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I Am NOT a Jedi


Renn is a brave, little boy spending some not-so-fun time at the hospital this week. Mom and I are writing a special blog post today just for him. You can read about Renn at The Brain of a Jedi.

Mom’s author friend, Susanna Leonard Hill has  links to lots more well wishes for Renn on her blog. Take a look, and while you’re at it, send along some prayers and happy thoughts for a tough, smart little Jedi and his family.

Mom is afraid of Jedi warriors (No, she’s not. I am…). In fact, she’s afraid of warriors of all kinds (No, she’s not. I am…). Light sabers scare her (No, they don’t. They scare me…). And forget about Darth Vader’s voice. She’s terrified of that guy (No, she’s not. I am…).

So, we’ll have to work with what we have. My cuteness!!

Here I am dancing like a cute ballerina.

If you want to see how smart I am, here I am solving a problem while looking cute.

If you’ve never seen a dog eat Cheerios, watch how cute I am using my Cheerios machine.

And if you need a laugh, watch me tame the laughing mechanical dog (still while looking cute).

And when it’s time to sleep, stop by my booth for the cutest kiss you can get for a nickel…
Hang in there, buddy! xoxo



We had an awesome snowstorm, last week. Mom took me for a lot of walks, and each time we went out, it got deeper and deeper.  Here I am trudging through the snow.


It was almost up to my my belly, but not quite. That would’ve scared me! It was deep enough to make walking slow and difficult, but FUN!


Mom is working on two new stories at once. She’s in deep, just like I was. Each day she works for a little while on one of the stories and then she works a little while on the other one. It’s slow and it’s difficult, but she’s having fun. That’s because being an author is a blast! It’s just like being a dog in the snow!


Hidden in the Blizzard

We had a blizzard this weekend.


The snow got really high, the wind blew really hard, and it was really cold. Even though I wore my heaviest jacket, I had to run around in a lot of circles to keep warm. And when the snow was deep enough to touch my belly, I wanted to come inside right away!

The first inch...

The 1st inch…

The 9th inch...

The 9th inch…

I couldn’t sniff the grass, because it was covered with snow. So I sniffed the snow instead. And guess what I found! An empty potato chip bag. It was hidden under the snow! Mom said the word, “Leave it.” before I could investigate and possibly taste some frozen potato chip crumbs, but it was an exciting find, anyway. In the morning, I tried to find the bag again, But the snow was too deep and I couldn’t even breathe in there.


Sometimes, Mom has a blizzard of ideas. But sometimes, her ideas are hidden. They’re not under the snow, or frozen, but they are buried in the back of her brain. When she studies at her online writing class, the hidden ideas start to pop out of her head. Mom says, “I’ve never tried that before.” and “That’s why this part wasn’t working.” and “Stop barking at the snowblower!”


Five Word Friday

Today I will ask 5 questions that have had me thinking lately.

1. Why is coffee so magical?


I think coffee makes people smart. Whenever Mom sits down to write, she always puts a cup of coffee next to the computer. I think it magically helps her brain.

2. Is a laundry basket a bed?


Bed is a good place to read books. Mom reads books a lot. A laundry basket is a good place to sleep. At least until Mom says, “OUT!”

3. Can a light chase away monsters in the dark?


When Mom writes about monsters, dragons, dinosaurs, or cats, I am afraid. I am also afraid of the dark. And balloons. And the golf cart. And pumpkins. And street signs. And soccer players. And….

4. Is a dog head good medicine for a sore knee?


This is how I help Mom when her knee hurts. I help her with her writing, too, mostly by staring at her when she’s trying to work.

5. If a chair is not pushed all the way under the table, is it OK to climb up and eat cake out of the box? I love cake.cake2

Speaking of cake and coffee… Thanks to our friends at DogDaz for inviting us to coffee and our friends at Bumpy Road to Bubba and Angels Whisper for including us in their coffee party.  Definitely take a visit to their blogs, if you haven’t already. Also, we will include ALL our blog buddies in our coffee party, so feel free to take the badge and answer the questions if you’d like to join us.


1) How many cups of coffee per day? Mom has 2 or 3. I have as many slurps as I can beg, borrow, or steal.

2) What is your favorite caffeine delivery system? Mom likes her Keurig. I like when she leaves her cup on the table and doesn’t push in her chair.

3) What was your best cup of coffee?  They are all perfect.

4) What was your worst cup of coffee? No such thing. Even the stale, strong coffee in the teacher’s lounge at Mom’s old school, was delicious to her.

5) What does your favorite mug say? Mom’s favorite has a c-c-c-cat on it.

6) How do you take your coffee? Cream and sugar – very light and very sweet, just like me!

7) When was your first cup? Mom drank coffee flavored milk when she was little. My first taste was the morning after Mom found me at the rescue event.

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee tea date? We’re on one right now!

cat mug


Editing and Enhancement

Mom finished her January story for 12×12. Whew! That was the closest she ever came to the end of the month.  Her story is a first, first, FIRST draft, and it will need a LOT of editing before it sees the light of day.  Mom said, “You have to start somewhere.” and “Writing it is the first step.” and “Do NOT eat the hat!”

eat the hat

Soon (Eventually), Mom will look closely at her January story and fix it up till it’s ready to show her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. She said, “I’ll probably have to cut about 100 words.” and “I’ll streamline the dialog.” and “The ending needs lots of work.”

Bob said my picture didn’t need too much work. I guess that’s because of my extreme cuteness.  Check here to see Bob’s comments about what he did to it. Also look here to see more of Bob’s work, or here to enter his Sunday Frameable Keepers Challenge.

Mom said the new picture is brighter and sharper and my fur and the teddy bear’s fur look fluffier.  Thanks, Bob! 

Here I am enhanced!


The original is on the left and the enhanced version is on the right. Cute and even CUTER!

I guess because of my super cuteness, my friends at DogDaz gave me the Super Sweet Blogging Award this week. I’ll keep it displayed on my Awards page.  Thanks, DogDaz!



Mom’s friend Bob at Northwest Photographer is an artist. He is crazy-skilled at taking pictures, and goes around to a lot of places getting amazing shots of animals and scenery and all sorts of wonderful things….including a cat named Jack! Bob is having a challenge called Frameable Keepers every Sunday at his blog. He wants to see photos that you’d love to see framed, and then he will fix them up so they look perfect.

I have begged and begged Mom to submit a picture of me. She says I can’t compete with all that beauty. That’s a good thing, ….right? I think it means I’m ….um…extra-pretty….??? And she should give me bacon….???

Anyway, I finally talked her into it, so here I am.

teddy bear cuddle
I hope Bob will work on my picture and make me look even cuter.  (Can I GET any cuter??)  He’ll fix and figure and change and correct and enhance and elevate.

Each time Mom finishes a story, she ALWAYS works on it some more, like Bob does with his pictures. I think she’s trying to make her stories even cuter, like me. She rephrases and revises and cuts and clips and elaborates and embellishes. When mom thinks her picture is frameable, then she’ll talk about it at her writing group and maybe submit it.

I wonder what she’ll do when my picture is frameable…. She framed this one, so I guess anything can happen!


By the way, check my Awards Page to see my newest bling. It’s the Shine On Award from our friends at Angels Whisper. Thanks, A.W.!


Today is my birthday! 

I’m SIX years old.  I think that is the perfect age.  Mom agrees.  She says if I could go to school, I’d be a first grader, and would be learning to read. How fun would THAT be?  Then, I would help Mom with her writing work.  Sometimes, she writes stories that are perfect for first graders, but they’re not books, yet.  It’s just as well, since I can’t read yet.

To celebrate my birthday, I will have treats,

and I’ll finally get to play with my new birthday hedgehog, which has been hidden in the closet. 

I knew about the hedgehog, because I picked it out at Petco last week.  It’s been a looong wait, but I am sure it will be a blast to bite it and throw it and catch it and lick it and cuddle with it.

Mom says, “Writers are experts at waiting.” and “We have to wait for our big break. And then wait for our big break again!” and “Don’t break your new toy!”

I don’t know about Mom, but I’m tired of waiting!

REALLY tired of waiting.  Let’s party!!


I’m tired of reading picture books. Well, maybe “reading” is a poor choice of words. Mostly, Mom reads them. I sleep on top of them so she can’t turn the page.

Sometimes I try to eat them, so she has to hide them in the closet.

She’s almost reached her goal of reading 212 books this year. Maybe when she gets to that magic number she’ll stop. Ha! Who am I kidding? When she reaches her goal, she’ll make a new goal. 

Mom says, “I love reading stories!” and “I need to read in order to write right. Right?” (Huh??) and “Move your bony head! You’re drooling on the book.”

Hope and Things Like That

Sometimes Mom gets rejections.  She got TWO of them the other day.  TWO. At once.  I’m not much with numbers, but I think two means a LOT!  Now she hates the mailman, just like I do.  She said, “This mailman has it in for me.” And I said, “Told-ja.”

But after she marked the rejections in her book and shredded them (so they don’t bring bad Karma), Mom went right back to having hope.  Hope that she’ll finish her next story for 12×12, hope that her writing group (named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid) will give her some good ideas for her last story, hope for Book #2, and hope that I will learn to fetch a ball one of these days.

Our Collie friends and Chuck passed us the Hope badge in the Hope Relay.  Mom says, “That’s a good sign.” and “Hope is a good thing.” and “Bring it here! Bring it here! Bring it here! RATS!”

I have hope, too.  Hope that I can have a frozen ice cream treat today,

hope that we can go to the park later,

and hope that she’ll forget about this fetching stuff and let me keep my baseball in my toy collection on the couch.

My friend, Misaki, has been thinking about me lately.  How do I know? She sent me this!

Thanks, Misaki!

I’ve been thinking about my friends at Hamster Diaries.  They’ve had a rough time lately, and now that they’re bouncing back, I want to pass the Hope Relay to them, and share the Thinking Of You Award, as well.

I’d also like to pass the Hope Relay and Thinking Of You Award to Bassa and Barnaby at Bassas Blog and their Tall Person at Georgia About.

While we’re at it, I entered a fun contest at Mollie and Alfie’s Blog.  Even though we didn’t win, we got this cool badge, anyway.  Cute Huh?  Thanks Mollie and Alfie!

All I had to do to earn it was look like this for a few minutes…..

Award on Fire

I am very grateful to my collie friends and Chuck at Collies of the Meadow for sharing the Blog on Fire Award with us. I do hope my blog isn’t REALLY on fire, because that could be dangerous, plus Mom would be angry if her computer burned up and she couldn’t be a writer anymore. She says she forgot how to write on paper. Yay! Maybe I can eat the pencils that I haven’t eaten already. 

To share The Blog on Fire Award, I need to tell 5 things about myself, and then give the award away to 5 blog friends. Here goes! 

1. My birthday is in September.

2. I wear a harness in the car, but most of the time I stand up and stretch as far as I can, anyway.

3. I have 9 dresses, 4 jackets, a couple of tutus, and more bandanas and collars than I can count.

4. I love the park, but sometimes I get stuck under Mom’s chair or under the park bench.

5. One of Mom’s Facebook friends drew a picture of me. I think I look adorable.

6. I shed. A lot.

Yup.  That’s 5.

Visit these friends for pet fun and writing fun…..

Yup. That’s 5.

I’d also like to thank our guinea pig friends Bingo, Buddy, Nibbles and Nutty at Hutch a Good Life for awarding us honorable mention in their Olym-Pigs.  Click here to see lots of crazy guinea pig antics, and ME on the short list in the couch-surfing event.