Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Five Word Friday

Today’s five words are from one of the stories Mom has been working on these days, while I sit around staring at her or playing by myself like an animal.

9. Vacation – Mom and I do not go on vacation very often, but when we do, I like being the hotel doggie. Everyone is excited to see me walking through the lobby and hallways. Plus it’s exciting to sleep in a new bed.

When you’re a writer, there is no vacation from “work.” Mom’s work is listening to conversations, watching things that happen around her, getting fun ideas, and reading stories.

“Work.” *snort*

54. Shiny – Our apartment is shiny and new. The sunshine is shiny every morning in our balcony door.









Sometimes the shiny floor is covered with so much dog hair Mom says it looks like a rug. Is that bad? Rugs are nice…

Mom polishes up her stories before she sends them anywhere. Stories should be shiny before anybody sees (judges) them.

47. Trees – Trees are meant to be climbed. Squirrels live up there. I have tried many times to climb a tree. No luck. Mom says, “A story is like a tree.” and “It needs solid roots to grow up tall and strong.” and then she calls me the nickname of Doofus.

2. Door – Mom wishes the door would open and somebody would let in one of her stories. Till that happens, she will keep on knocking. Once my tail got caught in the door and a little piece of it broke off and fell onto the living room floor. (insert Mom’s freak-out here)

I had surgery and wore bandages for a LONG time. Now my tail is fine, but a little shorter. Plus I still hesitate all the time and  don’t rush my tail through the doorway because apparently I “have learned NOTHING from that experience.”

16. Peek – I watch Mom all day long. Sometimes I flat out stare at her,


and sometimes, I just take a peek to see what she’s up to.

She complains that I look at her all day, but how would she know that… unless SHE looks at ME all day!?

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  1. oh I agree howltels are mighty fine… eggs-cept your pawrents accidentally booked a room at norman bates mama ;O))) and yes, stories are like trees… and while we climb up to the top we have to look for the best branches what will hold the words of our stories… if not we fall down and have to start the story from the ground up ;O)))

    • My tree climbing experience is always from the ground up. Actually, I should say from the ground down. #noprogress It’s sad.

      Love and licks,

  2. I’ve never been to a hotel, but I know I’d like it. My mom says the same thing about looking at her all the time. I just 💕 her that’s all. I can’t help she can’t see the television through me cuz I’m standing in front of her staring. Lady Caroline Lamb

    • You would like the hotel life very much, Lady C. Everybody gets wicked excited when they see you walking around.

      Love and licks,

  3. I like going on holiday and staying in a hotel. All the extra attention is very welcome.

    I think you’ve caught her out with your indisputable logic in that last sentence!

    • Thanks, C. You’re right about the hotel attention. Dog people who miss their dogs will pet me and so will non-dog people who can’t believe such a cute doggie is their hotel neighbor.

      Love and licks,

  4. I am not a good traveler but a crisp CLEAN hotel bed is very nice! Like your smile for vacation. Your apartment is shiny and full of sunshine. I can see where your Mom would want her stories to be polished up and shiny. I hope a door opens for one of your Mom’s polished up shiny stories, Cupcake. Yikes, just thinking about a piece of your tail on the floor made me weak in the knees… good thing I am on my commenting couch. LOL about who’s lookin’ at who!!!!

    • Thanks, Pix. You have a special chair for commenting? That’s genius. You won’t have to put on a thinking cap or anything. Just plop into the chair and get busy. Oh yeah!

      Love and licks,

  5. Oh Cupcake, I remember “The Great Tail Experience” which was NOT so great at all. I’m glad you keep an eye on doors now – you can’t trust them! Hotels are wonderful my Mom and Dad say but I’ve never been in one before. I’m not much of a traveler – just to the vet and he’s not got “soft” beds! As for climbing trees – it’s highly overrated. Who wants to be way up there looking way down “there” – I’d rather have four feets on the ground and in control than hoping I don’t slip and plop on the HARD ground. We are always hoping that your Mom’s writing opens a door for her and I know you are a good inspiration and “encourager” for her to do just that. Keep an eye on her – humans NEED a lot of snoopervision!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • For a kitty, you’ve got an interesting take on tree climbing, T. I thought all kitties wanted to be in the trees, at least until the firefighters come and rescue them. Or is that only in the cartoons…? My happiest day is when a branch falls down. Then I can sniff it and obsess about it as if I were up there! …till Mom pulls me away and says I’m a weirdo.

      Love and licks,

      • You won’t catch me up in a tree tottering around on a limb – nosirrrreeeeee! I want my paws on the ground safe and sound. I agree with you about limbs on the ground though – they are fascinating – mostly they smell like SQUIRRELS which I like! You are not a weirdo dear girl – you are SPECIAL and there’s a difference (at least that’s what Mom says!).

        Love, Teddy

  6. On no!! Poor mom, poor Cupcake!!! Your little tail!! Charley knows all about it, she had her tail almost bitten of by two veryveryvery mean dogs (insert my screaming and terror here) It took a big operation, and PTS training for the both of us but all was well again in the end. Big hugs, kisses and wet noses from us here xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks, J. The tail trauma was pretty gnarly. Charley knows what I’m talking about. I did look awfully fancy in my bandages, though, so there’s that…

      Love and licks,

  7. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties said:

    Cupcake, you really should go through doors a bit faster, you don’t want to make your any shorter. Ha! Yes! perfect how would your mom know you were watching her if she wasn’t watching you! ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

    • Thanks for the advice, B. Mom watches SOOOO carefully when we walk out the door. And she says the word, “Come on…” 500 times before she lets the door close. Even though I didn’t learn anything from the accident, she did.

      Love and licks,

  8. With Two Orange Pups at our house, we have rugs on our wood floors, too, Cupcake! Guess we have the same wonderful decorating style! And this Mum stares at the Pups all day long, too – guess that’s another one of those mother-puppy habits. Happy Monday!

    • Thanks, P. Your “rugs” must be orange. I think that would be pretty. Mom says our floors are too dark AND she has too many black clothes to have a white dog. I stare extra hard at her when she says that, in case she tries to take me back to the shelter.

      Love and licks,

  9. She’s right you know. QUIT STARRING! 😂 Both of you! And surgery? Yikes! I remember those days and I could faint just thinking about it. One of these days Sonny will be getting surgery, but it won’t be on his tail! 😱 But he also will be staying at some fun hotel real soon when we go to a new place that I keep trying to prepare him for. I don’t think he’ll get to sit on the bed though because there won’t be room for anyone else. Well, watch out for those doors, Cupcake because one is going to be opening real soon for mom and you don’t want to get your tail caught again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ❤️

    • Thanks for the warning, G. Poor Sonny. He may have to wear the Cone of Courage after his surgery. Too bad he won’t get to have colorful quirky bandages, but that would just be wrong on so many levels. #scandalous I’m sure Sonny will be a good no-dog-on-the-bed boy at the hotel.

      Love and licks,

  10. You are soooooo right ~ how does The Mama know you are staring at her if she isn’t staring at you ???
    My insides turned over when you mentioned your tail ….. OMGOODNESS you were soooo brave

    • Thanks, R. Mom and I had to be brave through the tail ordeal. It went on and on and we stuck together and visited the vet A LOT! Mom’s insides turned over too. It was all pretty horrific.

      Love and licks,

  11. Cupcake, first of all, I love your new header with the wind blowing! And playing by yourself really isn’t “like a dog.” I was an only child and I played by myself every day. Finally, the hair (rug). It only counts as a rug if it stays together when you pick it up. We have the same *problem* here with Lucy. I’m thinking about shaving her. 🙂

    • HIDE, L. Your mom is the perfect person to shave your furs. And she’ll do it if she has to! Sometimes, Mom says she will make a new dog out of the hair and throw me in the garbage. I think she’s kidding.

      Love and licks,

      • Oh, C, I am pretty sure she is kidding. Today Mom asked Dad if he minded if she stole all my furs, and he asked her to wait until spring. Whew. When is spring? ~Lucy

  12. You’re way too smart Cupcake. Sam says sorry about the tail incident. Doorways can be difficult to navigate when your depth perception is off. Happy 5-word, Monday.

  13. Do you know that starring from a cat…imagine a dog too, means we trust that person? Cats don’t stare very often but I always stare at mom. She doesn’t stare back though.


    • That’s awesome, S. I DO trust Mom. Maybe I’m staring just because of that and not because I’m a freak.

      Love and licks,

  14. Cupcake, you are such a princess. Your mom showers you with so much love. Archie stares at me, but it usually is when he’s trying to communicate with me or is not happy with me when he wants to play and I have other things to do. Archie wore a cone for a month, but it was more like a cape. He finally had some moles removed and has the cape off.

    • Yay for Archie. No more cape / cone. That is brilliant. I love that he is a communicator and uses his powerful stare for a good reason. Lots of times, Mom says, “What? What??!! WHAAAAT?????” I am not a good communicator.

      Love and licks,

      • He barks, paws me, licks me or just plain stares. I know he either wants to go out, play ball, is out of water, is hungry, or wants that piece of pizza I have in my hand. He hops up on the top of the couch and watches me when I cook dinner to check out what I’m making. So he can turn his nose up at his food. I have tricks up my sleeve too — I’ll play catch with his dog food and feed him dry food before I even start dinner. Got to stay one step ahead!!!

  15. I’ve wondered how your tail is now…I’m so glad it’s better. What a horror losing ones tail…IN A DOOR!!! Boomer

    • Thanks, B. My tail is just an inch or two shorter, but it still wags and works fine. Mom is careful to make sure to coax me all the way out the door before she lets it close.

      Love and licks,

  16. Gosh Cupcake we would never be taken to a hotel, we would turn the place upside down. Charlie and Bully xxx

    • Ha! Well, C and B, it’s probably for the best, then. Hotels frown on having their rooms turned upside down.

      Love and licks,

  17. I’m cringing just thinking about your tail injury! You’re so lucky to be the hotel dog. I’m afraid my dogs don’t get the hotel treatment. It’s hard to take 4 dogs in a hotel room, although we’ve sometimes taken 2 and left 2 home with our adult kids. Now, we have a 5th-wheel camper so that we can travel and take our dogs everywhere! They love camping but I think they just like hanging out with us 24/7. Sending your mom some encouragement with her books!

    • Thanks, K. Encouragement is always welcome. I think a camper is a genius idea. If Mom had one, I’d NEVER let her out of my sight. Not even if she said the word, “Creeper.”

      Love and licks,

  18. Hi there! Stopping by just to let you know – in my search for new pet blogs to follow – I have absolutely fallen in love with yours!

    Your blog as well as a little blurb about why I adore it so much is featured in my new pet blogger spotlight award post here:

    Thank you for taking the time to craft your posts! You’ve got a wonderful blog! xo

  19. Hey Cupcake…that tail in the door makes mom and I cringe all over again. Your poor poor til and you and your mom must have been as hurt as you were. Mom’s can’t stand anything happening to us. They want to make it go away and can’t.
    Mom channels you all the time kinda sorta when she is out walking. She has met so many really well behaved woofies in the past two years she is impressed! None have been impolite in the least. There seem to be a preponderance of girl beagles What do you think of that? A trend? XXOO…Katie

    • KI – Is that you?? Your mom figured out the solution to the commenting bug. Woot! You’re back. I’m so happy! It’s good that the girl beagles in the neighborhood are making s good impression on your mom. Mom and my vet think I might be part beagle. Mom refuses to check my DNA. She says she loves me even if I’m part barracuda.

      Love and licks,

  20. It hurts just thinking about your tail.

  21. Cupcake, your last point is spot on. How do we humans know our dogs look at us all day if we aren’t looking at you guys all day?

  22. hello cupcake its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel of korse yoo luk at mama all day if yoo did not luk at mama all day she mite hav like a cookie or sumthing that yoo didnt see and then how wood yoo beg for it??? seems pritty obvius to me!!! it luks a bit breezy in yore blog hedder pikcher by the way!!! ok bye

  23. MOL..great answer on the looking, Cupcake, I wonder who has an answer to that…MOL 😀 We’re glad that your tail is better now, it must have been such a painfull experience 😦 I can teach you climbing that tree, but not how to get down 😀 Good Luck Pawkisses for the stories of your mom and Extra Pawkisses for you 🙂 ❤

  24. jakesprinter said:

    Good to see your Cupcake 🙂

  25. Carole Schulman said:

    Yup. Thats me. I sneak around with my WP account when it lets me. LOVE that header picture and you bet I’ll be yours. And the girl bagels do get mommy going. She thinks they are adorable. I have to re-indoctrinate her I think! By the way…snow up to your tummy and your mom says go out anyway and you hop hop like popcorn? Ask her wheat she would do if the situation were reversed? Hmmmm.

    Katie Isabella

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