Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom seemed so happy and excited reading her book about being a writer, that I decided to read it for a while myself. I looked at the first few pages, and then I remembered I don’t know how to read! I guess that’s why Mom is the author and I’m …cute. I was SO cute that she took my picture, even though it isn’t Tuesday.

 Mom said, “Character sketch…” and “Hmmm. I’m going to try it.” and “What happened to page 4!?” Then she wiped page 4 with a paper towel and taped up the chewed parts.

A character sketch has five sections. Mom has to learn absolutely EVERYTHING about her character’s name, birthday, appearance, family, and personality. She says, “Getting to know a character is easier than I thought!” and “This can help me revise my story.” and “Do NOT slobber on the Kindle like you did on the book!”

Slobber is not a nice word. If Mom writes a character sketch about me, it should not have the word slobber in it.  It should also not say goofy, trouble, or misbehave.  Words I’d like in my sketch are pretty, sweet, smart, cuddly, and of course photogenic.

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