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I was dressed up and looking my best for Easter. Seersucker isn’t just for humans, you know! With the bunny ears or without, I think I looked awful pretty (which is way different than pretty awful). 

Mom is always careful that her stories are looking their best before she sends them anywhere. It’s almost like every day is Easter Sunday for a writer. A spelling mistake, a missing word, or a wrong homophone would be like a cracked egg.

A slow opening, a lame ending, or an unnecessary sentence would be like a basket filled with Easter grass and nothing else.

Epic fail.

Yesterday, when I was running around in circles and digging in the mulch and sniffing my friend, Lila in some unmentionable places, Mom said, “You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out.”  Stories are not like that, though.   Mom dresses her stories up in their Sunday best and then sends them out.

Bye-Bye stories. I hope everybody says you’re adorable.

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, and Happy Passover, Blog Friends!  Have a wonderful day!