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Five Word Friday

Mom has been writing a story a week with Susanna Hill’s Mix ‘N’ Match Mini Challenge. Today’s five words come from her first three stories.

Ball – I don’t care for the toys named Ball. They have a habit of rolling under the couch and then I have to wait for Mom to finish mumbling and get the yardstick and roll them back out. I prefer stuffed animals. They are much friendlier. Plus sometimes they look a little like me.


Mom and I love birthdays because there is cake. Sometimes there are hats and balloons, but I do NOT love them as much as cake. Because…. cake.

Downpour – In a downpour, I wear my raincoat.

I used to be afraid of the rain, then I was afraid of my raincoat. Now I am afraid of wet grass. And puddles. I am not afraid of mud.


Mom writes lots of stories that involve fears of many kinds. I wonder why.

Delicious – Including the five senses is a good way to draw readers into a story. What things look like, feel like, smell like, sound like, and taste like show the audience what is going on in ways they can understand.

I like tasting things – treats, cheese, faces, cookies,

kibbles, chicken, cigar butts, acorns,

the floor, and my paws which may or may not be made of candy.

Dust bunny – FYI – Dust-Bunnies do not look like bunnies at all.

THIS is a bunny!

Around here, they are constructed mostly from my hair. Maybe they should be called Dust-Doggies.


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  1. Happy Barkday. May you have many more. Love from the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

  2. Aw this is such an adorable post 😍

  3. Happy Birthday!!! are ya sure that the dust bunnies look different? but they are edible anyway, right?

    • “Are they edible” is the easiest question in the world. That would be a hard YES every time.

      Love and licks,

  4. You are too cute 🐕 💕 Happy Birthday 🍰 🎂

  5. Dearest Cupcake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are just as adorable NOW as you were then and as you always will be – no matter your age pups are eternally pups. What a beautiful cake you got – I hope you were allowed to bury your little face in it and get icing on your nose! In my house dust bunnies are called dust kitties. Hope your day is AMAZING my little friend.

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Thanks, T. Never fear – when there is a cake in the house, I am ALWAYS included. In case the cake is chocolate, Mom will still squirt some whipped cream on a plate for me so I am a part of the festivities.

      Love and licks,

  6. 🎉🎉🎉Happy 13th Birthday, sweet honey bunny😻🐰We hope you got at least 5 pieces of that delicious cake and treats for your special day, Cupcake. Talking about fear…it moves quickly, doesn’t it…MOL…We love that look-a-like stuffy, no ball can beat that one for sure😸Pawkisses for a Happy Whit Monday Birthday. Enjoy!🐾😽💞

    • That look-alike pup is definitely one of my favorites. I feel like giving him a chew and a shake right now!

      Love and licks,

  7. Carole Schulman said:

    Happy Birthday to my most favorite woofie in the world, EVER. Well, Brownie, Boo-Boo, and especially Jack, whose hair was the same red as mom’s, were Mom’s favorite woofies that she had to love, so she is a bit more leaning toward them as faves. But she counts you right up there with them. And me, I think you are da bomb, Cupcake. Tell your mom that we think this blog could be THE story for your mom to submit with a bit more to add to it. Mom and I LOVED it. We were indeed drawn in and we smiled big all the way through.

  8. Dust doggies fur sure! We can’t believe you’re already 13, C. You look so young. Xena keeps overcoming her fears, too. But then new ones pop up, like poop bags. Xox Lucy and Xena

    • Poop bags! GAH! I never thought to be afraid of them. Now you’ve got me thinking.

      Love and licks,

      • Mommy threw one in my general direction once when I wouldn’t listen to her on a walk. They are really scary when they are heading at you like a missile. *shudder* Now I don’t trust any bag when we’re walking.

  9. Gosh, Cupcake, you and I are the same age! You look good! Stay Well, Stay Active and EaT CAKE! BOOMER

  10. chesterspaniel said:

    Looks like you’re having a great time with those five words! I think I’ll give it a try.
    Ball: every tennis ball in the house is MINE!
    Birthday: We’ve missed too many birthdays with this crummy quarantine!
    Downpour: We had a few of those in the last few days. I love snooping around the wet garden afterwards.
    Delicious: The Yum Yum Coalition Guide Book For Doggie Employment strictly says that you should receive two yum yum delicious doggie treats for every photo session.
    Dust Bunny: My ghostwriter has been eyeing the gigantic dust bunny that just rolled out from under the couch. I think she’s going to call the groomer and see if she can make an emergency appointment for me! Yipes!

    • Oh, bummer, C. Emergency grooming sounds awful. I hope the groomer was booked up – for the next 20 years! I think you are brilliant to watch over your tennis balls. Humans can get pretty grabby when you let them.

      Love and licks,

  11. You have a toy that looks like you?!?! Whoa…you must be some kind of famous, Cupcake. We’re pretty jealous of your look-alike stuffie.
    Your fur-iends,
    Elsa & Stormin’ Norman

  12. It’s always fun to visit and leave with a smile on my face. Such cute pictures. Cupcake, you need to smile more. Loved the rain coat look! Archie would never had allowed me to put him in one.

    • Archie was a dog’s dog for sure. And a smart boy. Mom works hard to change me into a half human/half kitten.

      Love and licks,

  13. Margret Abbott said:

    Dust doggies, cake, because cake, bright red rain coats, paws that might taste like candy and look alike stuffed toys. Cupcake, you are so lucky! PS our My Margret said you made her day! ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bessie Pups

    • Thanks, girls! Your My Margret has a good eye for the good stuff. I’m glad I gave her today’s dose of cuteness…

      Love and licks,

  14. You are the cutest bunny ever! Cake. Good. Cigarette butts. Bad! You should be afraid of those. 🚬🚫🤢

  15. CAKE! The five senses are always interesting. Cupcake, you are always interesting and a cutie with your bunny ears! Your stuffie is almost as cute as you! Good Morning, Cupcake and Mom!

    • Good morning, Pix! Cake deserves ALL the 5 senses – maybe SIX when I can feel Mom thinking about that yummy stuff! #cakepsychic

      Love and licks,

  16. Lulu: “Those are a nice bunch of words, Cupcake, but we like ‘delicious’ the best.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, let’s go back to that one and do some more pictures. And also to cake!”

  17. I thought I left a reply but no I just read it and agreed with you C and said nothing. Balls roll away but Budd likes to chase them so give balls to Budd. I do have a stuffed goose but she says nothing. Very hard to tell where her heads at. One thing us furries and mom agree on is CAKE. We all love it.


    • Thanks, S. I also had a stuffed goose once. I couldn’t get a read on her either. Geese can be wily.

      Love and licks,

  18. Carole Schulman said:

    Cupcake, thanks for that comment today. That was just a great comment! My mom is still smiling!!

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