Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Taking a bath is NOT my favorite thing.  Mom sticks me in the tub, dumps water on me, covers me with soap bubbles, and then dumps more water on me.  After that comes conditioner.  Ugh. She spreads it on and sets the clock.  I have to “stand still” for FIVE whole minutes so the conditioner can make me smell pretty.  After some more rinsing and towel rubbing and LOTS of shaking and splashing, the bath is finished. 

Mom’s stories have to be clean, too. They don’t have to go in the tub or stand still with conditioner smeared all over them.  But she searches hard for words that she doesn’t need, sentences that don’t move the story, and characters that don’t help the plot.  She cleans up the dialog so everybody says things that show their character and voice. 

Even without conditioner, the story has to wait a while after Mom works on it.  So she puts it away for about a week, then looks at it again and cleans it up some more.  Thank goodness I don’t need a bath every week!

If it’s a nice day, Mom takes me outside to walk around and dry off after my bath. She says, “You smell like a little flower.” and “Look how white and fluffy you are.” and “STOP ROLLING IN THE DIRT!”

She doesn’t understand, I have to do SOMETHING to help me smell like a dog again!

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  1. I think it was Steve Martin, in The Jerk, that said something about everyone having a ‘special purpose’. Your special purpose is being a dog, a friend and a comfort to mom. Mom’s special purpose is writing. Your both very good at your special purpose. Carry on. xoxoxox

  2. Oops, ‘you’re both’. DUH. Obviously writing is not my ‘special purpose’ 😉

    • One thing I know for sure is: Your “special purpose” is whatever you make up your mind it is. Free choice, unlimited possibilities. Choose it and do it. Mom says you’re pretty special at all things artistic – especially making jewelry. Once I almost ate an earring…. Maybe we can hang out.

      Love & Licks,

  3. Hahahahaha. Very funny post. Love the photos! I like bath times 🙂

    • Bassa! Bongo!
      NO! Baths are evil. All that water and bubbles and sweet smelling stuff. It’s awful. Garden hose, bathtub, baby pool – no matter how they do it – it stinks! Well …. the opposite of stinks, but you know what I mean. Next time Mom pushes away the shower curtain, I’m going to hide behind the chair. We’re dogs! We should smell like dogs.
      Love & Licks,

  4. I think baths are fun. My person gives my showers outside with the garden hose. -Bongo

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  6. […] Then she tricked me into the tub and gave me a bath! […]

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