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Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love love. I could kiss, cuddle, and snuggle 24 hours a day. Mom should’ve named me Valentine.

Even though Mom loves me a lot, she apparently does not have time to kiss, cuddle, and snuggle with me 24 hours a day. She says, “Sorry, Sweetie. I have things to do.” and “Go play with your toys.” and “Why are you staring at me?”


Mom loves her work, so she needs time to do that, too. When she was a teacher, she thought it was the best job in the world. Now that she supervises student teachers, she thinks that’s the best job in the world. She also thinks being an author is the best job in the world.

nutley school visit

Somebody (Mom thinks it was Kathy Lee Gifford, but it was actually Confucious) said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I guess Mom has never worked a day in her life! Isn’t she lucky?

Have a super-special Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love, kisses, cuddles, and snuggles. xoxo


Countdown Wednesday

 Valentine’s Day is about love. Mom and I will count down what we love about blogging.


Things I love about blogging:

3. It’s as close to a book about me as we’ve gotten, so far.

2. Friends who follow my blog and make comments.  I love to lick and cuddle with friends.

1. Awards! It seems to be award season in the blogosphere, and I like winning so more people will like looking at my blog.

Things Mom loves about blogging:

3. Friends who follow our blog and make comments.  Our followers and friends are funny and sweet and really seem to “get” me.

2. Clearing her head.  Mom helps me blog about being a writer, and sometimes, when ideas jumble up in her head, I help her head clear up. Having a clear head is my specialty.

1. Mom also loves other blogs besides ours.  She likes getting to know other pets, other writers, other humans, other ideas, and other points of view.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo