Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

“Write like nobody’s watching because – nobody’s watching.”
~Dan Brown~

Nobody is ever watching when Mom works on a story. She watches the words come onto the screen and she tells them to herself out loud and then she plays around with them till they make a story. Nobody’s watching. Except me.

When she finishes her stories, her online critique friends will look at them and tell ideas to make them better. But even they don’t watch. They say what they say and Mom decides what to do in the end. Nobody’s watching. Except me.

All day long and for some of the night, too, I watch.

Sometimes, Mom says I am a creeper or a stalker.

Who? Me?

The truth is – SHE is the creeper. Now that we are quarantined and doing our part to stay home and flatten the curve, Mom has become obsessed with me.

She takes me for walks around the neighborhood,

homeschools me with my IQ Puzzle,

I smell Cheerios!

teaches me tricks,

Knock them down??? But you just put them up!

practices my skills with me,

Face-and-Paw-Bowling. Who needs a bowling ball?

and barely ever gives me a chance to breathe.

I for one will be more than happy when coronavirus goes away and Mom can get back to being busy and I can get back to nobody watching – except me.

Comments on: "Inspirational Quote of the Week" (41)

  1. we like that quote… and it often is true… but we look at JK Rowling, after no one was watching, the whole world is watching now ;O)

  2. Now we’re watching you, Cupcake…MOL…and doesn’t it feel good…I mean, not that we watch you, but that your mom is getting obsessed with you…I think that means more quality time and more treats🙏😹Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Monday. Stay Safe, Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞

    • Thanks, Little B. It does feel good when Mom pays attention to me – except when I want to take a 9 hour nap. Then I hear a lot of, “Why are you so pretty?” I JUST AM! and “Are you tired?” YES!

      Love and licks,

  3. Know what Cupcake? It’s kinda nice to have a Mom who’s obsessed with us – we just might get a few extra treats AND extra walks…..nothing wrong with that right? I bet you enjoy watching – I’ve been keeping a close eye on my humans too – they are rather boring but I’m keeping them as happy as I can. It’s our job.

    Hugs, Teddy

    • You know it, T. There’s no downside to being the center of attention. Except when it’s nap time. That can get sticky.

      Love and licks,

  4. Carole Schulman said:

    Cupcake you brightened my stay-at-home- day, darling girl. And you look adorable I might add. I love seeing you in your outfits. Your mom showed us the evidence of your watching and being on patrol. That is, of course (and she knows this) your job. Seeing those bright clever eyes looking for interesting things is a treat to us here in the CB. Especially when we get to see your outfits. I wonder if YOU too would benefit having a tunnel!? I bet you could fit in one. And if so….come on over. I think you might be able to settle UTB with me if I ask politely.

    • Thanks, KI. Mostly, I have been wearing jammies each day because they help my shedding furs to stay off the floor. When Mom is home all day, it helps her not to vacuum 18 times.

      Love and licks,

  5. Wow, to have your Mom play games with you all day! You’re in heaven, C! We love your ding trick. I would be dinging it all day!! XOX Xena

  6. This post tickled me this morning! Keep watching your Mom, Cupcake… take care of each other. We are doing walks around the neighborhood. We are also doing our best to flatten the curve! It can’t come soon enough.

  7. I’ll be glad when that virus goes away also…I am tired of it all already

  8. Cupcake, it looks like you all are having fun in your house!

  9. hehe…your mom is busy giving you attention. It may be a tad over the top but you’re doing your job during the virus by keeping mom busy.


  10. chesterspaniel said:

    I’m keeping an eye on my peeps. I’m sure they will get through these crazy times with no problems. Stay safe!

  11. Our Mum is happy that she has us, Cupcake, because with two orange pups she gets to walk outside two times as often! And we’re happy, too, that Mum and Dad are home all the time with us, and even our older two-legged brother is staying with us, taking online classes at school. Now if we can just get Mum back to writing more stories, about puppies, of course! Stay healthy! your friends, the Two Orange Pups

    • You have quite the full house of humans, Orange Pups! That can only mean one thing – lots and lots of cuddles, kisses, walks, and treats. That’s one right…? I don’t really do math very well.

      Love and licks,

  12. I love Cupcake’s IQ tests — so cool. Now I know how they train dogs that appear on America’s Got Talent. Their noses are their IQ. Stay safe Mom!

    • Thanks, P. Mom does lots of crazy nose practice with me. She says the word “find it.” Then my nose helps me. And if it doesn’t, I just stare at Mom till she helps me. You stay safe, too!

      Love and licks,

  13. Loving your cabin fever games. Looks like fun.

  14. In our case, it’s good no one is watching…makes for better mischief. Keep your eye on your mum, Cupcake.

  15. Looks like you two are keeping each other busy, Cupcake! I have a feeling you like it when no one is watching YOU! 🙂

    • So true, S. When no one is watching, I can lick the floor, sniff the trash can, bite my paws like they are made of candy, and best of all – FINALLY get a solid nap!

      Love and licks,

  16. Lulu: “It sounds like you are yet another indirect victim of the coronavirus, Cupcake!”

    • I am, Lu. I’m the luckiest kind of victim, tho. Stuck inside with Mom, playing and cuddling. Prayers that this is done soon, anyway.

  17. I bet it’s pretty nice to have mom around all day long! You’re amazing Cupcake! That dinging bell trick is awesome 😀 xoK

  18. M. K. Clinton said:

    I can’t write with people around but the boys are always close by.

  19. M. K. Clinton said:

    We feel your pain! It is time for things to get back to normal around here too.

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  21. sahlasah said:

    Nice 💚💛

  22. Thank you for sharing!

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