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Five Word Friday

Today’s five words are about Following Directions.


Good. Sometimes it’s good to follow directions. When Mom made Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, she followed the directions and those swirly beauties came out of the oven smelling and tasting PERFECT!


And yes – she shared!


Ridiculous. Some directions are just plain silly. Somehow, Mom wrestles me into my snow boots before we go outside.


There’s a lot of twisting and a little tumbling and some saying of the word, “Ouch.” and the word, “Stay still.” and the word, “Don’t bite your shoes.”


Neither of us knows exactly how the boots get on my paws, but it certainly isn’t the ridiculous way the directions say to do it.



Helpful. When Mom’s stories are critiqued by her friend or her critique partner or RateYourStory, the suggestions help her make the story better. Following those directions makes sense and they help a “Meh” storyΒ become more of a “Wow” story.


Submitting. When Mom submits a story to a publisher or an agent, she has to follow directions to be sure to do it right. She needs to know how to format her story, whether to send it electronically or hard copy, and of course, there are always directions about what to do (or not to do) after the story is sent.


Behavior. Mom has a billion directions for me to follow when I go to work at Read To A Pet Night. There are directions like, “Don’t pull.” and “No jumping up.” and “Stop licking the books. And the kids. And the chairs. And the floor.”


Following directions…

Apparently it is also bad manners to jump on the heads of the other dogs, knock over a table of books, and steal treats out of Mom’s treat pouch.

Not following directions...

Not following directions…

Some directions just don’t make any sense at all…


…Maybe I’ll just lick her foot… It looks delicious!


Comments on: "Five Word Friday" (57)

  1. I’m still laughing about the directions for those boots! How do you grab a leg with free fingers?
    If only I had a cookie for every time I’ve heard, “Dont’ pull”.

  2. You’re such a fashion statement Cupcake. This post had a few wardrobe changes, all cute on little ol’ you. I don’t always follow directions either. Sometimes it works out ok. I read this quote to another friend today, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too my space”. Who ever wrote that had met you, Your just a little pal. xoxox

  3. Love your coat. I have been making my own dog treats and my lot just love it, ask mom to do the same 😊

    • Lucky dogs! I always want Mom to bake for me. She says she will…. as soon as she starts baking for HERSELF! She does make me frozen yogurt treats in the summer.

      Love and licks,

  4. Oh Cupcake, those boots look so great on you! And yuo walk on them too…my little Russel Brit would let me put them on but then lay on her back, feet up and refused to put get up again untill boots were of again…and Charley starts crying and whining but she loves her coat. And when she wears a coat, her feet never gets cold!!!!! And you know what, rules/directions…whatever you do, you are adorable.

    • Thanks, J. I had to practice a bunch of times in the house before I could really walk in my boots. I was frozen in place at first, and then I started walking slow as a snail. Now I’ve finally got the hang of it!

      Love and licks,

  5. I hope my mom will read this post twice… or better 87 times… she is the girl who can’t follow directions… therefore her cheesecakes are weapons and we often end in the middle of nowhere because she ignores that gps-girl in the car….. and to learn how a MEH-story becomes a WOW-story would be great, then our empty piggybank would be HIS-tory :o)

    • I hope your mom starts listening – especially to the GPS lady. Even when Mom knows her way, she likes the lady to tell her what to do anyway.

      Love and licks,

  6. Oh my Cupcake..the delicately placed fingers in the boot instructions had me on the floor…hahahaah..and i have to say you are just too cute at the Read to a pet night..i would have no problems with the foot licking πŸ™‚ loves Fozziemum xxx

  7. Well Cupcake, I suppose directions ARE important most of the time. Mom says especially when she’s driving somewhere she has to follow directions…..or cooking……that’s impawtant too. I can’t imagine how you could resist licking those pink shoes in that last photo though – they look like cotton candy which is ever so delicious (so they say).

    Hugs, sammy

    • Thanks, S. Mom is mad at you for saying the word cotton candy. That is her favorite food. Now she wants some! The pink boots tasted like snow. And dirt. They were delicious.

      Love and licks,

  8. Feet are not delicious. Cinnamon buns are. Stick with the buns. Good direction to follow. Cute boots, toots! β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΆ

    • Thanks, G. The cinnamon buns are only a distant memory. I can’t wait till Mom makes them again. Next time, when the tube pops open, I won’t run and hide. I’ll stay and beg.

      Love and licks,

  9. The picture of you in the chair.. with your boots… those eyes! OMGosh those cinnamon rolls…….. time for breakfast!

  10. The furry beasts at my house wear the same booties, Cupcake! Watching my moms put them on three dogs to go for a walk is an entertaining affair. Definitely doesn’t go as smoothly as the instructions would indicate. I must say, I think you wear them best!

  11. Those rolls look delicious!! ^_^

    Mummy is drooling!

  12. That photo of you incredulous with the dog boot is too much. I think you got payback by stealing treats though.

  13. You actually have a cool life, Cupcake. I never get to wear boots. I think Mom should get some boots for me. And I would like to go read with other pets!!!

    Linda β™ͺ♫❀

  14. Love your coats and your boots … on you. They won’t look half as good when I wear them, but luckily for me, we live in a much warmer climate, so I get to wear nothing more than my fur.

  15. I agree, Cupcake, bootie directions are ridiculous! I can’t tell you how many times, I have to utter the word, ‘stay!’ to get them on Sam–a several minute process each time. Instead of pushing like a good little fur-toddler, he pulls his feet upward and then looks at me like I’m the goofball one. Sigh. They do however look pretty snazzy on you. πŸ™‚

  16. Natalie Davis said:

    Love the pics of ur dog!:)

  17. Good choice of words. Licking feet sounds good.

  18. Mommy had to shake her head when I got my Pawz and she read those silly directions, too. Ridiculous is definitely one word to describe them!

  19. OMD! Whoever drew up those instructions for your booties has clearly NEVER followed them themselves. BBBBBOL!!!
    Wally & Sammy

  20. Sometimes making up your own directions is so much funner and tastier.

  21. Hahaha there’s no way I’d let anyone put those boots on me!

  22. You are so adorable and incorrigible Cupcake, you are doing a great job of keeping mom on her toes.

  23. I’m cracking up at the directions on those boots. Archie hates a coat. I’d never get those on him, and they’d probably would end up on me. Cute post about direction and discipline.

    • Now THAT would be something to see, P. – YOUR out in the snow wearing Archie’s doggie boots! Be sure to take a selfie of that!

      Love and licks,

  24. Those boots are stylin’, Cupcake! You wear them well πŸ™‚ And I can almost smell those cinnamon rolls! Yum!

  25. Thanks for making my day, C! πŸ˜€

  26. I bet those boots did feel funny on your paws Cupcake. Guess you got used to them. Those directions are hard to follow all the time especially for all of us kitties. Our doggie is very good a following directions. You take care

  27. Is there a cinnamon roll left, Cupcake, Granny wants one..MOL πŸ˜€ Pawkisses for a Happy Day πŸ™‚ ❀

  28. “Neither of us knows exactly how the boots get on my paws, but it certainly isn’t the ridiculous way the directions say to do it.” I imagine this scene as an episode in an action movie. A VERY action-rich action movie.

    • Ha! It is action-rich, K. I’m on the floor, I’m on the chair, I’m upside down. I’m right side up. Mom says curses. My feet turn to pudding. And then they’re on. It’s pretty magical, actually…

      Love and licks,

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