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We’ve have had some sunshine come into our blog lately!  Look how happy I am…

Yes, that’s my happy face!

First, we received the You Make Me Shine Award from our friend Bassa, our favorite Caucasian Shepherd Dog.  She has a really cool blog and talks about her view of the world in exotic Tbilisi, in The Republic of Georgia.  Thanks, Bassa and Tall Person!  You make me shine, too! 

More shining happiness came from our friend AngelsWhisper who sent us the Sunshine Award.  AngelsWhisper has a couple of snarky cats.  I love snarky, but I don’t love cats.  I do love the comments AngelsWhisper leaves on our blog.  Thanks, AngelsWhisper, you’re fun.  Our Sunshine Award answers are here.

Mom had some sunny things happen, too.  She was featured on the blog of a crafty artist named Autumn, who has a blog and a business called BiblioBags.  Not only did Autumn talk some about Mom, but she also made an awesome purse out of Mom’s book, Keep Your Ear on the Ball.  I hope Mom puts gum in there, soon.  I’m pretty sure I can squeeze my bony little head in and get some.

Mom also sent a story to her new best friends at Rate Your Story, and her story got a score of two.  TWO!  That’s one away from ONE, which is the best score.  Mom loves having a two, because now she can fix up the story a little more, talk about it with her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid, and send it out to some publishers.  Then we can wait for the mailman to bring us a happy letter.  I don’t love the mailman, but I do love happy letters and sunshine.


I think I look adorable when I pose nicely in a pretty dress. For this Take-My-Picture-Tuesday it’s just me – not posing, not dressed up, and possibly not so adorable – but it’s me being me, squiggling around on the couch with a couple of toys.

Mom wrote a story for May of her 12×12 Challenge where she was not her best, dressed-up, posing self.  Yup.  She wrote it from the beginning all the way to the end, and she said, “Eh…” She didn’t love it! That is a surprise because she usually LOVES all of her work.  This one was just OK.   

Mom said, “I have a new idea for my June story.” and “I guess they can’t ALL be my favorite.” and “Smile pretty for the camera…or not…”

Thank You!

A big thank you cuddle to Donna from On The Write Track for mentioning ME in her post today.  I apparently inspired her to inspire other people (and dogs) with her positive, uplifting words about facing adversity and overcoming obstacles while keeping on keeping on.

Here is a bulletin board full of some of the sayings and good luck charms that inspire Mom:

  Here’s what inspires me:

Five Word Friday

Soon, it will be Memorial Day – unofficial start of summer.  So, today, on this non-Friday, my 5 words are about summer.

1. June – June is the 6th month. That means Mom will have written 6 picture books for her 12x12in’12 Challenge. One of them is about a dog named Oliver. Oddly enough, he acts a lot like me, but is named after a dog that Mom met at the dentist office.

2. Sunshine – I love sunshine. When I sit outside with Mom, the sun likes to tickle me. I can feel it running all over my fur!

3. Bugs – When bugs come near me, I try to eat them. I think bugs are delicious. I also think maybe it’s not the sun that runs all over my fur and tickles me….

4. Swimming – I am not allowed to go swimming, and I’m not sure I even know how to swim. But lots of times, Mom and I go to the park and we see turtles and fish and butterflies and dragonflies. Last year, Mom had an idea to write a story about a dragonfly. She still has that idea, but didn’t write the story yet. Maybe she’ll write it in July.

5. July – Independence Day – ‘Nuff said. Summer! Yay! Bring it on.


It’s settled! I am super popular.  The proof is that I was interviewed for a wonderful writer’s blog called Imagine! Create! Write!  The whole interview is ALL ABOUT ME.  I mean, Mom is mentioned here and there, but mostly it’s me, me, ME.  Yay me!

Look how happy I am!

You can read the interview and see pictures of me here —> Blog-erview

Or here —> Interview about me!

Or over in the Blogroll on the right. 

I’ll be practicing my signature in case I need to sign autographs.


She’s doing it. She’s writing about a dragon! And here I am with no toy dragon to tear to pieces to show my strength and bravery! Ugh. This could mean trouble.

Mom is working on her 12×12 manuscript for April. It’s called Dragon Sandwich. One thing I know about this story is: Sandwiches are delicious. I never actually ate one, but sometimes Mom gives me a tiny piece of cheese or a tiny piece of bread or lets me lick the mayo from the butter knife. That’s something like a sandwich, and m-m-m! It is yummy.

Mom is putting the story together like a sandwich. A really big, really high, really stuffed-with-goodies sandwich. It’s not made of cheese and bread and mayo. Instead, it’s got a rude princess, a nervous chef, a friendly dragon, some frightened servants, a castle, and a forest. There are some yucky foods and some yummy foods in the story, plus a lesson, a surprise, and some bacon.

Soon Mom will bring this story to her writing group named DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. They will tell Mom what to change in the story and what to leave the same. Maybe they will tell her to buy me a toy dragon or give me a sandwich.

 Meanwhile, I’ll sit here and look threatening with my squirrel,  in case a dragon is watching.

Well, maybe not “threatening”…..

Lucky Seven – Lucky Me!

Cheryl, one of my blog friends, and one of Mom’s 12×12 friends from the blog Book Nook, has tagged us for the Lucky 7 Meme Award. It’s an award for writers, like Mom (and me).
A meme moves around the Internet and carries people along with it while it grows and changes – kind of like I want my blog to do.  But it sounds a lot like MEAN, which I don’t like, so I will call it the Lucky 7 Award, and that’s it!  I like Lucky better than Mean.
These are the rules to the Lucky 7:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.  (Mom’s stories are all little, like me, so she’s going to page 1.)

2. Go to line 7.

3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

4. Tag 7 other authors to do the same.

Here are 7 sentences from Mom’s story called New Big Sister.  It’s about a little girl who gets a Big Sister from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

“Would you like to take a walk?” Val asked.

I held onto Mom.  “Go ahead, Honey.  Val is your Big Sister, now.”

“What if I get lost?”

“Val will show you the way.  That’s what Big Sisters do,” Mom said.

I hope this meme *shiver* makes this story lucky!!

Seven authors that deserve this Lucky Award are:

A Pen in Neverland

No Water River

On the Write Track

Artist or Author

The Write Routine

 Dear Bliary

Mira Reisberg

Lucky us!





I love my IQ Puzzle!

It has seven little doors that Mom fills with treats.  Then when I’m a good girl she puts it on the floor and I slide each door open and eat the treat inside. After I eat the seven treats, I check the doors again.  Then I triple-check, in case I missed any.  Then I sniff them and they smell like treats, so I check eight more times. 

It’s difficult to know when I am truly finished.  I really get the message when Mom picks up the puzzle and puts it in my toy box.  She says, “Good girl.” and “You are very smart.” and “That’s enough!”  Mom is good at knowing when I’m finished. 

She is finished with her 12×12 story for March.  She said, “It’s finished.” and “I THINK it’s finished.” and “It’s not finished, yet.”  Sometimes “finished” is not as easy as it sounds.  Trust me. I know!

Mom reads the story out loud to herself 50 times, and changes two words.  Then she reads it 50 more times, and cuts three entire paragraphs from the beginning.  Then she reads it again and puts the paragraphs back in.  Finally Mom says, “It’s finished.” and “I THINK it’s finished.” and “I’ll look at it again tomorrow.”

I wish I could put her computer in the toy box.  Then she’ll know that she’s really finished.