Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

We are not what we think, or what we say, or how we feel. We are what we do.

~Gordon Livingston~

Nailed it, Livingston! What we do matters – waaaay more than all that other stuff.

So when Mom sits down and writes something new or fixes something old or submits something she likes or works with her critique group named LindaVijiJenConnieandOtherJen, she is a straight-up writer.

Me being a straight-up writer.

Sometimes, she sits on the balcony and reads her Kindle.

Sometimes, we go to the park.

Sometimes, she teaches me tricks.

Sit up.

Find the cookie.

Not really a trick, but I just really want to come inside.

Sometimes, we play.

Sometimes, we work as a therapy team.

Did somebody say eggs? And ham?! Yes, please…

Sometimes, we shop.

Sometimes, she leaves me alone like a dog, and reads books at the bookstore which I’m pretty sure is a hop, skip, and a jump from stealing.

Is she a writer then? Well, not a straight-up writer, but still a writer. She says, “I’m getting ideas” and “I need to keep it fresh” and “Staying current is important” and “I’m mind-writing” and “Let’s get moving, weirdo. We’re burning daylight, here!”




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  1. Such a busy pup, Cupcake, and such a busy mother! I’m sure Mom is writing in her head, even when shopping with you. Maybe it’s a story about treats, or new toys! I hope so!

    • Thanks, PT. I could sure wrap my tiny brain around a story about treats and toys… That’s a happy ending from start to finish!

      Love and licks,

  2. “let me in” is sure a trick and you are pretty good with your “open the door now” pose. Your mama is right, you furst need to get ideas with having some adventures or with watching people (boring!) or pets (egg-sactly!). a wise man once said while we read and write about the adventures of others we miss the chance to produce our own. that wise man was a writer too and I wonder how he managed this challenge. either the pawfect multi tasker or he had a ghostwriter ;O)))

  3. How i love your blog dear Cupcake! Your silly antics just make my day, always entertaining & well written, you must get that from your mom 😉😃🐶

    • Thanks, N. Antics are my favorite activity besides cuddling, playing, riding in the car, and eating treats.

      Love and licks,

  4. The park you visit looks a fun place. I hope you didn’t have to wait long at the door!

    • Mom usually lets me in right away, C. Then I want to go out again. Then I want to come in again. Then I want to go out again. Then I want to come in again. Then…. Well, you get the idea.

      Love and licks,

  5. IT’s not easy being us is it Cupcake…..supporting our Moms whatever they do, being CUTE all the time (which for us is kinda easy right?), playing hard, shopping hard, but we just keep going like little energizer bunnies. What would they do without us? I don’t wanna know!

    Happy Monday little Cupcake
    Love, Teddy

    • I don’t wanna know either, T. You’re right about being cute, though. It’s the easiest thing I do all day. It’s a piece of cake. Wait. What? Did somebody say cake? I’m pretty sure I like cake.

      Love and licks,

  6. Not another street nap, Cupcake! We like your tricks. Do you do everything at high speed? Lucy & Xena

    • I can’t resist that hot asphalt, L and X. I do not feel like I am at high speed, but sometimes Mom says the word, “Why are you running?” So maybe sometimes, I am… Who knew?

      Love and licks,

  7. We absolutely are

  8. Oh Cupcake, sure looks like you are enjoying life and that is a good thing. We really like the quote. You all have a fabulous day.

    • Thanks, M. Doggies have the secret of how to enjoy life. We live in the Now. Never look back and never look ahead. Just be a doggie. Now.

      Love and licks,

  9. I hate waiting at the door. I can put myself out, but I have to wait to come in. I so understand that SIGH! Boomer

    • Getting yourself out is huge, B. You have won half the battle. Waiting to come in can be tough. If Mom comes out with me, I will stay out forever. It’s less fun when I’m on the balcony alone.

      Love and licks,

  10. Inspiration comes from all around us. Your mom has some great ideas!

  11. You sure can turn a place upside down when you run after your toys. You and mom are the busiest friends I have! And what you DO is pretty dang cool. 🐶❤️👍🏼

    • Thanks, G. No sense playing if you’re not going to wreck the house. That’s what I always say. Well, I WOULD say it if I weren’t so busy wrecking the house… GAH! I’m caught in a hamster wheel here!

      Love and licks,

  12. MOL…now that’s the way we like it, Cupcake, straight, upright and with a finishing touch of a defense maneuver that you had with Santa Claus…Excellent! Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead 🙂 ❤

  13. Love watching the videeoh of you and your Mom playing… you are all into it and so is your Mom when it comes to being a writer. Your Mom is a writer. I like the idea of her critique group but I would be all knocking knees even if they were gentle with their critiques. I also like the idea of mind writing. I bet your Mom is always zooming with ideas! I enjoyed your street nap picture because it will always crack me up that you do that on a ding dang hot street!!! Gemma is right, you two are BUSY! I need to be that busy instead of sitting on the couch reading blogs!

    • Ha! You are so funny, Pix. Sitting in the big chair reading blogs is always part of Mom’s and my day, too! We are time managers extraordinaire.

      Love and licks,

  14. chesterspaniel said:

    Wow! You sure have a busy life! I’m going to go have a nap!

    (Did you get the squeakers out of those squeaky toys yet?)

    • Ha! No, C. I don’t take the squeakers out of my toys anymore. Mom told me, “Don’t break it.” so many times, I finally figured out what she was talking about. I shake them, but don’t break them!

      Love and licks,

  15. Cupcake…good job wrecking the house while you’re playing! And I agree…no sense in playing if you’re going tp be all delicate and stuffs. Would you believe that at least once a day but long at a time…I play hard too. I jump onto things and whiz off them…skid on rugs and you can see my feet/claw marks all over the carpet through the house where I dug in to corner! Hey..if you’re going to play..make it count. Something to tell the grand kitties about if you only had any. XXX

    • Wild playing is SO much fun. KI. You’re lucky to have carpets to slide and run on. We have wooden floors and Mom says the word, “These floors don’t stand a chance!” Even though she files my nails obsessively, there are always scratches here and there….

      Love and licks,

  16. Cupcake is very playful — I bet playing is his favorite game. That’s all Archie wants to do and chase his squeaky toys. You give him a lot of games that challenge his intelligence — that’s cool! Your house with all of the covers, reminds me of our house.

    • Thanks, P. Mom does let me play my IQ puzzle games a lot. She doesn’t want me to turn dull or become a piece of furniture. Plus my brain is very tiny, so we have to make sure all of it stays active. With all the doggie covers on the furniture, we do laundry a lot… Almost as much as we vacuum!

      Love and licks,

  17. M. K. Clinton said:

    If you write, you are a writer. I brain write all of the time! My phone is full of random notes for books. LOL!

  18. Uh-oh…I think I’m in deep stuff. This has been a week of some serious bad do’s.

  19. hello cupcake its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore mama seems to ware menny hats!!! just like the faymus bartholomew cubbins!!! pee ess my dada sez she sownds like a writer as far as he is konsernd!!! ok bye

  20. I love the things your mom says to you. 🙂

  21. You and your mom are busy and active. I envy you riding around in the cart. You are so lucky C.


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