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Point of View

I see everything from my own “special” (Mom calls it “twisted”) point of view. Three things I see very clearly are: 

1. Furniture is really FURniture. It’s supposed to be covered with my fur.

2. Old toys do not deserve my attention. New toys are the best.

3. Food found on the ground is delicious, even if it’s not really food. I should be allowed to eat all the goose poop, birdseed, orange peels, Doritos, and candy wrappers I find.

My point of view is crystal clear to me. 

Point of view is important in stories, too.  Mom brought her Dragon Sandwich story to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. Everyone liked it, but they were confused about the point of view. They said, “Is it the princess’s story, the  chef’s story, or the dragon’s story?” Mom said, “How should I know?” and “I’m just the author…” and “Who wants to see a picture of Cupcake in her sailor dress?” (Nice try, Mom….)

Now she is working on the dragon story again. She still isn’t sure whose story it is. She said, “I’m leaning toward Chef Edward.” (That sounds safer than leaning toward a scary dragon!) and “I need to think and mind-write for a while.” and then my favorite words of all, “Who wants to go to the park?” 

Park! Yay! I hope somebody spilled some Doritos!

Comments on: "Point of View" (21)

  1. If it’s on the ground, it’s fair game 🙂

  2. Good luck with the spilling if Doritos. From my point if view, goose poop would win over Doritos. But that’s just me.

  3. I say extra brownie points, Cupcake, if you actually SEE the Doritos fall!

    Donna L Martin

    • Don’t worry, Donna. If I see them fall, I’ll catch them before they hit the ground. I’ve never caught a ball, a Frisbee, or a toy, but food, I can catch!

      Love and licks,

  4. My cats feel the same way about the FURniture at my house too. The dragon story sounds really fun. It’s good to have writing groups to ask us those questions.

  5. Hi Cupcake
    We TOTALLY agree with your list, especially number 1 – we tell our mumma that all the time! As for number 3, it’s even better to have a Bubba in the house who always ‘shares’ her food with us.
    Lots of puppy love
    Bella & Beary xox

    • Bella and Beary are lucky dogs to have a sharing Bubba. Mom only gives me 5 calorie MilkBone Minis. She doesn’t want me to be a fat dog with a tiny head. WHY?? I think that would be a great look for me.

      Love and licks,

      • Cupcake, Bella has always been a little on the ‘smaller head for her body’ size, but we love her to bits and pieces anyway! Love Beary x
        ps Bella is going to get so cross with me when she sees I’ve written this so shhhhhhh!

  6. Hahahaha! I love the observation about FURniture – very funny 🙂

  7. you go cupcake

  8. Ginger says finders, keepers!!! nom, nom, nom… your eyes remind us of lil Hallies.. so intesne and so happy! Lots of collie hugs! 🙂

  9. Hehehe, we like your point of view Cupcake– and we know what ya mean on #1 Hope you found something yummy at the park 🙂

  10. I have two FURRRs, Cupcake, and they’re covering everything in the house. One of them wants to share the doritos with you and he also likes your old toy very much, maybe you can roll it along to the Netherlands some day 🙂

  11. […] View – Mom tries to see her work with a different eye, and make changes. She looks for an unusual point of view or a new spin. I help her see life from my point of view when she puts her GoPro camera onto my […]

  12. POV or Point of View is handy in so many ways. Photographs can change in a heartbeat just by changing the POV. I’m loving your old toy actually. My little brother use to let ‘Hammy’ run in a ball like that around the house. PS, careful of those Doritos, the orange ones give you stinky breath. xo

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