Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Back to School!

It’s back-to-school time. Everybody is talking about it. I don’t know why I have to go back to school! I already learned everything Mr. Clark taught me! I heel, sit, stay, down, and come. I also leave it, jump up, give my paw, and bring it. Isn’t that enough? I’m a DOG! The only thing I can’t do is fetch. ….Uh-oh. I hope it’s not back-to-Fetching-School time. I can’t cut it if they start saying, “Fetch it.” It just confuses me too much. 

Mom said, “I can feel fall in the air.” and “It’s back-to-school time.” and “Why are you hiding?”

 When kids are back to school, Mom will go to visit them and have Author Talks with them. That’s when she talks about being a writer. She tells the kids how she gets ideas for books and how ideas can become stories. She also reads her book to them and answers lots and lots of questions.

Mom is always happy when she goes to an Author Talk. When she gets her stuff ready to go, she says, “I feel like a teacher again!” and “Kids are fun.” and “Get your head out of my computer bag!”

 When Mom and the kids go back to school, I will stay home and be a good girl and try not to be too sad or lonely (or naughty). Anything beats Fetching School! Yikes.

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  1. Back to school. I was there. Where were you? Oh that’s right. You stay home and watch Drew Carey or nap or do whatever you feel like doing when nobody’s watching. I am way jealous. I miss Drew already! I miss staying home already. Take a nap for me, Cupcake. I’m tired already 😉
    Yours truly, Mrs. Pumpkin Head

    • Gemma, you like to say “already” A LOT! That makes me laugh. You miss stuff a lot, too. Coincidentally, I DID take an extra nap for you today, so mission accomplished. Have fun at back-to-school. If they tell you to “Fetch it,” HIDE!
      Love and licks,

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