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Editing and Enhancement

Mom finished her January story for 12×12. Whew! That was the closest she ever came to the end of the month.  Her story is a first, first, FIRST draft, and it will need a LOT of editing before it sees the light of day.  Mom said, “You have to start somewhere.” and “Writing it is the first step.” and “Do NOT eat the hat!”

eat the hat

Soon (Eventually), Mom will look closely at her January story and fix it up till it’s ready to show her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. She said, “I’ll probably have to cut about 100 words.” and “I’ll streamline the dialog.” and “The ending needs lots of work.”

Bob said my picture didn’t need too much work. I guess that’s because of my extreme cuteness.  Check here to see Bob’s comments about what he did to it. Also look here to see more of Bob’s work, or here to enter his Sunday Frameable Keepers Challenge.

Mom said the new picture is brighter and sharper and my fur and the teddy bear’s fur look fluffier.  Thanks, Bob! 

Here I am enhanced!


The original is on the left and the enhanced version is on the right. Cute and even CUTER!

I guess because of my super cuteness, my friends at DogDaz gave me the Super Sweet Blogging Award this week. I’ll keep it displayed on my Awards page.  Thanks, DogDaz!


Comments on: "Editing and Enhancement" (60)

  1. Me and Nellie think you are very cute.

  2. Congratulations on your Sweetness and your moms new story. Btw Why eating the hat, Cupcake, don’t you like to wear it 🙂

  3. See, I told you you couldn’t get much cuter than you already were 🙂
    Well done Mom on getting the first draft out. Congrats. All very exciting.

  4. Congratulations to your mom on finishing the first, first, first draft. I am sure David,OtherDavid and the person not called David will love it 🙂 By the way, you don’t need any enhancement Cupcake – you are adorable xx

  5. Well done Mommy 🙂 You are bootiful Cupacake just the way you are. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    Pee-ess Email’z uz wiff ya Valentine photo 🙂 xx

  6. Well I would have sworn (even though Mommy says I shouldn’t swear) that you couldn’t be cuter but Mr. Bob DID make you fluffier (your teddy too) – this will be a super bootiful picture for your Mom to frame and of coursed to add to your portfolio when you’re out looking for modeling work! 😀 😀

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Good luck to your mom on editing. And you look even cuter.

  8. Congrats on making the deadline. 🙂

  9. I had no doubt you’d get ‘er done. And you picture is still a-dor-a-BLE!

  10. ha! I guessed it, only the teddy bear needs some work – you are perfect ;o)

  11. Cupcake we didnt think you could get any cuter!!! Ginger is rooting you on to destroy the hat.. make a statement she says…. Good luck to mom with her writing!!! 🙂
    God Bless You!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  12. Yay for the award and way to go to your mom on the story!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  13. OMG, a double overdose of cuteness! 🙂

  14. You are super cute! Too bad Maggie can’t get a picture… She looks like a rug when she does…

  15. it is are too too cute for words! You belong on a calendar page somewhere Cupcake, great photo, paw pats Savannah

  16. I wish your mom had given ME the advice to not eat that hat. But it’s too late now…

  17. Not surprised the bear needed work, he was outshone by you:-)

  18. A double dose of cuteness it looks like to me Cupcake! I have got some writing that I need to get started on too!

    • Get going, Ann! Mom has a quote hanging up that says, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you you have to get started to be great.” Hurry up and write. You can be great!

      Love and licks,

  19. Yes – it is your super cuteness that we can not resists (and Mom’s blog prose).

  20. So maybe the teddy needed some improvement, but I knew you were perfect already 🙂

  21. The teddy bear definitely needed some improvement. You, on the other hand, are way cuter without the editing… A natural beauty… 🙂

  22. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    Congrats on your award!!

    Love the enhanced pic, didn’t think it was possible to enhance your cuteness?! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  23. Glad you got a MS written — didn’t come close. Spent my month revising and sending queries.
    Can’t believe you don’t chew up your stuffed animals Cupcake. I have to hide stuffed animals from Archie because he found one with a squeaker in it once and went nuts trying to get it out. Now he thinks all stuffed animals have squeakers. Oh my, what a mess!

  24. Come have a cup of coffee with me. There is a special invite just for you:

  25. Cupcakes for Cupcake. And Super Cuteness. What more do we need? x

  26. You always look cute, Cupcake. Congratulations on your award!

  27. Glad you got the story done! Cupcake your as cute as ever!

  28. You and mom are doing great… hats and drafts on their way to freedom. 🙂 Love the photos.

  29. […] bingo, things she doesn’t want in her story are gone for good. And replaced by something better. It’s important that writers don’t get too attached to the words […]

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