
    Just wanted to drop by! I have been sleeping a lot these days! Mom thinks I am a lazy bones!
    Say hi to your mom.


  19. I am glad I found you on Little Binky and Granny’s blog Cupcake. What a cutie you are! I love the photo’s your mom takes of you and I am glad she is blessed with a wonderful darling like you. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥ Sonel and Simba. xxx

    • Thanks, S. and S. Mom is glad we found YOU on Little B.’s blog. We loved the video.

      Love and licks,

      • I am glad too Cupcake and Genevieve. It’s always great meeting new gorgeous furry friends and their loving parents. I am very glad you enjoyed the video as well. 😀

        ♥ Hugs ♥

      • I see mom knows you and your mom from way back when Cupcake. That is so awesome! I am glad I also got to know you. Simba was my big brother but he is playing with all the other furries in rainbow heaven now. Sometimes mom still cries about him but then I just kiss all the tears away and she would smile again. Thanks to you and your mom for being such great friends to my mom all this time. Love. Rambo. xxx

  20. I really enjoy your excellent blog, Cupcake. Tell Genevieve that she made a perfect guess for my “eyeball bender” at Toemail. Are you amazed that she is such an expert about cat scratching posts?

  21. Run A Muck Ranch said:

    You’re a smart one Cupcake. 14 dogs under our roof and not a one can read let alone write!

  22. Cupcake, our Charlie Fox looks a lot like you, also comes from an animal shelter and is not yet a year old. He lives with 3 other friends in a house with a big garden but he does not like toys. he likes to kill the lawn sprinkler or digging holes in the garden or anything that is useful to people. He prefers to sleep with uncle Fletcher in the big basket in the kitchen and has moved out of the bedroom. We feel totally rejected but I guess that is what he likes and after all he is the boss.

    • Thanks, JF. I am the opposite of Charlie Fox. I love cuddling in Mom’s bed, and I play and cuddle with my stuffed animals all the time. Charlie is just independent, I guess….

      Love and licks and #NOTindependent,

  23. I have a favour to ask. I’d like to use your header photo in my post next week, with a link. It’s about smiling and that’s a cracking smile! Would that be okay?

  24. Sounds like you and mom are a great team. Nice to meet you. How special you both must be. Mom for rescuing you and you for being the apple of her eye.

  25. Thanks for finding us and following us. Mom does some writing, too, so she really likes reading your posts. Very nice to meet you! 🙂

  26. Hi Cupcake! I was a stray (with a bad attitude) until a Humane Society picked me up and spent a humungous amount of time getting me to be a little more sociable. I moved into my current home in March 2013 and love it here! I have a lovely Mum and Dad who I now cuddle up to and sometimes I stretch out across their laps and go to sleep (I don’t fit on one lap!). I think that we are very lucky dogs. Nice chatting. Woof! Ray

  27. Hi, Cupcake! Guess what? I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out my nomination for more information:

  28. Oscar the rottweiler calling on by to say hello, Noodles sent me on by xx

  29. […] “Smile” – Cupcake […]

  30. What a fun blog. Cupcake you are a hero to all canines everywhere, just not to my cats. They prefer to look elsewhere. Sorry. 🙂

  31. Cupcake and Brodie would be fast and happy friends. They are both great dogs and they love to blog. Sweet.

  32. hannahandlucy said:

    We love Cupcake as he always makes us smile.

  33. Cupcake, when our little Brownie plays alone, she gets one of her rocks and rolls around on her back with it underneath her. It is probably a good back-scratcher! She also puts them in our afghans and drags the afghan across the room trying to get them back out! She’s a loon!

  34. I am so glad you rescued Cupcake from a shelter! 🙂 Looks like you write a lot of children’s books. I have worked around children almost my entire life.

  35. Katie Isabella said:

    Here is another admiring cat friend.!!! XXX

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