Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!



There would be no point to sending out stories if Mom didn’t believe somebody would love her work and will publish it. She believes like crazy. Part of the fun of setting goals and striving to get better at your craft is believing. She says, “I believe this is one of my best stories yet.” and “I believe this is the one.” and “I don’t believe you can’t find a better place to sit!”


Two pieces of tissue paper. Perfect place to plop down and snoopervise.

Believing doesn’t mean dreaming (not that there’s anything wrong with dreaming), and it doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong. Sometimes things go wrong.


Things that go wrong are called Rejections. They’re also called I’m-Stuck. And Where’s-the-Conflict. And What’s-the-Point-of-This. When these things go wrong, Mom revises, switches to a different project, adds in a new problem for her character, or takes away some paragraphs and starts in a spot that makes the point clear.

Then she sweeps the broken glass off the floor and throws away my tissue paper bed. Go figure.




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  1. Unbelievable indeed!! Loving your new winter coat Miss Cupcake, tre chic!
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Well I believe that your new coat is adorable, and I believe that tissue paper makes a great bed, and I believe your mum will keep believing because she is a determined mum! but throwing your bed out.. unbelievable indeed sweet Cupcake 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

  3. Hi Cupcake! I love your new coat… looks nice and snuggly! I also think that it’s a shame your Mom didn’t let you keep your tissue paper bed – you know I’m BIG on tissue – it’s nice and noisy when you lie down on it and Mom gives me two fresh sheets of tissue every single week so I can snooze on it! My Mom says she knows about “believing”……life would be pretty sad if we didn’t believe in something – most especially ourselves!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. fredrieka said:

    always believe, it is one step forward two steps back butt you get where your going

  5. Yep I thought maybe Sammy had sent you a note about tissue paper! Cupcake your new coat is so stylish and I am thinking very warm. Believing is very important!

  6. A very stylish coat indeed and again a smart Tartan. Believe is one of the most beautiful words in the world, next to Love and Hope and Share. xo Johanna

  7. Loving that coat 😉

    You’re such a style icon!!


  8. I love the way your mom thinks. And you in your coat – WOW! You are so adorable! XOXO – Bacon

  9. Cupcake, you look beautiful in your new coat. Without belief and hope that things will turn out the way you want, there is no point at all! Your mom has it right.

  10. That was very wise , believing is not dreaming, yes! They are related but more like catty second cousins :o) no worries cupcake, only 351 and you will get new tissue papers :o)

    • Yay! Thanks, E. Now I have something to look forward to. I’ll count the days. Wait. I don’t know how to count. I’ll just wait….

      Love and licks,

  11. Excellent advice! And never fear, Cupcake, no doubt there’s a better ‘bed’ for you down the line. 🙂

  12. Dream and believe, but you also mentioned the most important thing – do! Work and effort pay off.

  13. Mom has tons of resolve. 😉
    And quit making such a mess, dogfriend! 😍

    • Thanks, G. Messes are my specialty. I have been practicing messes for 5 years. I’m pretty good at it by now.

      Love and licks,

  14. Love your new coat 🙂

  15. I love the snooppervise bit, it made me laugh.

  16. And I can’t spell snoopervise – Keep believing in you x

  17. With your super snoopervision, Cupcake, Mom is sure to have an unbelievable year!

  18. I believe that your mom is on the right track, but she might have gotten bumped off with the tissue paper. I believe that my Mom Person would be thrilled if I could settle on tissue paper for a bed.

  19. You look gorgeous as usual, Cupcake, and your mom is an inspiration 💖

  20. Cupcake, your Mom has a great attitude. I bet she is very successful. You sure are cute and we like your new coat too. You all have a great day.

  21. Great analogy! 😀 I like your last photo! 😀

  22. katie isabella said:

    Cupcake, you said a mouthful here. Mom and I agree with your mom and we hope those rejections and queries as to the content stop it right NOW or NO treats for them!!!

  23. Haha – sometimes the method to fix something doesn’t always make sense! …but, you gotta do it!

    Monty and Harlow

  24. Believing is the only way. Without it we would probably not accomplish much at all. 🙂

  25. Your mom is so wise Cupcake. She is right that we all must believe in something.


  26. jakesprinter said:

    Great post Cupcake …Believing is a kind of feelings,
    …..sometimes we cannot explain directly..I mean it`s for myself 🙂

  27. LovableLobo said:

    We BELIEVE that you are too cute, Cupcake, and that you and your mom are lucky to have each other. Happy New Year!

  28. One the one hand, your mom seems to realise that failure is often the way to success because you are forced to make changes, put extra efforts into your work, or take a new perspective. On the other hand, your mom does not seem to realise the analogy between her failures and your failures. A broken glass or torn tissue paper are also ways for something greater such as ??? – I dunno but I’m sure such things might also develop into something brilliant. Maybe, on the third hand, you should take a cookie from the pocket of your new cute coat and give it your mom in order to calm and motivate her. She should believe stronger and not so selectively, after all.

    • GAH! You are brilliant, K. I think by taking my tissue bed away, Mom believed I’d find a soft, comfy place to rest. But what she forgets is, I only want to be in the middle of whatever she’s doing. She calls it, “Underfoot.” Underfoot is my favorite place to be.

      Love and licks,

  29. Cupcake, I think you have to believe now that the tissue-bed is coming back in no time…I mean, we believe that 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

    • Thanks, Little B. I think kitties have better luck with tissue paper than doggies. But I will hope and believe.

      Love and licks,

  30. Cupcake, I like your mom’s attitude. 🙂

  31. Sorry about the tissue paper bed, Cupcake! And I know your mom will keep believing like crazy!

  32. For some reason your post didn’t appear in my reader. Your mom will always keep believing because she knows how it feels to write a good book. “Keep Your Ear on the Ball” is one of my favorites — such a great message. Archie hasn’t shown interest in tissue paper, but he’s now obsessed with plastic bags. He knows I hid his Christmas stocking (with a squeaky toy and treats) in a plastic bag. He found it before Christmas. So when he sees a plastic bag, he BELIEVES there is something there for him.

  33. Love your coat and love the advice!

  34. Your mom is a wonderful writer…. dad always says he wishes he could write like her…. he also says he loves your style in clothing Cupcake! 🙂

  35. […] critique group or RYS. They are helpful and encouraging. Then she gets more ideas and she either fixes the weeds to make them bloom into flowers, or she digs into a new piece and starts nurturing it along.  Book […]

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