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Taking Your Time

Mom has to take her time when she makes a story. It’s OK to write it quickly, but then comes the hard work, which is revising, and that part is slow. Fixing the word choices in poems or stories makes the right mood and the right voice and the right feel. In her Lyrical Language Lab Class, Mom learned to look again at every word in a story to make it sound better and flow better without slowing the story down or going off on a tangent.


Sometimes I get off on a tangent when I’m checking my pee-mail.


When I’m sniffing out a message, I will say, “This is from my friend, Mocha.” and “I wish I could jump on his head right now.” and “His mom always says the furs on my head are soft.” and “My squirrel toy is really soft.”


and “I wonder if that laughing monkey toy is out of the toy box waiting for me.”


and “Squirrels look like monkeys running around in the trees.” and “Trees are…..”

monkey cuddle

And then Mom says, “Let’s go.” and “Let’s GO!” and “LET’S GO!!” Apparently, sniffing the same blade of grass all day is not an option for me.

still sniffing

I am learning to take my time when I eat my dinner. I didn’t learn it in Lyrical Language Lab – it’s because of my new slow-feeder bowl!

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  1. That is a cool bowl! I would say that is a great analogy in terms of slowing our writing down. I like that. I have known for quite some months I have been struggling with my writing. It was because of some things I could not share that had recently I really wanted to blog about. You know getting my feelings out there, but some things are better left in a diary or just plain inside my head until the right time comes up to share about some things. Sorry I think I have gone off on a tangent here! lol

  2. Our mumma is always going off on a tangent – he he he. Bella has a slow feeder bowl too, although most meals she still finishes before I do. I just wish she wouldn’t want to eat my food. Given the option, I’d rather graze. Woo woo, Beary x

  3. That slow-feed bowl of yours is grrreat! I (Sammy) also have a slow-feed bowl but it isn’t anywhere near as fancy-schmancy as yours.
    Wally & Sammy

  4. That’s a pretty bowl, Cupcake!
    I don’t think bipeds realise just how much information can be gained by sniffing – if they did, they wouldn’t tell us to hurry.

  5. Gosh Cupcake…..I think one blade of grass can be VERY fascinating too…..I guess our humans think there’s something wrong with studying ONE vs. a whole field of green. Oh well……love your new slow-feeder bowl – we’ve seen those around on blogs and think it’s a GREAT idea for someone who normally gobbles quickly……I’m not a gobbler myself. I take my sweet time!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. fredrieka said:

    tangents are I get into trouble for being skunked it moved I got it

  7. Genevieve, Good luck with your class. I hope it helps make your stories stronger, and the revising process a tad easier. And nice bowl Cupcake!

  8. Very interesting bowl, Cupcake! Isn’t Renee’s class eye-opening, Genevieve?

    • Thanks, P. Mom is loving her class. She didn’t imagine there was SO much to learn. Now she knows how I feel when she teaches me a hundred tricks…

      Love and licks,

  9. WalkToRio said:

    I need a slow feeder too. Just swallowed about 3 pounds of pasta, now I can barely move.

  10. That soft squirrel is the best. Not like the squirrels that eat my bird seed outside. They need to QUIT!
    If I had that slow feeder I probably wouldn’t have to go to Weight Watchers! Ya think!?!?!
    Mom is learning so much good stuff! Book #2. Here we come! Wahoo!
    You have a great face, dogfriend. ❤️

    • Thanks, G. Squirrels in my neighborhood are naughty like that, too. They tease me from the trees. You’re lucky you don’t have to use the slow feeder. One of these days, I’d like to put Mom’s s’mores into a slow feeder to see how she likes it. Book 2 might be about me – wahoo!

      Love and licks,

  11. It’s really hard to take time and make sure to be diligent about everything. The only thing I’m diligent about is licking up every last crumb and spill in the house. Hope you’ve been having a great summer, Cupcake!

  12. That is such a clever bowl Cupcake! I think I should get one for my little doggie ❤

  13. I recognize that bowl! Although you look much more refined when eating than my two do.

  14. Cupcake I just saw one of those slow-feeder bowls on a blog last week. It was cat that was using it and I think the cat’s person was hoping it would help with weight loss. I think those are really cool! This would be good for eating too fast, right?

    • Yes, Pix. Mom started me on the slow-feeder because I gobble my food and don’t chew and then I get sick. My old slow-feeder slowed me down a little. This one slows me down a LOT!

      Love and licks,

  15. I used to have one of those bowls, but I have a normal bowl now. Though it wasn’t as pretty as yours

  16. I bet her tongue was tired after that licking spree!

  17. Cupcake I know that problem…. I will read the latest news and the other end of the leash says: uuuuuh let’s go… wonder what they will say if I say let’s go when they read a book…. I have such a bowl too. I hate it. And as hard as I try, there is no way to make it ready for the garbage can…

    • You totally get it, E. I chewed my old bowl, so I got this new one. I can’t even carry it around the house like I used to with my old one. The things we have to go through….

      Love and licks,

  18. Frankie and Ernie said:

    You and Ernie are much alike…. he sometimes re reads the same pee mail 87 times.

  19. LovableLobo said:

    Your mom is making you work for every crumb in that new food bowl, Cupcake! Give it a nudge and try tipping it over. Shhhh….don’t tell her I suggested it. She may block me from posting. 😮

  20. I love PEE MAIL!

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  21. I like your new bowl Cupcake! Your post today put a big smile on my face. Thank you.
    Marty’s Mom

  22. That’s some bowl — but it looks like Cupcake ate it in record time. Archie wouldn’t touch it. He knockes his food on the floor and eats one piece at a time — he won’t eat from a bowl. All my poodles were like that. He spreads the food all over the floor, then begins to eat the pellets one by one.

  23. One at a time!?!? Archie, are you sure you’re really a dog? Before Mom discovered slow-feeder bowls (this is my 2nd one), I’d suck up my food like a vacuum in 2minutes flat. And then vomit an hour later.

    Love and licks,

  24. YAY Cupcake! 😀 You slowed down! 😉

  25. I admire your persistance, Cupcake. I would have give up after the first bite 😀 Thank you for your support, while Granny had her busy schedule. You’re a good furriend. Extra Pawkisses for the Weekend 🙂

  26. I think I’ll leave the story telling bit to mom, because she does it so well Cupcake. I do love seeing photo’s of you and the stories you have to tell as well. Simba loves reading his pee-mails and tree-mails as well. Sometimes there are so many messages. Worse than Facebook and Twitter, I imagine, so tell mom to be a little more patient. 😆

    Oh, Simba would kill me if I give him a bowl like that, but he’s always been a slow eater and very fussy too. I think you feel you would like to kill the person that invented those bowls, don’t you? 😆

    Great pics and story. You and mom must have a great weekend. 😀
    ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  27. whoa!!! The huskies before me really needed to have that kind of bowl. The two younger ones were from a breeder and they spent their first months with LOTS of other pups and they chowed their food down so fast to make sure no one stole it!! I have missed you dearest Cupcake…you are so precious…you always make me smile

    • Awwww. Thanks, S. I lived on the street and then at a kill-shelter and when I was rescued I was in foster care where big dogs bit my head when I was eating. I had to gobble foods as fast as possible pretty much my whole first 3 years! I don’t HAVE TO gobble anymore, but I do.

      Love and licks,

  28. Well, the first thing I have to say is YOU are REALLY cute. Adorable I will go on and say and I’m a kitty!

  29. Oh Cupcake..i went off on a tangent with intruders..and now see..i am finally back on tangent..which does not even make sense…..and yes it can take a lonnggggg time to read peemail….so I say mosey and sashay and enjoy…hugs and loves Fozziemum…pee ess I think Doc would just upturn that dinner bowl quick smart 🙂 🙂 xxx

  30. I’d like to know how much time your mom would take to eat from such a labyrinth you got instead of your old bowl. Would she survive?

  31. Run A Muck Ranch said:

    We tried one of those bowls with our Sarah once. She ate it. So much for slowing her down…

  32. stanleyandkatrina said:

    Ha! We are still giggling over pee-mail. 🙂
    We like your new bowl.

  33. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    Hey Cupcake

    Don’t you think it’s funny how humans want us to hurry up when we’re sniffing and yet slow down when we’re eating? They’re strange!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  34. A slow feeding bowl? Eat it too then… we have found if we chew on such things it either breaks it so it doesn;t hold back or it breaks it and nothing comes out.. either way you are back in control when you get your food.. 🙂 -the collies

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