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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, and Happy Passover, Blog Friends!  Have a wonderful day!

Comments on: "Easter Sunday" (8)

  1. Happy Easter to you and your mommy too, Cupcakebunny 😀

  2. Happy Easter, Cupcake! (And to your Mom, too!)

  3. thewienertakesitall said:

    Happy Easter Cupcake and Genevieve! From Mort and Emily x

  4. Cupcake! For a second, I thought you WERE the Easter Bunny!! Love your outfit 🙂 Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Ask mom if she remembers the ‘twin’ dresses we wore on our probably 13 or 14th Easter. She wore yellow too! I wore blue. We were stunning! Happy Day, guys.

    • Mom does not remember the dresses, Gemma. She says, “WHY didn’t they have cellphone cameras back then??” She is also pretty sure you both looked adorable…. like me!

      Love and licks,

  6. Happy Easter. I love your bunny ears Cupcake! 🙂

  7. Aww, Cupcake looks too cute!

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