Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


I got stuck today. 

Mom’s friend, Chris came over to visit and she had LOTS of bags. She plopped them all down on the floor and walked away. I smelled something good. Gum! The kitchen sounded like talking and stirring so I went closer and closer to the pile of bags. By accident, my sneaky head went into the yummiest-smelling bag, but before I found any gum, I heard them coming. I quickly pulled my head out, but….


I was stuck! The handle wrapped around my neck and held me there. When Mom saw me, she said, “Uh-Oh.” and “Were you being naughty?” and “Where’s my camera?”

Mom knows about being stuck. Sometimes she gets stuck on a story and can’t think of what happens next. If she doesn’t get an idea, she works on a different story or writes a poem or goes to Barnes and Noble to read some books. Then she mind-writes for a few days until something good pops into her head, and she gets herself unstuck.

I wish it was that simple for me, but once that bag started strangling me, no mind-writing in the world would unstick my head.  Embarrassing. And I didn’t even get any gum!

Comments on: "Stuck" (6)

  1. You need to learn to put you little nose IN the bag without getting the strap wrapped AROUND your neck! In, good. Stuck, no good.

    • Thanks for the tip, Gemma. Stuck is a bad thing all the way around, whether it’s stuck in a bag or stuck in your thinking. Watch out for that! I know I will!
      Love & Licks,

  2. Christine said:

    “Stuck” is a good topic for me too, Cupcake. I am going to print out the picture of you with your head stuck in my bag & tape it up on my bulletin board to remind me that being stuck does not have to be forever….it’s just a temporary snag in my plans. As Mom always tells me: “Take action – follow through!

    • Good plan, Chris. When you look at my picture you will be reminded of how stuck I got, so you won’t let yourself get as stuck as me. Mom is telling me to say the word “results” because getting unstuck isn’t just talking, dreaming, and running in place. It’s all about RESULTS. Mom loves that word. I love the word TREATS!! Yay.

  3. That’s a dangerous bag, Cupcake! No dog expects a bag to fight back!

  4. […] all need a Plan B sometimes. Mom had a new story going strong. But she got stuck. So she skipped a few lines and started the same story over again a different way. She liked it […]

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