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Something strange arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m worn out from the wondering,

tuckered out from the thinking….

It’s not a rejection, because Mom didn’t put it into the shredder (to destroy the Karma). It’s not a bill, because Mom didn’t get online (and mumble) and pay it. It’s not a catalog, because she didn’t order me ( or herself) a new dress or toy.

Is it…? Could it be…? It IS! It’s an acceptance from Turtle Magazine. 

They are buying one of Mom’s stories! Yay!  The contract is signed and ready to go, and the letter is hanging on the bulletin board.  It’s not Book #2, but it’s an acceptance, and we LOVE that!  Look for Mom’s story, Waiting For Petey in the November/December issue of Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids.  That’s if you can find a copy.  Mom might go mental with excitement and buy them all herself. 

I wonder if Turtle Magazine tastes as delicious as the rent bill…..

Speaking of delicious things … and happy things, I’d like to thank our friends at DogDaz for giving us another Addictive Blog award, and our friend Chelsea at The Jenny Mac Book Blog for saying we’re Lovely again.  Both these blogs are fun to laugh with and learn from. See more about these awards here and here.


Things always work out even-steven for me.  If I lose a ball, I find another one on the field.  If I accidentally eat the wing off my stuffed chicken, Mom buys me a stuffed goose. 

Sometimes I fall off the chair.  Other times I fall off the couch.  Sometimes, I’m naughty, and sometimes I’m super-cuddly.  Even-steven.

Mom was even-steven yesterday.  Early in the morning, she got an acceptance for her story Too Many Pets from Stories for Children Online Magazine.  She printed it out, hung it up  on her bulletin board, and said, “Yay!” and “Yay!” and “No, you may NOT eat the thumb tacks.” 

Then the mailman brought her an envelope from Highlights Magazine.  Mom said, “I bet this is another acceptance!” and “We’re on a roll!” and “Yay!”  Then she opened it (insert dramatic music here).  I was hoping she would take out the box of thumb tacks (which I’m DYING to taste), to hang it up next to the other one, but nope.  No hanging, no tacks, …no yay.

Mom said, “Bummer.” and “Rejection.” and “At least she personalized it with a little note.”

Sometimes, even-steven stinks!  But not for me! Later I plan on being super-cuddly….


I absolutely LOVE Tuesdays! It’s not Tuesday?? OK, the truth is, what I love is the Take-My-Picture part of Tuesday. Here I am trying to figure out how to work my bed. 

Mom’s bed, I understand. I also understand how to cuddle up on the couch, the chair, laps, blankets, and even inside the laundry basket.  This bed, though, has me stumped.

Mom is also stumped.  NOT by the bed. She said, “Just get in.” and “It’s a bed.” and “I don’t have time for this.  I have another revision.” I’m not sure what revision is, but it sounds like collision, and I definitely have some experience with that. Collisions give me a headache.

A magazine editor asked Mom to revise one of her stories. Simple right? So she did it and sent it back.  Now another editor looked at it and wants MORE revision. So Mom is happy, but also has a headache.  Each day, she stares at the story a lot and re-reads the story a lot and mumbles at the story a lot and revises the story a little, tiny bit. She says, “Revision is difficult.” and “I liked it the way it was.” and “Just get in. IT’S A BED!”

Mom is feeling that with each little change, the story is less and less her story. But since her story has a list of rejections a mile and a half long, maybe it NEEDS to be less and less her story.  Once my friend Lila played with my stuffed gorilla.  I thought that made it less mine, but after Lila was finished playing, the gorilla tasted better than ever and now it’s my favorite toy, and Lila is my favorite friend! 

Sometimes, changes, even difficult ones, are good.


The other night, I wore my polka-dot dress to the TheraPet Annual Pet Party. I looked super-cute.

Last year, I was afraid of the doggie games, so we had to leave early, on account of the shivering. This year, I played ALL the games …..and lost them ALL. 

Mom said, “You win some, you lose some.” and “It’s how you play the game.” and “Come back here with that stuffed crab! That’s not fetching!”

I did earn a certificate for one year of Therapy Service, but the games took me down. In some of them, I came in dead last! Fetching – UGH! Mom says we’ll practice some more. Double-UGH! 

Mom loses sometimes, too.

Rejection letters.  Dead last. Book #2 is turning into Mom’s fetching. She tries and tries, but gets it wrong, anyway. I know the feeling.


She still keeps on writing stories, though. She says, “It’s what writers do.” and “This could be The One.” and “Come back here with that stuffed fish! THAT’S NOT FETCHING!”

Rejection happens, but it’s how you play the game. In between working on her new stories for 12x12in’12, Mom is revising and submitting and revising and working with DavidLaurieAndOtherDavid.  Then she revises and revises some more. That’s how she plays the game.

Today she kind of, sort of won one – maybe.  An online magazine asked her to revise and shorten her story named Too Many Pets.  They may want to buy it.  It’s not Book #2, but it’s something.  It’s definitely better than fetching!

Word Count

Mom understands word count. It is what it is, and it can’t be messed with. 500 words means 500 words. Under a thousand is not 1,152. I think that must be difficult for her. For one thing, she HATES numbers. And for another, she LOVES words. Lots and lots and lots of words.

Mom says, “Ugh this has to be cut.” and “There’s too much jibber-jabber in this story.” and “Why are there 17 toys on the couch?” 

See what I mean about numbers?  I’m sure there are only 14 or 15 toys here.

Last week, Mom sent my picture to a TV show. I’m not a diva or anything, but we’re hoping I get to be on television. She was allowed to have some words in the picture, but the word count was three. THREE! Like 1, 2, 3 words. Whoa. That is one small word count.  

Ho. Ho. Woof. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Your intentions don’t create footprints, your actions do.


My footprints are the CUTEST! They’re tiny and round with little marks from my little nails. When I walk in the wet grass, I leave perfect footprints in the street. When I get inside, Mom says, “Stand still.” and then she cleans my feet with a baby wipe, and it’s goodbye adorable footprints and hello feet that smell like baby powder.

Mom doesn’t like footprints OR intentions. She remembers a long time ago, when she was reading a story in Highlights Magazine. She said, “Cute story.” and “I totally could’ve written that!” and “What did you step in now? Ugh!” Then she got the baby wipes out – again!

Mom was absolutely right about Highlights. She COULD’VE written a cute story for them, but she DIDN’T and somebody else did. She had intentions, but what she needed was action. After reading and reading in Highlights and intending and intending to write, she finally took action. And guess what – the magical people at Highlights thought her story was great, and they bought it!  Ever since then, Mom writes all the time and sends stories and poems to tons of magazines for kids. Then she says, “Yay!” and “Look at my name in this magazine!” and “You’re filthy. Get in the bathtub.”

Goodbye footprints…..