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Five Word Friday

Mom’s latest half-story has these 5 words to play with.

Water – I don’t like water. I don’t like to drink it. I don’t like to step in it. And I REALLY don’t like Bath Day. That is way too much water in way too many of the wrong places.


Door – Mom is always waiting for the right door to open for her writing work. It did once, but it’s been stubborn since. When it eventually opens again, she will blast through it without looking back. I never step through a door without some hesitation. Mom says I have door-phobia. I always make sure things are safe for us out there. Sometimes the hesitation ends in disaster – like when my tail got caught in the door and a piece fell off! 


Snuggly – When it’s snowy and cold and windy outside, I get snuggly in my bed.

Or in Mom’s bed.

Or on the couch.


Or the chair.

Those are sometimes good writing days for Mom, but sometimes, she wastes the day getting snuggly with me (and watching way too much TV). 

Night – We do not like night. Mom and I don’t like the dark at all. Ditto for the moon, coyotes, shadows, sunset, owls, fireflies, and moths. We are all about sunrise, morning, sunshine, and light.

Mom has a few stories about being afraid of the dark and getting over fear of the night, but writing them never helped her reality at all.  

Blanket – Winter and summer, I am a blanket-loving doggie. I doze on them, in them, and under them. Move over, Linus van Pelt. You are not the only one with a legendary security blanket. 



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  1. we hear ya for da doors, da nelly lost a toe nail that way… but you are right, ideas and inspawrations are like that doors…as soon as we see one open we have to run through before it is closed and our tale ends like your tail…maybe therefore The Doors sang break on through once?

    • Paw toes getting broken off in the door is almost as cringe-worthy as a tail tip. Ouch! Mom swears that one day my door-phobia will give her 4 heart attacks and a stroke. I think a nail emergency will do it!

      Love and licks,

  2. Oh Cupcake we remember the “great tail incident”… were such a brave little girl – and still are. Night time bothers lots of peeps and in fact Mom and I are definitely “morning” people. Watching the sun come up – feeling the sun – we are already anxious for Spring. I think everyone is afraid of SOMETHING… SOMETHING is having my nails cut. Not a big fan of that. Hope you and your Mom have a great week ahead!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Nail cutting is traumatic, T! I am right with you on that one. Mom reminds me that I have learned NOTHING from getting my tail broken off in the door, because I still hesitate the same way every day of my life. She learned from it, though, so she watches out for me.

      Love and licks,

  3. Carole Schulman said:

    Mom enjoys each new day even if the sun isn’t shining, but she loves it if it is’s another opportunity to do the right thing. Another day to try to “get it right” and another day for which to be grateful. I love my blankies too. Let’s go lay on ALL of our blankies, one after the other!!

    • Mom and I try real hard to get it right each new day, too. That is always a good goal to have, KI. Picking and resting on blankies is a full time job around here.

      Love and licks,

  4. The Two Orange Pups don’t like baths either, although we do like to swim in the lake, and Sadie chases waves when we walk by the Hudson River. We do NOT like the frozen water. Mum walks way too slowly, saying “don’t pull me,” and “I don’t want to fall on the ice.” Dad won’t throw the ball, saying “I’ll break my leg.” Paws crossed that spring arrives soon.

    • Swimming seems like fun. I have never tried it, but once I almost stepped in a puddle. Almost. I also hear the word, “Don’t pull me!!” a lot around here, lately. The deal is – I won’t pull you if you don’t walk me too close to the deadly snow. #fairness

      Love and licks,

  5. Margret Abbott said:

    Cupcake, remind Mom that snuggling is never a waste of time. 😊 ~Belle, Bessie and Bea Pups.

  6. Last night, as the snuggly dog lie on the blanket, a delivery man came through the door with a big bottle of water. Hows that?

  7. We’re with you two. We however like sunsets. The end of the day signals the dark long hours before daylight and dawn showing it’s bright head. Nix to the night and ya to the beginning of a new day.

    Shoko and Tyebe

  8. Your tail injury, made me cringe. Archie is with you on the baths, all though he was very good and still, until I dried him off and he raced around the house because he knew the hairdryer was next. I like sunsets and sitting on my second floor balcony in the dark — above the mosquitoes. And I love sunsets along the beach! Relaxing.

    • Above the mosquitos is always a good place to be, P. Archie and I would agree about the post-bath-zoomies. The drying process cannot be complete without them.

      Love and licks,

  9. All those things you do not like, Sonny and I totally love! But we also love light. Does that make us well rounded?!?🤷🏼‍♀️ P. S. That chair position seems a bit uncomfortable. But I’ve seen Sonny in the contortion more than once. 😂

  10. We remember hearing about the tail in the door incident. Yikes, that sounds painful! Of course, I got mine cut off when I was just a few days old. The under the covers on Mom’s bed, especially when it’s dark out, sound just right! XOX Xena

  11. I always enjoy your take on life. Blankies are the best form of SNUGGLY there is. Mindy

  12. I think finding a large choice of snuggly places is a very good and comforting plan, Cupcake. I remember when your tail didn’t make it all the way through the door,,, it made me a little weak in the knees. It’s very understandable about you and your Mom’s fear of the dark. I am a night person and my brain doesn’t get to firing on all cylinders until after lunch. I like the nighttime because of its peace and quiet and lack of people… I am a weird one. You know by now that I am all about blankies so I am totally on board with your thoughts about security blankets, even if my blankets are cabana towels 🙂

    • LOL, Pix. You do have a way of looking at the world through beach colored glasses. Wherever your happy place is – that’s where you should be… even if it’s only in your mind.

      Love and licks,

  13. Life is good with a security blanket. P.S. Beautiful sunrise pics. Hope that mountain of snow is beginning to melt. Stay safe and warm, Cupcake.

    • Thanks, M. The snow plow mountains are still pretty big, but they are turning graying brownish blackish (and yellowish). Soon, it will snow again and they will be white.

      Love and licks,

  14. chesterspaniel said:

    You sure know how to get comfy! Oh, and have you noticed? The days are starting to get a bit longer. Hooray!

  15. Charlee: “We are with you on the water.”
    Chaplin: “Water water everywhere, keep it away from us!”
    Charlee: “On the other hand, we are big fans of the dark. Because cats.”
    Lulu: “I think we can all agree that blankets are good, though!”

    • Oh yeah. Cats and dark go well together. Dogs and sunbathing on the pavement go well together, too… Or is that just me?

      Love and licks,

  16. Doors are frightening, I agree! When I was a kick, I stuck my finger in an automatically closing door at Safeway. I think the scream probably really frightened shoppers, but that’s how I roll. Also, look what happens to Wile E Coyote when he steps through a door ! There’s nothing on the other side and he falls into a deep canyon!! You can never be too careful of doors.

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