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Countdown Wednesday

Today, we’re counting down Our Year in Review.

My Highlights in 2012

3. My picture was in a book! Chuck Sambuchino wrote a political humor book called Red Dog / Blue Dog, and he used my picture to illustrate one of the pages! I looked adorable.


2. I learned how to dance. Mom taught me to twirl around on my hind feet for a cookie.

1. I forgot how to bowl! I learned bowling using empty water bottles…..

 But then Santa brought me a bowling set, and I have no idea how to bowl. So I just take a pin and bring it on the couch.

bowling1 pin

16. I found some bread that the birds dropped in front of my house. It was delicious!

Mom’s Highlights in 2012

3. Mom’s story Fly Fishing was in the final issue of Stories for Children Magazine in November. There was no dog in the story, but there was a trout.

2. Mom’s story Waiting for Petey was in the November/December issue of Turtle Magazine. there was no dog in the story, but there was a teddy bear (I love teddy bears).


1. NWEA bought Mom’s poem Talking Goldfish to use in their online test prep program. There was no dog in the poem, but there was a fish.

42. Humpty Dumpty Magazine is holding Mom’s story Show and Tell Surprise for possible publication in the May/June 2013 issue. There was no dog in the story, but there was a hermit crab.

67. Mom completed 3 challenges this year – 12x12in’12 (3 of her 12 stories featured a dog), PiBoIdMo (9 of her 30 ideas are about dogs), and Goodreads. (about 30 of the 214 books she read had a dog in them).

2012 is in the rear view mirror. Bring on 2013. Happy New Year!

new year2

Countdown Wednesday

For the last day of National Poetry Month, Mom and I are counting down some titles of her poems.

Poems I like:

I like these because they have animals in them.

3. Simon

2. Changing Shells

1. Golfin’ Dolphin

Poems Mom likes:

Mom likes these because they’re about school.

3. Lost and Found

2. Mad

1. My Teacher’s Grandma

…We both like this one, because it has my name in it.

Raining Cupcakes

It’s not about when it was raining on me (which I hate).

It’s about the other kind of cupcake (which I love).

Here is an acrostic poem that Mom and I wrote together. It’s about the Veteran’s Hospital that I visit in my Therapy Dog work. See if you can tell which part Mom wrote and which part was written by me….



Cupcake and Mom

H – Hugging brand new friends.

O – Open doors say, “Come on in.”

S – Sick friends need cheering up.

P – People smile at Cupcake.

I – In the hallways we take it slow.


T – Take me into that room! No that one! And this one! And that one!

A – And let’s give kisses to her! And him! And them!

L – Later we’ll come back. I can’t wait! Tomorrow? Please. Please! PLEASE!!



Five Word Friday

Today’s five words are about poetry.

1. Rhyme – That’s when words are kind of like each other. Kind of. I’m kind of like the dog planter. Kind of….

2. Alliteration – That’s when words start the same. Lots of Mom’s sentences start out the same. They are usually, “Cupcake…” and “Cupcake!….” and “CUPCAKE!!…” And then, “Ugh!”

3. Haiku – Bless you.

4. Imagery – That’s when words make a picture. Why can’t a picture make a picture? Like this!

5. Onomatopoeia – Thats when a word sounds like a sound. Like bow-wow, woof, ruff, slurp, meow, tick-tick-tick, and bzzzzzzz. That last one is the dreaded sound of the evil mechanical hamster. Soon, I am hoping to make the sound of CRUNCH, RRRIP, and SMUSH with that horrible thing.

Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat was back again last week.  Mom hung out with him at her old school where she used to be a teacher.  She read stories and poems to some third graders for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. She did not read Cat in the Hat, AND thank goodness she didn’t bring him home with her.  Cats are dangerous.  They could scratch my nose, or I could accidentally chew them like a squeaky toy.

Mom likes reading stories to kids.  She said, “It makes me feel like a teacher again.” and “Those third graders were great listeners and LOTS of fun.” and “Why does this squirrel only have three legs?”

I don’t know why Mom had to go to school to read.  She reads stories out loud to herself all the time around here.  Today, she read one story that she wants to show to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid.  Then she read a story that she wants to send to a publisher.  Then she read another story that she is entering in a contest.  Stories, stories, stories!

In a couple of weeks, Mom will go to visit some kids and librarians at a middle school.  I will look out the window with my sad face on and watch her leave.  She will talk about being an author AND read them stories! Soon after that, she will go to visit some 5th graders, and guess what she’ll do there. Read stories AGAIN!   

I can’t wait till Mom’s story about me gets published.  Then I will not watch sadly out the window.  I will go with her and we will read stories to the kids together.

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  Actually, not MY birthday, but my blog’s birthday. I wrote my first post on January 7, 2011. My blog is one year old today. Happy birthday to me! 

Mom wrote a birthday poem to celebrate….

Birthday Candles


Genevieve Petrillo

Lights low,

Big breath in,

Think hard,

Let’s begin.

Bright flames,

All for you.

Birthday candles,

Wish come true!

 Wish come true! Yay!