Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

“Writing gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

~Mason Cooley~

Mom and I have stayed home a lot in the past year. It has been a good thing in some ways and a bad thing in other ways – for both of us.

On the upside, staying home means I got to nap a lot

and watch TV with Mom

and nap a lot. (Yup. I said it twice.)

On the downside, staying home means she did a bunch of homeschooling,


and brain work with me, so I didn’t turn into a piece of furniture or a potato.

On the upside, staying home means Mom (should have) had plenty of time to write stories and read picture books. (Nope. I didn’t say either one twice.)

On the downside, staying home means actual experiences, people-watching, eavesdropping on kids’ conversations, and observing the world was a no-go.


Also, bookstores and libraries gave Mom the virus-germ-heebie-jeebies.

So reading picture books is basically non-existent, and writing is at a minimum around here. Happily, Mom has an idea list, that she started in StoryStorm and continues as always. She has a few half-finished stories waiting for her attention and a few finished pieces waiting for revision. She also has nothing but time. So here’s hoping Mom gets more than 15 minutes of writing done each day. She keeps telling herself that writers write, so she needs to take her own advice. Or at the very least, paws crossed that she doesn’t turn into a piece of furniture or a potato.  

Potato Dog – Don’t let this happen to you!


Comments on: "Inspirational Quote of the Week" (32)

  1. I would say a fun time 😉 🐶

  2. that is THE quote for this time… we can travel on the wings of our imagination while writing… like that little guy who saw the whole world via the wings of a goose…

    • Really? Maybe I am missing the boat chasing the geese instead of sitting nicely on their wings. #headscratcher

      Love and licks,

  3. This is a perfect time for writers to write and I bet your Mom will get those stories finished! I see very little chance she will turn into a potato and if in fact YOU are turning into one, you are the cutest potato I ever did see!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Thanks, T. Potato position is one of my favorites. You’ll see plenty of it when street nap season arrives.

      Love and licks,

  4. I know your Mom will find plenty of writing inspiration – potatoes, furniture, and most especially YOU, dear Cupcake.

  5. Carole Schulman said:

    I really took warning at that picture of Cupcake the potato! I am a ‘tater all over the house. I need help getting out of that laziness! Now Mom…she’s stayed a half a step ahead of potato-hood, but only because I stay behind her heels making her do things for me. I don’t even want to imagine her without my guiding paw. She hauled out my wooden puzzle box three days ago and but some pieces of kibble in it for me to fish out That was her activity for the day. She should only thank me for the inspiration. Cupcake, you look fetching in your yellow beddie. Like your outfit too! XO Katie Isabella

    • Thanks, KI. Sounds like you’re keeping your mama on her toes. That is our job, now more than ever! Be demanding. LOL – like I need to tell you that!

      Love and licks,

  6. Potato Dog. That’s hysterical. I could just eat you up. 😂
    Mom needs to have those stories flying out the window. Competition must be fierce with lots of people being home. But mom’s stories are the best so there’s that.
    Stay away from the oven, dogfriend. 😉❤️🐶

    • Thanks, G! You are always our biggest cheerleader. I will steer clear of the oven so Mom doesn’t bake me before I can cook myself on the summer pavement! #streetnapseason

      Love and licks,

  7. I’m right there with you on the naps cupcake. Everytime I start reading a book, I doze off. I’ve read the same beginning of a new book 3 times, LOL. How come that swan does have to wear a mask? That’s suspicious 😀 ❤

  8. Our lives haven’t changed much at all. Except our Mom is home with us almost all the time, which is fantastic. Except now she has more time to give us more baths and nail trims. Grrr. We hope neither of you turn into either a potato or a couch, or a combination of both, the dreaded “couch potato.” XOX Lucy and Xena

  9. Margret Abbott said:

    Maybe you and your mom can strike a deal say 15 minutes of writing per each brain work practice! Seriously though it can be difficult to be creative when one is processing all that is going on around us. You and your mom are both doing a great job navigating through it all. 💕

  10. Lulu: “Hmm, I might be willing to try being a potato for a while. It looks very relaxing.”

  11. That Mason Cooley quote simply nails the panDAMNic description. Norman and Elsa think things will sort themselves out soon but the passage of time isn’t a strong skill set for dogs.

  12. Hi Potato dog from potato cat. There s not much happening anywhere. Life is kinda boring. We can’t even go for a walk with the snow but its melting.

    Mason Cooley hit the nail on the head.


    • I think potatoes have been pretty popular during the pandemic. The snow helped us perfect our indoor potato game.

      Love and licks,

  13. I sure did enjoy the homeschooling that your Mom did with you. It was entertaining knowing how your brain cells were firing while you tried to do what your Mom wanted you to do. I thought a few times I saw you roll your eyes… just thought I saw that. It was harder for me to get anything done because I just lost all motivation this past year of the plague. My mind just seized up. I think I spy one of those giant swan berds. The picture of you as a Tater Dog makes me realize I have been a tater on the couch in the office a long time. Hoping that is going to change!

    • Personally, I don’t know what Mom has against potatoes. I like to eat them and I like to be them…

      Love and licks,

  14. So cute 😍😍😍

  15. WOW! I like that quote, Cupcake, and you know what…I get inspired of you, as I’m sure your mom does too😸 Now stay were you are, I’m going to eat you…MOL…😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to the both of you🐾😽💞

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