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Vote for me! — UPDATE

Some of you may have watched the show TMZ on TV and already know that I didn’t win the final Best in Show video competition. I am happy to have the consolation prize for finalists which is $500. Woot!

Today, Mom and I went shopping at Petco to spend some of my winnings. I got a new hoodie, a teddy bear, a cookie shaped like an ice cream cone, and some chicken flavored toothpaste. Yup. That’s worth $500. I’m sure Mom wouldn’t embezzle any of my money….. But just in case, I’m keeping an eye open for a new iPad, shiny new boots, or anything cashmere.





Hi Blogville friends!

Hollywood has finally recognized me for the talented doggie that I am. I’m a finalist in the TMZ Best in Show Challenge. If you have a minute (It actually takes less than a minute), click the link, pop onto the website, and vote for me! Thanks!


Click here to vote for Cupcake! Ballerina Doggie.


Comments on: "Vote for me! — UPDATE" (25)

  1. We always knew you were a star! You definitely got our vote.

  2. Awww, you mean I can only vote ONCE? Okay, I did, Cupcake, but I think you’re already a winner…PAWS DOWN!

  3. Hi Cupcake. You looked very cute! My Dad voted for you (on my instruction). Woof! Ray.

  4. Done ✅
    About 25 times and counting. ❤️

  5. Voted for you Cupcake, you’re getting lots of great comments in the tmz comments section 😘🐶💕🍵🎂

  6. I voted! I gots my paws crossed for you Cupcake!

  7. I voted. Good luck, Cupcake!

  8. I voted Cupcake… a very sweet videeoh!

  9. we voted and we hope you will be the winner on the stage !!!

  10. Done! Beautiful ballerina ❤ Good Luck Pawkisses🐾😽💞

  11. Good luck Cupcake! We voted for you and you look amazing in your purple ballerina tutu and crown. YAY!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. Yes, we voted for you!!! The most adorable ballerina ever: Margot Fonteyn eat your heart out! Xoxox Johanna and Charley

  13. Cupcake, I can’t wait to get there and vote early and often!!! XXXX

  14. I voted! Good luck and all paws are crossed.

  15. I voted earlier. Good luck, Cupcake!

  16. I hope you win, Cupcake! You’re so beautiful in your video. 🙂

  17. We voted, though it looks like maybe we were late to the party. It’s cool to know someone so FAMOUS!

  18. You was robbed, Cupcake! You were the best by far and had the best outfit and music as well. Being a finalist is really cool. Superstar! Lady Caroline

  19. I’m sorry. I missed the deadline. I did think that was a great performance, Cupcake.

  20. Charlee: “Wow, congratulations, Cupcake!”
    Chaplin: “Sorry we were too late to help you win, but $500 is a pretty good consolation prize!”
    Charlee: “And all that stuff your mom bought you sounds very, very expensive, so don’t worry about that whole embezzlement thing.”
    Chaplin: “Really? It doesn’t sound that―”
    Charlee: “Yes, VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.” *smacks Chaplin*

  21. Cupcake! What a HAUL!!!

    Katie Isabella

  22. You will be always a number one for us, Cupcake🥇🏆Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞

  23. Wow! Congratulations! It’s brilliant Cupcake. You did sooooooo well. We are very proud of you.
    Monty and Chicken ❤️🍾❤️

  24. M. K. Clinton said:

    That is soooooo cool! We had no idea about the contest or we would have voted too. Congratulations on your big prize money!

  25. Wow Cupcake! That is so awesome! I think you should have won though because you are just so gorgeous! That sure is a lot of money and I love everything that you bought. That chicken flavored toothpaste does taste yummy, doesn’t it? I think you would definitely enjoy a new iPad and you look great in cashmere. 😀

    I just loved the video of you dancing like a ballerina! Mom just said: Ooh and Aah, and ‘she is just so cute!’ I totally agree with her. 😀

    You are a little star Cupcake! Mom should also get a prize for all her awesome photos of you. 😀 😘💕

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