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Countdown Wednesday

She finally did it! Mom brought me with her to a school visit. Well… It wasn’t actually a school visit where she had to talk to kids about being an author. She already talked to these kids a few weeks ago. On Monday, we were just picking something up and dropping something off for the kids.

We are counting down about our awesome school visit.

What Mom loved…

3. The teacher used to be Mom’s student a long time ago. Now she is a super-teacher.

class pic

That’s her. She’s the first one on the left in the pink jumper –  right next to Young-Mom.

2. The kids made a cute card for us to take home.


1. I was a good girl.


What I loved…

3. Everyone fussed and fussed over me.


2. Through the window, I spotted a playground with swings and slides.


1. Lots of kids gave me treats.

Over here, kids! Mom brought my treat pouch!

Over here, kids! Mom brought my treat pouch!

27B. I wore my sailor dress.


67. I ALMOST got to play in the playground. Then I got afraid. So Mom said the word, “Forget it.”



52. I relaxed in the back seat all the way home.


6. I didn’t take a street nap, but Mom let me rest for a few minutes in the parking lot.


I’m worn out from all that love. Plus my belly is full of treats.

21W. School visits are the BEST!

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Visualize this thing you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin. Robert Collier

visualize Visualizing is an important part of a writer’s journey. Mom always visualized opening a letter of acceptance. She walked herself through every bit of how it would feel. The envelope – the weight of it, the uncertainty – that wiggly feeling in the tummy, the zipping it open – the rough edges, and the finally knowing – somebody said yes. Over and over for years and years, she saw it, felt it, and believed it. mailbox But guess what. When her first story was sold, no letter came. Her publisher called her on the phone and left a message! phone That being said, Mom still visualizes getting an acceptance letter. Over and over. Every detail. Every single day. She says, “This will happen.” and “It can’t hurt.” and “What is going on in that tiny brain of yours?”


What time is dinner?

I visualize, too, of course.

What time is dinner?

What time is dinner?

I see and feel and believe in tons of treats, piles of toys, toys long walks, and playtime that never ends. walking   My mental blueprint shows how I will get onto the table, into the garbage, out the window, and through the door. photo 3 My brain may be tiny, but it’s busy all the time. Visualizing…..

What time is dinner?

What time is dinner?



Last week, we reached 10,000 views on our blog. I’m not much with the math, but 10,000 seems like a lot, seeing as how Mom only lets me post once or twice a week. I am excited that so many people and pets wanted to see what we were up to.

Of course, about 9,000 of the views were probably Mom, looking for mistakes and reading comments and stuff. She is my biggest fan. I am her biggest fan, too!


A long time ago, Mom got a fan letter from a little girl who read one of her poems in Spider Magazine. The little girl said that Mom’s poem made her laugh.

fan letter

I’d like to say Mom was excited about the fan letter, but excited doesn’t even begin to express how she felt. That letter was her favorite piece of mail of her life, until she got the contract for her first book years and years later.

Even though Mom’s book had a ton of good reviews and won The Moonbeam Award, she has never received a fan letter from any of her readers. She has lots of thank you letters from the kids at the schools she visited…

notes2 notes1

….but no fan letters.

If I could write, I’d send her one, but paws aren’t much good with a pencil.


Thanks to all my fans for visiting Cupcake Speaks. Every Visit, every Comment, and every Like feels like a fan letter to me!! xoxo


Mom is watching The Nutcracker ballet on TV. I am too. The remote is still a mystery to me. Although one time I did manage to record a Spanish soap opera by jumping on the buttons just right.

Mom says, “I love ballerinas.” and “I wish I were the SugarPlum Fairy.” and “Stop licking the remote.”  I can’t help it.  The remote tastes like gingerbread, for some reason….

Mr. Clark, my teacher at obedience school said, “A dog needs a boss and a job.” Mom is my boss, of course, and my job is to make people happy. I’m really good at that job. I have another job, too. It’s called sit-stay-down-come-heel-bring-it-leave-it-and-don’t-be-naughty. I may or may not be barely competent at that job.

My dream job has always been to work at a restaurant. I am totally qualified to do this job. I could be a sous chef and taste all of the food to be sure it’s perfect. Even though I occasionally eat goose poop and dirt, I’m sure I’d know a yummy steak if I ever tasted one. I could also be a dishwasher. I am a very skilled plate-licker.

Mom had the job of being a teacher and now she has the job of being an author. Mom LOVED teaching, and she says being an author is a blast. Every day she writes stories, revises stories, and submits stories to publishers. Nothing makes her as excited as an acceptance letter. She likes getting ideas, writing about them, seeing her name in print, seeing her books in the bookstore, and talking to kids about writing. She says, “I have had two dream jobs already!”

Mom’s other dream job has always been to be a ballerina. Anyone who knows her (EVERYONE who knows her) knows she is TOTALLY NOT qualified to do this job AT ALL.  Sometimes Mom worries that she’ll be a one-book-wonder. She says, “If I don’t get an acceptance soon, I may be forced to look into this SugarPlum Fairy gig, after all.”

OMG, Mom. REALLY? Let’s forget her age, body structure, strength, balance, and natural grace.  Has she ever had so much as one dance lesson in her entire life?? NO!

I don’t think she knows that some dreams are not meant to come true. So if she’s ever the SugarPlum Fairy, I will look into piloting fighter jets!


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