Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Five Word Friday


Today’s 5 words are from a story Mom is writing for the January 12×12 Challenge. The story isn’t finished, yet, but each day it gets closer to the end. In the 12×12 Challenge, she will be writing a story a month for the whole year!

16. Ladybug – I have never tasted a ladybug. But once, I ate a butterfly. It didn’t taste as good as it looked, but I ate it anyway. One day when Mom and I were hiking, a butterfly landed on my back. I didn’t eat that one, but he looked delicious.

42. Sidewalk – Our sidewalks are covered with rock salt. It was put there to fight off the 18 snowflakes that fell the other day.

Mom is threatening to put my boots on to protect my delicate, little feet. So far, she hasn’t done it. She’s settling for scrubbing them clean as soon as I come back inside.

Totally unnecessary!

9. Tiny – Sometimes, Mom writes tiny 100- or 200-word stories for magazines. Lately, none of them has been picked up, but they are still fun to write. One really tiny one was rejected yesterday, in fact, so things are going along as usual.

Sometimes, I am very tiny…

87. Flying – Mom is flying through her Storystorm Challenge this month. She has to make a list of 30 picture book ideas in 31 days. And guess what – she already HAS 30 ideas! All the rest of the days and ideas are just gravy. (Mmmmm… gravy…) Each day, she reads a blog post and it helps her get an idea. Or two. Or six.

33. Legs – Mom keeps her writing-legs in shape by practicing. She reads, writes, revises, edits, submits, and critiques. Her writing-legs stay strong, so when Book #2 comes along she will be ready to run with it. I keep my doggie-legs strong by running, sliding, climbing, begging, and jumping a lot.

Mom worries that my fat little meatloaf body will get too big for my skinny, stick legs. She weighs me every week to check for fatness.

23.5 – Not bad…

Sometimes, I am put on treat restriction.

24! Blerg!

Snow pea? Seriously??




Comments on: "Five Word Friday" (43)

  1. Oh how i love your blog Cupcake! Reading about your antics is pure joy & provides much laughter, your mom is a brilliant writer! Now excuse me, I’m still chuckling over your “fat little meatloaf body” being weighed for “fatness” 😂 What a charming read, bless you & your mumma ❤💚💜

    • Thanks, N. Mom and I do need all the blessings we can get. Blessings are the best! Paws crossed that they help get me off treat restriction! GAH!

      Love and licks,

  2. your mama is super great…30 ideas, wow!!! we agree with that butterfly… a snail looks ugly but it’s tasty…at least for french pups ;O)

    • So smart, P. Snails and butterflies are the opposite of each other. Mom and I have never eaten snails. I’d be up for it if I ever got the opportunity.

      Love and licks,

  3. After the holidays, we are all on treat restriction, C.
    Try ants, they are yummy. Xena
    You look very handsome in your boots and coat, Cupcake. Lucy

  4. Carole Schulman said:

    YOU look totes adorable in your boots. And RED ones to boot! (sorry..had to say that). And better to let the butterflies carry on, Cupcake. The world needs some beauty along with yours. 💗 Meatloaf body applies to my mommy though I cannot say that to her. She’ll never see that comment here as she doesn’t get around much. Besides, she said I look like a basketball with four sticks. She deserved my little harmless comment here!
    XOX Katie Isabella

    • BASKETBALL! Yikes! Your meatloaf mama is really being harsh saying that about you, KI. I’m sure she means it in the best way possible. I mean, who doesn’t love a basketball. It’s a ball after all… Also, who doesn’t love meatloaf!!? Am I right? It’s delicious!

      Love and licks,

  5. Awwww Cupcake…..I know you hate those boots but they do look cute on you – Red is a good color for you!! I have a tough time thinking of your little self as a meatloaf though – you know CATS have “meatloaf” position with our paws tucked in and THAT looks like a meatloaf but you really are just plain ADORABLE all the time. As for your Mom and her stories – I’m sure she will find a home for them AND same for getting the next book published. With you as her lucky charm she can’t miss!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Thanks, T. I have seen pictures of cat’s “loafing.” I didn’t think it was a meatloaf. I thought it was a loaf of bread. Either way, they’re both yummy when I eat them and adorable when I see them.

      Love and licks,

  6. My Mom tells me I look like a sausage! A SAUSAGE!!! Come on Mom…maybe meatloaf is much better. And I get starvation food when she starts saying that. I have to stay around 40-42 pounds or outcomes a tsp of food for lunch! SHISH! Boomer

  7. My dogs totally agree with the offensive snow pea. Yuck! I hope normal treats return quickly!

    • Thanks, K. I’m hoping the same. Snow pea. Ugh! I chewed it and spit it out as soon as I realized a snow pea is NOT CHEESE!

      Love and licks,

  8. Writing legs. Run with it. I get it. Funny. Yes. You heard me. Funny! So what’s wrong with these dopes sending rejection letters. No sense of humor?!??
    Treat restrictions?!? Really? I thought I was the only one. 😖🍰🍦🍔🍟🥯🍕

    • I am for sure feeling your treat restriction pain, G. It’s torture. Mom takes a 5 calorie treat and BREAKS IT IN HALF each time. Brutal. Meanwhile, she’s eating giant chunks of coconut layer cake as big as her head every day. WTH? Nuthin’ funny about that!

      Love and licks,

  9. Cupcake, We have salt here, too, but only on the roads, not the sidewalks in the park where we walk. Maybe we didn’t need salt there because we only had 16 snowflakes? The cold weather has made the geese extra productive, though, so Mum keeps dragging us away from the grassy spots and saying things like “don’t eat that!” and “leave it!”
    Your Mom must be a super writer – our Mum has only 23 StoryStorm ideas so far, and 5 of those feature one word: perfect. We think they must be dog stories.
    Your friends, Chili & Sadie

    • Thanks, C and S. 23 story ideas is a LOT! Your mom is way ahead of schedule. She’ll make it with ideas to spare… You are so lucky that your geese are leaving extra goose-candies in the grass for you. Sooner or later your mom will let her guard down and then – SCORE! Enjoy!

      Love and licks,

  10. Your Mom is so busy, Cupcake! I feel like I am spinning my wheels. But I am good with that. I can not believe the SNOW in your header… OhMyGosh! Your Mom is so smart and good to scrub your little footies clean!

    • Thanks, Pix. spinning your wheels sounds like fun. I do that sometimes when I’m trying to run on the wood floors, but I can’t get any traction. Spinning is absolutely necessary and it usually means you’re about to TAKE OFF, so get ready! That’s when Mom says, “OMG. These floors don’t stand a chance.” #whywecanthavenicethings

      Love and licks,

  11. It’s important to look after your paws, Cupcake, it’s awful to have a sore paw.

    Treat restriction, however, is a dreadful idea! Ask for more walks on your healthy paws to keep you at your perfect weight. 😀

  12. Margret Abbott said:

    You and your mom are a wonderful team! Good luck to mom as she participates in the writing challenges. Already having extra ideas is awesome! For what it’s worth we don’t think you look like a walking meatloaf, especially since you can curl up so tiny! ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

    • Awwww…. Thanks, B. You have a good point! A fat little meatloaf can’t curl up into a bagel shape and size. I can. I’m hoping to be back to my fighting weight by my next weigh in on Monday. Then, look out cookies – here I come!

      Love and licks,

  13. Good luck on your monthly writing challenges! You are truly amazing.

    I just heard a TV report about how bad rock salt is for dog’s feet! They urged pet owners to pick other solutions for their sidewalks that are less harsh. You have a great mom. I only wash off Archie’s paws when he wonders into the muddy/soggy yard. I let him out back because there is no salt on our patio or driveway etc. Won’t let Archie see your restricted treat time — he only gets an occasional Teddy Graham.

    • Thanks, P. I’m pretty sure the maintenance guys are trying to kill me with all the salt they throw down. It is very harsh. I want Mom to carry me, but no luck with that idea. Enjoy those Teddy Grahams, A. They’re delicious!

      Love and licks,

  14. LOL, come on Cupcake…snow peas aren’t so bad. Looking forward to seeing your mom’s 12×12 stories.

  15. Your mum has done an excellent job if she already has 30 story ideas. I suggest you ask her to draw up a list of 30 snacks that you could eat instead of insects. Then test each one until you find a new favourite. 😁
    Monty and Chicken 🐾❤️🐾

  16. Carole Schulman said:

    Mommy enjoyed that remark about the snow pea being a scorpion. RIGHTAROONEY!

  17. I am currently reading a book called “Eat Dirt” which says it is healthy to bring a little dirt into the house. 🙂

  18. Charlee: “Treat restriction? A snow pea? Really???”
    Chaplin: “I would eat it.”

    • I did chew it, but then I spit it out. Mom likes when I do that. She says the word, “Gross!” That’s good… Right…??

      Love and licks,

  19. You look always tiny, Cupcake and now I understand why…playing with snow paes cost a lot of energy…I know all about it…MOL😹Good Luck with the 12×12 challenge! Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead🐾😽💞

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