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Countdown Wednesday

Is it Wednesday, already? Nope. But I’m counting down anyway.  Here goes!

 My 3 favorite toys.

3. My new two-face toy. It’s a cow on one side and a pig on the other. Two faces to bite, shake, and love.

2. A stuffed, cloth stick. I’m not allowed to pick up real branches (or goose poop or chicken bones) outside , so the stuffed stick is the next best thing.

1. The hard ball I found in the baseball field. Mom bleached it, scrubbed it with Brillo, and soaked it in hot water. It doesn’t LOOK clean, but trust me – it is. Sometimes I think I can still taste the Brillo.

I don’t want to leave Mom out, so she will count down for Countdown Wednesday, too. 

Mom’s 3 favorite books

3. Trumpet of the Swan. Mom read it to her class every year for a looong time. It’s full of surprises and there’s a lot to learn in there, too.

2. All About Sam. Mom read this to her classes, too.  She loved making funny baby voices when Sam talked.

1. Keep Your Ear on the Ball. MOM WROTE IT! It was her first book ever to be published. She loves reading it and talking about it whenever she visits a school.

Fairy Tale

It’s the royal wedding today.  Mom has been glued to the TV all morning.  When we went for our walk, she said, “Hurry up — I’m missing it.” and “We’re not out here sightseeing.”  Really?  Because usually I AM out there sightseeing! 

The wedding is like a fairy tale dream come true.  Princes, princesses, palaces, parades, and parties.  Personally, I prefer treats, toys, tummy tickling, and taking a walk.  That’s a dream come true for me.

Mom wrote a fairy tale once.  It’s called The Monster and Princess Kaitlyn.  She hopes it gets published someday soon. Here’s how it starts…

           Once upon a time, there was a princess named Kaitlyn.  She lived in a palace with 500 rooms; 200 servants; her mom, the queen; her dad, the king; a cat named Butterbean; and a monster that lived under her bed.

            Sometimes, late at night, the monster crawled out and got into mischief.  One night, the monster ate coconut cookies from the royal cookie jar, she pulled Butterbean’s royal tail, and she played with Kaitlyn’s toys and didn’t even put them back into the royal toy box.  The king and queen awoke to find coconut cookie crumbs all over the kitchen, blocks, dolls, trucks, and teddy bears all over the playroom, and a freaked-out cat on top of the royal refrigerator. 

Mom says when her fairy tale gets published, she will go to schools for author visits and wear a tiara.  I guess she thinks that will be fun.  Newsflash — It’s NOT fun for me!


I know — Today is not Tuesday.  It’s Wednesday.  But Mom took my picture on Tuesday, so that should count for something!  I think I look adorable by the tulips at the park.  Mom said it was lucky we took the picture BEFORE I walked around in the mud. All the tulips in the world wouldn’t make me look cute after that!

I thought it was lucky that we went to the park at all.  Mom has been busy working hard on one of her stories.  She went to a writing conference and then met with her critique partner, so she has a lot to think about.   Sometimes she ignores me because of too much thinking.  Then, I get bored.  I can make her stop thinking when I bark out the window at the dog across the street, and she has to stop thinking when I fall asleep on the remote control and TV channels start changing themselves.  She says, “Can’t you be good?” and “I’m trying to revise, here.”

When she says that, I run to the cookie jar and wait for a treat.  I don’t know what revising means, but in case it means a MilkBone, I want to be ready.

Inspirational Quote of the Week

A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God.

~Sidney Sheldon~

 Paper – yum!  Paper is one of my favorite foods.  I like to eat it, every chance I get.  Sometimes, when nobody is home, the Office Man puts the rent bill under the door.  I rip it open and eat the tastiest parts.  Delicious!

 When Mom sees the scraps, she says, “Wha-Wha-What happened here??” and “Does this mean I don’t have to pay the rent?”  Then she laughs and laughs while she cleans up the mess.

 Most of the time, Mom doesn’t do her writing work on paper.  She says she starts out “mind-writing” till she has a lot of ideas.  She stirs the ideas up inside her head until they seem like a story.  Sometimes, it’s about me!

 After she mind-writes, she does her writing work on her laptop, her iPad, and sometimes on her phone.  I’ve never tried to eat them, but they look interesting.  Someday, I may rip the iPad open and taste the yummy parts inside.  I wonder if that will make Mom laugh….


Yesterday, Mom was gone all morning.  She went to visit some kids at Hawthorne Christian Academy.   She read to them and talked to them about being an author.  Isn’t that usually MY job?

When she finally came home she was really happy.  She said the kids were “adorable – so smart and so enthusiastic and they LOVED learning new things.”  What about me?  I used to be the adorable one around here!  I love to learn new things (sometimes).

Mom said their teachers Ms. Tortorello and Ms. Mulford are “a couple of the cool teachers.”  They make rockets with the kids, enter tons of contests which they WIN, they have parties, and do all kinds of fun projects.  What about me?  I used to be the cool one around here!  I entered some contests (which I lost).

Mom said the school was “beautiful and state of the art.”  It was modern – with great technology, lots of space, colors, decorations, and windows.  What about me?  I used to be the beautiful one around here!  I have colors all over me (especially on my face – and on my Easter dress).

Ms. Tortorello gave Mom a gift.  It’s a giant praying mantis.  Mom says she has to be careful with it because it’s delicate.  She says it’s “awesome, and will bring good luck.”  What about me?  I used to be the lucky charm around here!  Hmmmm….

I started to wonder if Mom still loved me, or if I was losing my magic.  Then we took a walk to look for my friend Lila.  When we came home, Mom gave me treats, threw my stuffed lizard around, let me lick some yogurt from the bottom of her cup, and then we cuddled on the couch.  Mom said, “Cupcake you are adorable.”

ADORABLE! I’m back!

I hope I don’t get into any trouble and ruin everything…..

Inspirational Quote of the Week

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

-Stephen Covey-

Simple.  For me, there are two main things: playing with toys and eating treats.  I have no trouble KEEPING them the main things.  In between naps and walks, I play and eat and play and eat and eat and play and eat. 

Mom says her main thing is having lots and LOTS of books published.  That’s why she works on stories and poems every day.  She feels sad for writers who are one-book-wonder authors.  Mom says, “Soon, one of my books will be in the right place at the right time.” and “Get that stuffed crocodile off my lap.  I’m busy, here!”

Really?  Well, I’m busy too.  Keeping the main thing the main thing….




Tonight, I’m working at the library.  It’s Read-to-a-Pet-Night and guess who the pet is… ME!  I know I’ll have a wonderful time, because I love the library.  Somehow, libraries manage to be peaceful, but exciting, and full of learning, but full of fun.

It’ll be great to meet all the kids and listen to all the stories they read to me.  I hope some of them pick books about dogs, but I also like books about princesses, teddy bears, frogs, and racing cars.  If anybody picks a book about cats or construction vehicles, I’ll listen politely because it’s my job, but I will NOT like it.

Mom will have a wonderful time, too.  She enjoys holding me on her lap and talking to kids at the library.  She likes listening to dog stories, just like me.  She also likes books about swans, friends, school, and ballerinas.  She doesn’t mind cat stories or books about construction vehicles, but she does not like history or math. 

Sometimes, Mom gets jealous at the library.  She thinks her unpublished books are just as good as the published books on the shelves.  She says, “There’s ten minutes I’ll never get back….” and “How did THAT ever get published?” It doesn’t make her sad; it makes her work harder at her writing.  Working hard is good for her (and even better for me!). She’ll get ideas, type on the computer, and then ROAD TRIP!  We’ll take a ride in the car to the mailbox.  I like when she works hard.

Now, all I have to do is decide which dress to wear to the library tonight….

Inspirational Quote of the Week

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. 

The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

–Thomas Edison–

Thomas Edison was smart.  He invented a thousand things.  One of them was light bulbs, which I LOVE.  When the lights are on, it means: playing with toys, eating treats, stealing gum from Mom’s pocketbook, and jumping on and off the couch a hundred times to check if my friend, Lila is walking by outside.   Sometimes Mom says, “The lights are on, but nobody’s home,” about me.  I don’t know why she says that. 

When the lights are off, it means: bedtime – no treats, no gum, and no Lila.  I am allowed to bring one toy to bed, but Mom won’t throw it, and she won’t let me shake it till I get dizzy.  Totally missing the point of the toy! When the lights are off, she says, “Go to sleep.  Tomorrow you can play again.”  I LOVE tomorrow!

Thomas Edison never gave up.  Mom says she is persistant like that, too.  She hasn’t invented a thousand things, but she says she might have received a thousand rejection letters.  She stopped counting after 200.  Despite that, she writes and writes and never stops.  She says, “I’ll never give up.”  I’m not sure I believe her.  About a thousand times a day, when I am not being a good girl, Mom says, “Ugh. I GIVE UP!” 

She’s no Thomas Edison!


I hate the mailman.  He comes to my house almost every single day.  I bark and growl, and throw myself against the front door the minute I hear him.  I don’t like his bag or his ring of mailbox keys or the way he says, “Calm down in there, Cupcake.”  

Mom says, “What’s all the noise?” and “When will your tiny brain learn that the mailman is not your enemy?” 

She LOVES the mailman.  She says he might be bringing us “good news.”  Unless good news is code for a-toy-that-she-ordered-online, I don’t care about it.  She talks to the mailman in the hallway for a while, and then comes inside with a pile of stuff that is usually NOT a-toy-that-she-ordered-online.  She looks through the mailman things and says the words, “Bills. Ugh.”  and,  “Catalogues. Hmmm.” and once in a while, “Contract! Yay!”

Today, she finally agreed with me.  She looked through her mailman things and said, “Rejection. Bummer.  I HATE the mailman.”


St. Patrick’s Day!

Top o’ the mornin’ everybody.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  That means I have to wear my green dress and be in a parade.  I was waiting by the door, but Mom said, “No, silly.  You already walked in the parade on Sunday, with all your TheraPet friends.  No more parade for you!”  So, OK, why am I wearing the dress again?!

…I’m confused.

Mom is confused, too.  It’s about the poetry collection.  She picked some poems for the section called, “Out There” and some for the section called “In Here,” but then she got confused.  I know that because she started that mumbling thing that she does, and then said, “I need more coffee.”  I love when she says that.  It means I get to lick the spoon.  Mom says, “Not too much coffee for you.” and “You’re hyper enough already.”  I love coffee.

The coffee helped Mom think, ….I think.  She said, “Hmmm.  Lots of “Out There” stuff, but not enough “In Here” stuff. ”  I ran to the door again, because “Out There” is my FAVORITE place.  She’s in the dining room counting, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,” and then “1, 2, 3, 4.”  I’ll wait here till she finishes saying the numbers over and over.  Then, I’m pretty sure we’re going Out There.  Maybe she’ll change her mind and take me to the parade again!