Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Your intentions don’t create footprints, your actions do.


My footprints are the CUTEST! They’re tiny and round with little marks from my little nails. When I walk in the wet grass, I leave perfect footprints in the street. When I get inside, Mom says, “Stand still.” and then she cleans my feet with a baby wipe, and it’s goodbye adorable footprints and hello feet that smell like baby powder.

Mom doesn’t like footprints OR intentions. She remembers a long time ago, when she was reading a story in Highlights Magazine. She said, “Cute story.” and “I totally could’ve written that!” and “What did you step in now? Ugh!” Then she got the baby wipes out – again!

Mom was absolutely right about Highlights. She COULD’VE written a cute story for them, but she DIDN’T and somebody else did. She had intentions, but what she needed was action. After reading and reading in Highlights and intending and intending to write, she finally took action. And guess what – the magical people at Highlights thought her story was great, and they bought it!  Ever since then, Mom writes all the time and sends stories and poems to tons of magazines for kids. Then she says, “Yay!” and “Look at my name in this magazine!” and “You’re filthy. Get in the bathtub.”

Goodbye footprints…..

Comments on: "Inspirational Quote of the Week" (2)

  1. Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. I am the queen of those. Mom’s perseverance and dedication paved her a road to success. Who’s following in whose footsteps?

    • Who’s following?? Do you mean EVERYBODY is possibly NOT following??! How could that be? This would come as a surprise to Mom. She taught me to follow because she is the pack leader around here. I’m pretty sure she expects everybody to follow….

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