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Five Word Friday

Things change. Change is what makes the world keep spinning and not come to a stuck-in-the-mud-stop.


Today’s five words are about changes.

1. Joining – Joining a class or taking on a challenge makes things different. Last month, Mom became a ProMember at Rate Your Story. That means experts will look at her work and give her tips before she sends it out to a publisher.


2. Color – Mom’s friend gave her a color change umbrella. It’s white when it’s dry…

white umbrella

…and when it rains, this happens.

colored umbrella

Colors make everything happier. It’s like when Mom edits a story. It’s plain when she starts, and comes alive when she adds colorful characters, interesting word choices, and unexpected plot twists.

3. Bowl Games – For SuperBowl Sunday, we started off watching the Puppy Bowl,


Yay, team!

but then we had to change to the Human SuperBowl.

superbowl nap


4. Bravery – Bravery can change. I am afraid of a LOT of things. So when the little girl upstairs built a snowman on the front lawn, Mom was sure I would be terrified. But I suddenly became brave, and didn’t bat an eye when I saw the snowguy.


I even tried to eat his buttons which looked like cookies….


…but turned out to be rocks.

5. Point of View – Mom tries to see her work with a different eye, and make changes. She looks for an unusual point of view or a new spin. I help her see life from my point of view when she puts her GoPro camera onto my Fetch harness and we go walking in the snow. Maybe she should clip the camera to herself and then work on her stories.




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  1. I think you should publish your GoPro footage … I love seeing film of our blogging friends! x

    • Thanks, MJ. We’re still working on the quality of the footage. The top of my head and my ears look adorable, but right now, it’s light on the view and heavy on me trying to shake the camera off my back. We’re working on it.

      Love and licks,

  2. Great tips….we applaud your mom. You are a big help to her Cupcake.


  3. Catherine Johnson said:

    Fun idea with the camera! I love your new umbrella.

  4. Cupcake, that is one pawesome umbrella! Mama likes it! 🙂

  5. Cupckae I think mum has great ideas and to add color is my fave! that umbrella is surely to die for:) life if full of colourful characters and they sure do make life more your new snowperson friend (in case it’s a girl :)) pity the buttons were a rip off though 😦 loves Fozziemum..pee ess bring on that Cupcake footage !xxx

    • Thanks, FM. You’re sure a colorful character, yourself! Mom says I am too. I’m working on my GoPro skills. Skill #1 – do not try to shake the camera off my back. I’ll keep you posted.

      Love and licks,

  6. I love the umbrella, Cupcake. We’re waiting for a colourfull Spring, look likes it’s far away still. You are such an eye-catcher, Cupcake and a wise doggie 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  7. This is one of my fave posts you have written! Change….oh boy…..tough thing… I have had my share the last year…somehow making it…your writing makes me relax about it all. Thx for that!

  8. mollieandalfie said:

    Lub’z that umbrella Cupcake and wez are going to have sum snow too xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Awww Cupcake I am so happy you weren’t afraid of the snowman! That umbrella is the one to have! I want one now.. although we have been in drought forever it seems and haven’t needed an umbrella. Love your colorful yellow slicker! We watched the Kitten Bowl all afternoon Sunday.. 🙂

  10. What a pawsome umbrella that is! Too bad that snowman didn’t have oreos for buttons huh??? Cupcake you look like a professional movie-maker with your camera – I think you could win an OSCAR if you make a movie about your life… do a lot of great things that are movie-worthy……visit patients, read with kids at the library, go on the swings at the park……see? Movie-worthy!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Thanks, S. I’m so happy you can see my movie-worthiness. I totally agree with you. I even do special effects, which Mom calls, “Stop trying to shake the camera off your back!!” I’m thinking about leaving her home when I walk the Oscar red carpet…”

      Love and licks,

  11. WalkToRio said:

    That umbrella is really cool. I wonder if they make hats like that. I’d wear them on my races.

  12. wow a magic umbrella! bet you can fly with that umbrella too! well done Cupcake, that snow guy has no chance and it’s on the rocks soon when you remove the rocks!

    • Thanks, E. The snowman is having a rough time of it. His arms broke off, his rocks fell off, his nose was stolen (Probably by a squirrel), and he tried to melt-in-peace, but the ice storm coated him in place. I plan to taste the rocks again to see if they changed into cookies.

      Love and licks,

      • Cupcake, maybe a sniff-test would be better.. before the vet want’s that cookie, this guys know no mercy, they even steal it when we place it in our tummy :o)

  13. I’m glad you weren’t scared of the snowman, Cupcake. It’s a shame that the buttons weren’t cookies, but it was a good idea to check!
    I love that unbrella!

  14. Change really is a good thing. We love the umbrella and how it changes colors.You all have a great Tuesday.

  15. Change isn’t always good but it sure shake things up. And how inconsiderate not to use cookies for buttons!

  16. Cupcake, you are one loved pooch! Fun pictures — especially the Valentines booth. Great that your mom has become a ProMember of Rate Your Story.

  17. I would love to see your gopro video! That would be so cool

  18. WOW! That is a cool camera, Cupcake! Now your Mom can see life as you see it. I think my Mom needs one also!


    Linda ❤⊱彡

  19. Aw, change. That’s a big word. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But it sure makes life more lively!

    • Changes can be lively, R. I changed from being a shelter dog to a family member. Out of the cage and onto the couch. And lots of toys, games, treats, and fun, fun, fun. I am a lover of change!

      Love and licks,

  20. Oh, Cupcake, I cannot wait for the premiere of the first Academy Awards Winner movie directed & photographed by a doggy!

  21. Sometimes taking a break or changing direction is the right way to go. It changes our thought process and brings us new clarity.

    Good for you for checking out that snowman!

    • Thanks, J. I was pretty brave with the snowman. Mom is hoping I can transfer that courage when I see a pumpkin or a ladder.

      Love and licks,

  22. Cupcake kissing booth!! Awesome. I bet you’d make enough money for mom to take you on a nice holiday. I’m in love with you and your mom’s umbrella. I shall now make it my mission to find a ‘colour-changing’ umbrella too. I really can’t live without one 😀

    We don’t watch football but would have tuned into the puppy bowl if you were playing. Look at you with your little paws up 😀 Were you going to hi-5 mom?

    All cute photo’s especially your sweet sleepy one. I wish I looked as cute sleeping but my hair gets really crazy messy xoxox B

    • Thanks, B. That umbrella is pretty cool. And FYI, I look very adorable with it. Sitting up like that IS how I high-five Mom! Then she gives me a treat.

      Love and licks,

  23. Avery inspirational post! How good for you,mom, to go ask for more help and feedback on your writing! I love the magical umbrella!! Stay warm, stay positive and extra cuddle for cupcake for being brave with the snowman!!! xoxo Johanna and Charley

    • Awwww. Thanks, J and C. We are having some extra cuddles and also extra games because of how it’s too cold to stay outside very long. Meanwhile the snowman is ….. Well…. RIP, snowbuddy.

      Love and licks,

  24. It is the snowman that caught my attention. Here in our part of the world it never snows. I don’t think I will like living in a cold climate, but the pics are very interesting.

  25. That’s really cool! All of it! 😀

  26. all very good words Cupcake. And I too am afraid of many thiings

  27. What a fun post and congrats to your mom for her membership upgrade. You wear a GoPro camera too? Your mom should share some photos. 🙂

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