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Last week, we reached 10,000 views on our blog. I’m not much with the math, but 10,000 seems like a lot, seeing as how Mom only lets me post once or twice a week. I am excited that so many people and pets wanted to see what we were up to.

Of course, about 9,000 of the views were probably Mom, looking for mistakes and reading comments and stuff. She is my biggest fan. I am her biggest fan, too!


A long time ago, Mom got a fan letter from a little girl who read one of her poems in Spider Magazine. The little girl said that Mom’s poem made her laugh.

fan letter

I’d like to say Mom was excited about the fan letter, but excited doesn’t even begin to express how she felt. That letter was her favorite piece of mail of her life, until she got the contract for her first book years and years later.

Even though Mom’s book had a ton of good reviews and won The Moonbeam Award, she has never received a fan letter from any of her readers. She has lots of thank you letters from the kids at the schools she visited…

notes2 notes1

….but no fan letters.

If I could write, I’d send her one, but paws aren’t much good with a pencil.


Thanks to all my fans for visiting Cupcake Speaks. Every Visit, every Comment, and every Like feels like a fan letter to me!! xoxo



This is my new bandana which Mom picked out at Mollie’s blog.  I think I look adorable and Christmas-sy in it. 

I also have a couple of awards to say thank you for today. 

Thanks to Easy for the Super Sweet Award.  He definitely got it right.  I AM super sweet… except when I’m not….  See my super sweet answers here and help yourself to the award if you’re sweet most of the time.


Thanks to AngelsWhisper for the Seven Things About Me Award. 

seven things award

For this award, I need to tell 7 things about myself, which I love to do. I will also invite anyone who likes telling about themselves to take this award and tell us about yourself.

1. I am part Jack Russell and part something else.  Mom thinks I might be part monkey because of my long monkey tail.

2. I love treats.  My new favorite is called Gooberlicious. It’s not what you think.  They look and taste like peanuts. Yum.


3. I love stuffed animals, but not the mechanical ones.  I think mechanical toys are evil, and I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me.

hamster ball

4. I help Mom with her writing a lot.  I take her to the park and for rides in the car so she can get ideas. I bring toys to her while she’s working, so she can get up and play with me and not sit still too long.


5. I want Mom to write a book about me so I can go to school visits with her. I know how to behave… except when I don’t…

6. After I eat my food every day, I try to eat my bowl.  That’s just how delicious my food is!!


7. I love to wear dresses.


Countdown Wednesday

Since Mom is working on an idea challenge, today we’re counting down ways to get ideas.

 How I Get Ideas 

3. The window – I get ideas from looking out the window.  Mostly, the things I see out there scare me, but sometimes, I just need a closer look.

2. My toybox – I see lots of fun things to play with in there, but I haven’t figured out that I can stick my head in and pull out any toy I like.  I always wait for Mom to pick them up one by one and say, “What about this one?”  and “What about this one?!” and “What about THIS ONE???!!!”

1. Smells – When I smell treats or my dinner or Mom’s dinner, I get ideas about putting on my good girl face and sitting and giving my paw and dancing if necessary. I’ll do pretty much anything for food. 

How Mom Gets Ideas

3. The park and the neighborhood  – I love kids.  We watch kids at the playground and in the field. How they play (or don’t play) gives Mom ideas.

2. School – Whenever Mom visits a school to talk about being a writer or to visit one of her student teachers, she gets ideas.  Sometimes, she also gets a head cold when too many kids cough and sneeze on her.

1. Blogs – Mom reads a lot of blogs. Some are about dogs and cats and hamsters and guinea pigs and families and art and photography. But some are about being a writer.  She gets lots of ideas when she reads tips and talk from other writers.

Ideas are fun, unless they scare you.

Countdown Wednesday

Today, we’re counting down the most fun things about doing author visits.

My Favorite Things About Author Visits

3. When Mom works on her PowerPoint for a long time. Uh… Wait a minute. No.  That’s NOT fun. It’s boring for me!

2. Packing up all the things Mom needs for author show and tell. Hmmm… Hold it. That’s not fun either, because of, “Get your nosy, little head out of that bag.”

1. Watching Mom leave. OMG! NO! That is the least fun of all.  Why can’t I come?

Mom’s Favorite Things About Author Visits.

3. Getting ready – reviewing the PowerPoint, picking out what to wear, and packing up all the stuff for author show and tell.

2. Seeing new schools in new places.  Mom says, “School is such a magical place.” and “Each school has its own special climate and personality.” and “Get your nosy, little head out of that bag!”

1. Talking to people who like to read and write.  Kids sometimes ask funny questions, that make Mom laugh. Grown-ups sometimes ask deep questions that make Mom think. And sometimes it’s the other way around!

Here’s my question: Why can’t I come?!

Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat was back again last week.  Mom hung out with him at her old school where she used to be a teacher.  She read stories and poems to some third graders for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. She did not read Cat in the Hat, AND thank goodness she didn’t bring him home with her.  Cats are dangerous.  They could scratch my nose, or I could accidentally chew them like a squeaky toy.

Mom likes reading stories to kids.  She said, “It makes me feel like a teacher again.” and “Those third graders were great listeners and LOTS of fun.” and “Why does this squirrel only have three legs?”

I don’t know why Mom had to go to school to read.  She reads stories out loud to herself all the time around here.  Today, she read one story that she wants to show to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid.  Then she read a story that she wants to send to a publisher.  Then she read another story that she is entering in a contest.  Stories, stories, stories!

In a couple of weeks, Mom will go to visit some kids and librarians at a middle school.  I will look out the window with my sad face on and watch her leave.  She will talk about being an author AND read them stories! Soon after that, she will go to visit some 5th graders, and guess what she’ll do there. Read stories AGAIN!   

I can’t wait till Mom’s story about me gets published.  Then I will not watch sadly out the window.  I will go with her and we will read stories to the kids together.

Back to School!

It’s back-to-school time. Everybody is talking about it. I don’t know why I have to go back to school! I already learned everything Mr. Clark taught me! I heel, sit, stay, down, and come. I also leave it, jump up, give my paw, and bring it. Isn’t that enough? I’m a DOG! The only thing I can’t do is fetch. ….Uh-oh. I hope it’s not back-to-Fetching-School time. I can’t cut it if they start saying, “Fetch it.” It just confuses me too much. 

Mom said, “I can feel fall in the air.” and “It’s back-to-school time.” and “Why are you hiding?”

 When kids are back to school, Mom will go to visit them and have Author Talks with them. That’s when she talks about being a writer. She tells the kids how she gets ideas for books and how ideas can become stories. She also reads her book to them and answers lots and lots of questions.

Mom is always happy when she goes to an Author Talk. When she gets her stuff ready to go, she says, “I feel like a teacher again!” and “Kids are fun.” and “Get your head out of my computer bag!”

 When Mom and the kids go back to school, I will stay home and be a good girl and try not to be too sad or lonely (or naughty). Anything beats Fetching School! Yikes.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Blast off!!” 

That’s what my 5th grade friends said, over and over at the HCA Rocket Launch. Then – Whooosh! – a trail of smoke streaked up to the sky. And – Pop!- a little red parachute appeared. And – Slowly, slowly, slowly – down floated the rockets, one after another. Every single blast-off made me shiver a little, but I LOVED it! 

Mom said when she writes a new story, it’s like building a rocket.  You get it started and then keep working on it till it’s the best it can be.  Stories sitting inside the computer are like the rockets sitting inside the 5th grade classroom (waiting for the rain to stop) – tons of fun to make, but if you don’t launch them, they’ll never go anywhere.  Submitting them is the blast-off. 

Mom says, “Get in the car.” I don’t do it the first time she says it, of course. I wait till she throws a treat into the back seat. Then I hop in, and we drive to the mailbox. Mom says, “3, 2, 1, blast off.” I wait for the smoke trail and the shivery-whooshy noise and the pop. The mailbox squeaks, and I think that’s it, but even without the smoke or the noise, Mom shivers just a little. I do too. 

When she gets back in the car, Mom says, “It’s on its way” and “This one feels lucky.” and “Did you take the gum out of my pocketbook again!?” 

Mom always hopes that her stories don’t slowly, slowly slowly come back rejected. Personally, I kind of enjoy those little red parachutes. So don’t tell Mom, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few float back.


Not Tuesday?  I know.  I’m just as adorable every day of the week, so whatever.

I could go on and on, like I sometimes do, but not today.  Today I only have 2 words to say…

Rocket ships?  Rained out.  What a bummer.

Not 2 words? I know.  I’m just as adorable no matter how many words I say, so….


I believe in sharing. I share my bed with Mom every night. She actually thinks it’s her bed, but I know better. I think Mom should share all of her food with me, but she says, “Get off that chair!” and “Get away from the table!” and “Why does your breath smell like sauerkraut?”

Except for the food, Mom understands about sharing. She shares ideas. Every couple of weeks, she meets up with her writing group. The name of her group is David. They read stories to each other and talk about what’s so good about them and what needs work. After they talk, the stories get better. I think stories get better when there’s a dog in them. Dogs are fun and funny and cute and adorable and silly and smart and tricky and mysterious and… Ugh. I just gave my tiny brain a headache.

Back to sharing… Mom also shares her stories with kids. She visits them at school and reads to them and shares writing tips with them. Sometimes the kids say, “When I grow up, I want to be an author.” and “Once I wrote a story about my dog, Peanut Butter.” I hope they ALL have dogs in ALL of their stories. Then they’ll be exciting and surprising and fascinating and important and… Ouch.

One day, my friend Eme came to visit me. She had a delicious sippy cup of milk. I waited nicely because I was sure that she’d want to share it with me when she saw how well-behaved I was.  

It turned out that Eme didn’t completely understand about sharing. But don’t worry. I taught her all she needs to know. 

You’re welcome, Eme.