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Countdown Wednesday

Countdown Wednesday is a list of things I’m thinking about today. It’s not Wednesday, but if it were, it wouldn’t be today, so….  Ouch! I just hurt my brain.

Here’s my Countdown Wednesday.

3. Labor Day is about work. I totally “get” work. I walk nicely on my leash and try not to trip Mom. I sit, give my paw, and look at Mom when I want a treat. And I visit old soldiers at the Veterans’ Home to sit on their laps, give them hugs and kisses, and make them smile and remember happier days.. That’s my favorite job of all.

2. Weather is changing. I feel fall in the air and I hear leaves crunching on the ground. That sound speaks to me. It says, “Wait till Mom isn’t looking and eat an acorn. They’re delicious!” I haven’t managed to do it yet, but I am hopeful.

1. Hurricane Irene. The worst thing about the hurricane is The Raincoat. Although I am very cute in the raincoat, when people see me wearing it, they laugh their heads off. It’s embarrassing.

Mom’s Countdown Wednesday is next.

3. Work. Mom has jobs, too. She helps student teachers become real teachers, she reads books to blind people, and most of all, she writes stories. Mom’s story writing job takes only one hour a day. She stops writing as soon as the timer goes off. She says if she writes too long, she will not have any more ideas for the next day. I can’t imagine Mom out of ideas, but I’m glad when she stops writing because then we can play.

2. Weather. Mom writes poems about weather a lot.  She has poems about fog, wind, seasons, snow, rain, sunbathing, and clouds. She also has poems that are NOT about weather. They’re about training wheels, an egg, a loose tooth, peas, a class trip, a puppy, and Thanksgiving.

1. Hurricane. At first Mom thought the hurricane was scary. Now she thinks it’s sad. She’s sad for people who lost things they cared about, and wonders how they can stay so strong. She’s sad there’s so much damage and so much cleanup. And she’s sad that for many people, things will never be the same. When we say our prayers at night we say some for the hurricane people.

I guess The Raincoat isn’t so bad after all…

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