Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Mom strives to make her stories different from what she’s read or written in the past. Let’s face it nobody wants to read the same old same old thing. Sometimes Mom takes two or three ideas from her idea list, jumbles them up, spins them around, flips them over, and fits them into one story to make it different.

ebookcover with border

When you’re an author, different is always better. Different stands out to editors and agents, and eventually different stands out on the shelf at the bookstore.

Book #1

 When Mom pulled her socks out of the dryer, something looked different about them.


No, they didn’t shrink. But there’s a bunch of baby socks in with the regular socks. They’re mine. I wear one on my scratching-foot so I don’t hurt my face if my allergies kick up. Kick up… See what I did there?

owl sock

I saw something else that was different last week. Out in the field with my goose friends there was a white bird. It might have been a small, white goose, and it might have been a big, white duck. But it was different. Whatever it was, I hope it leaves me the same delicious candies as my other goose friends.

white bird

Mom and I went walking at a different park the other day. We saw white birds there, too, but they weren’t geese or ducks at all. They were boats shaped like swans.

swan boat dog

I headed down the dock to catch a ride on one, but Mom said the word, “No boat.” and “Stay by me.” and “I wonder if a story called Dog on a Swan Boat is anything….”

If it starts with the word Dog, it's probably something.

If it starts with the word Dog, it’s probably something…




Comments on: "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" (59)

  1. hannahandlucy said:

    We hope the sock works for you Cupcake.

    • It works as long as Mom has a tissue stuffed inside the sock. When she took a shortcut and left out the tissue, I got a good scratch in. #naughty

      Love and licks,

  2. Oh Cupcake…..I love your baby socks – I hope they help so you don’t scratch and hurt yourself! As for those swan boats – I would have been tempted too but my Mom would probably say “no boat” as well…..kinda scary out there on the water!! Maybe just watching them from a blue chair is a BETTER idea – and safer for you dear friend.

    Love, Sammy

    • Thanks, S. I probably would’ve been afraid of the boats if I got any closer. They were kinda huge and I’m kinda tiny.

      Love and licks,

  3. fredrieka said:

    Momwithoutpaws will have to try the sock thing. Maybe they can be doggie sock puppets.

    • The tiny socks are definitely cute enough to be puppets. Your mom’s imagination can make it happen.

      Love and licks,

  4. You are different. Not like any other dog I know. (Don’t worry. That’s a good thing.) I love those socks but I hope you’re feeling better. I went back again and read I Wonder and it true. About starting and finishing. I know because I’m doing a lot of that lately. Phew! I’m exhausted. 🐶❤️

    • Thanks, G. Mom says when they made me they crushed the mold and threw it in the dumpster. I’m hoping she didn’t mean it in a bad way… We hope your starting and finishing are coming along. Once the starting starts, it’s just putting one paw in front of the other to reach the finishing.

      Love and licks,

  5. Cupcake, You and your mom have such amazing adventures!

  6. Oh yes, good title! Kind of like The Girl With The Pearl Earring… could be set in Boston, and….I seem to be getting ahead of myself. It’s your Mom who is the writer.. Does your Mom self publish too? I am different from a lot of Scotties. My tail doesn’t curve up like a typical Scottie tail. But Mama sez it wags, and who cares anyway? Personally, Mama and I think you are very cute and smart.

    • Wagging is the most important part of tails. My tail is a long monkey tail, so Mom thinks I might be part monkey. Mom has never self-published. I think it’s because it’s a lot of work. She just writes stories and wants someone else to do the work….

      Love and licks,

  7. Cupcake you showed me a super interesting thing today… they all are different in size and color butt they are socks… and that geese and that white berd look different butt they are berds what leave gooseberries on the lawn… and all characters of a book can be different too… but they want the same thing: to catch our attention and that we feel with them even when they do different things :o)

    • You are so deep and intense, E. Those are all very writerly thoughts. And yes, it is all about the feeling when you read a book. And when you talk to friends, too. xo

      Love and licks,

  8. You’re the best-est muse for your mom, Cupcake! Have more fun with your bird friends.

    • Thanks, S. The birds around here don’t even care about me anymore. When I lunge at them, they just stare at me and they don’t even fly away. I am not very scary, I guess. They look at me as a friend.

      Love and licks,

  9. Was the title, “What if I don’t?” inspired by Cupcake? Because it certainly reminds me of my two around bath time.

    • Come to think of it, I AM kind of stubborn, once in a while, W. And by once in a while I mean every minute of every day.

      Love and licks,

  10. Hi Cupcake. Your socks are really cute. I know you like clothes, so this should be a breeze for you. Mom just got me more socks because now I have to wear them on both my front paws from licking from the allergies. Mine have puppies on them and rubber on the bottom. I still don’t like them. I would like to ride on the swan boat too, how fun would that be! Have a great day full of more inspirations, and remember to Vote for Lexi! te, he.

    • Sweet little Cupcake and Darling Lexi –

      How are your moms getting socks to stay on your little feet? Noodle’s come right off!

      Noodle’s Mom

    • We are kind of in the same boat, L. Ha! Boat! See what I did there? My mom has added a tissue inside the sock – either to make me look more ridiculous or to pad my nails a little more. I don’t like the sock, but I get a treat for letting her put it on.

      Love and licks,

  11. You did the right thing not getting on those massive swans.
    There is no telling where you would have ended up.
    Chicken now wants socks as well!
    Monty 🐾

    • Thanks, M. I think Chicken would look adorable in socks. They are certainly more manageable than my winter snow boots. They make me walk like a marionette!

      Love and licks,

  12. Mom is so wise to try different things. I do like the idea of Dog on Swan boat, I wonder how she would spin that?

    Keep searching for the goose candy Cupcake, sooner or later you’ll score!

    • Thanks, J. If Mom ever stops watching me like a hawk, I will load up on goose candy like nobody’s business! Plus cigarette butts, tissues, stones, and chicken bones.

      Love and licks,

  13. There is no doubt that Dog On A Swan Boat is something! Especially if it’s Cupcake On A Swan Boat 🙂

  14. P.S. Don’t eat too much of that candy! 🙂

  15. Mom and I LOVE that top photo of you Cupcake! It’s calendar worthy!

    Boomer and Mom

    • Thanks, B and L. I hope Mom remembers that one next time she enters me in a calendar contest! She does that a lot…

      Love and licks,

  16. Look at those daffodils? Ours haven’t bloomed yet.

    We love the socks. I hope the sock helps so you don’t scratch yourself.


  17. That really was a lot of different things. Great way to come up with ideas for writing. Thanks for visiting our blog for Mister.

  18. We can see it now, Cupcake: The Adventures of a Special Pup on a Swan Boat. Enjoy all of your different adventures & hope the socks work.

    • Thanks, P. I’m pretty sure the swan boat WOULD have adventures aboard. Now if I can only convince Mom….

      Love and licks,

  19. Shawnee the Shepherd said:

    OK, I is BOLing coz when you writed that mom pulled the socks out of the dryer I thought you then writed “No, they didn’t STINK” BOL BOL BOL! Those is some cute socks you gets to wear. High fashion fur sure. I sometimes lick one of my paws and you knows what I has to wear? Mom’s old holey (not holy) hiking socks! With Vicks Vaporub schmeered on the top (or I nom more holes in the socks). Sigh.

    • Ha! That is funny, S. I think Vicks might be delicious… Just saying. You might be missing out on something.

      Love and licks,

  20. Cupcake sweetie i think Dog on a Swan boat has the same ring to it as Cat on a hot tin roof..if not a book a musical 🙂 hope those allergies take a boat ride too! Loves Fozziemum xxc

  21. So, you enjoy a goose delicacy on occasion? Please don’t let Choppy know about that…deliciousness?

  22. Katie Isabella said:

    Cupcake, thank goodness that the baby sock does work and does;t come off!

    • So far, so good, KI. But Mom only lets me wear the sock when she can watch me like a hawk. If she isn’t here to watch, I’m all cone all the time!

      Love and licks,

  23. Different makes beautiful, Cupcake 🙂 A dog on a swan boat sounds purrfect, but let’s add also a cat to it to make it not only different, but unique too 😀 Pawkisses for a not so usually Sunday 😀 ❤ ❤

  24. It sounds like you had a nice time outside, C! 🙂

  25. Marty the Manx said:

    Your socks are cute Cupcake. That would be a fun book Cupcake’s Adventures in Her Swan Boat MOL!

  26. I would love to read about a dog on a swan boat! Mr. N hasn’t been on one but he’s been in a canoe before.

    • A canoe! Awesome! I am pretty sure if I wasn’t afraid of canoes, Mom would be! I wonder if close up the swan boats are as friendly as they look from far away.

      Love and licks,

  27. If it helps – I’d love to read a story called ‘Dog on a swan boat’. The title has me hooked, I’m sure it would be a fascinating tale.

  28. […] Dumpster residue, oil stains, and gravel are some of my favorites. And I make sure to press my allergy spot into the dirt. Mom keeps the spot clean and dry and sanitized and tries very hard not to let it get […]

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