Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


There are a few things that scare me – motorcycles, pumpkins, soccer players, power tools, the mailman, basketballs, the front seat of the car, mechanical hamsters…..

OK, I lied.  There are MORE than a few things that scare me.

Not Mom, though.  She is fearless. She said, “Writers MUST be fearless.” and “We can’t shy away from putting ideas on paper, sharing them, scrapping them if necessary, revamping them when possible, and submitting them when they sound right.” and “It’s the toilet brush! Are you afraid of the toilet brush, now?!”

OK.  She lied.  She doesn’t use paper.  She puts ideas in the computer.  And I’m still not sure it’s the toilet brush.  What if it’s a snake wearing a wig?!  I’m afraid of snakes. And worms, and maybe wigs….

Mom is not even afraid when lots and lots of rejections come.  She said, “That’s part of the job.” and “Don’t worry. Book #2 could be right around the corner.” and “You need to toughen up, little girl.”

Last week, I did toughen up. The lawn guys came and made a TON of noise with banging tools, growling machines, clipping, digging, humming, screeching, blowing stuff off the sidewalk, and yelling to one another.  Normally when they come, I alternate between throwing myself against the window, barking till my throat hurts, and hiding in the kitchen.  Now that I am toughening up……

Maybe I should be a writer!

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  1. You are SO brave, Cupcake! I think a medal of some kind is in order… also maybe a snack 🙂 And I’ll tell you a secret – I’m not wild about the toilet brush either 🙂

  2. You were either exhausted or you’ve got fear licked – so to speak. Good job!
    Right around the corner, mom. 😀

  3. It can be hard to brave. And hard to toughen up (good job!) Though it can be hard to be fearless too. Neat psot.

  4. Our Mummy is (trying to be!) a writer too! She quotes from books alot and whee think you might like this one:

    “Daddy, can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?”
    “Son, that is the only time a man can be brave.”

    Bravery isn’t knowing no fear. It is admitting the fear and trying to overcome it. Obviously you have overcome a fear so whee would say you are very brave.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  5. Cupcake, you are awesome. I too have a huge fear of mechanical hamsters! You are one tough cookie!

  6. You are a writer Cupcake! And a very good one 🙂

  7. Sorry we are a few days behind Cupcake. We loved your post. We laughed hard at the snake with a wig line… LOL…. Looks like you got some of your fears licked. Just tell mom you need 11 others of you and then you will have no fear! 🙂 *big grin* 🙂

  8. I think you’d be a great writer too, Cupcake. I ask myself: is there something you’re not afraid of… you know you can get therapy for this problem and the only thing you have to do is lying on a couch with your eyes close and listen 😀

  9. Writer? You already are a writer. You write a blog don’t you? woo woo woo!

  10. Book # 2 could be right around the corner!??! Woo Hoo!!! I love the photos of them “toughening up” 😉

  11. But but but hamsters are not scary at all!!! Hehe, dexter and eve can be the exception to your rules ?? 😉 and truth be told wigs are TERRIFYING.. I can not imagine anything worse than a snake in a wig ;P I’d be afraid too xxx

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  16. hahahaha! Loved this! Cupcake, now that you are as fearless as mom, you should be. I would love to hear the stories that you have to tell. LOL! ♥

  17. A snake in a wig, LOL……crack me up! Congratulations on making it through the crazy Landscaping day, cause I know all that stuff is way too noisy.

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