Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Picking and Choosing

It’s important for writers to have ideas. Lots of ideas! Mom saves her ideas in her phone, so she never feels blank or blocked or blah or bummed.


She types in plot ideas, character ideas, names, settings, situations, and titles whenever they pop into her head. Some of them come to life easily, and Mom chooses them for her stories. Some of them get left behind and probably won’t get selected. …unless they start looking good tomorrow. Or the next day. Or next month….

At the pet store there are millions of  chew sticks, rawhide chips, and bones.


I look and sniff, but never choose any of them.


I’m so excited to see them and smell them that my tiny brain doesn’t even know what to do.


Mom chooses for me. She doesn’t choose the sticks, chips, or bones because apparently, I am too lazy to chew them. But after I get my nails trimmed, she picks a packge of treats for me.

dental chews

Also a toy. And sometimes a dress

peace dress

or a coat

raincoat 2

or a sun hat.


Someday, I hope the sticks, chips, and bones will look good to Mom. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or next month…..

Comments on: "Picking and Choosing" (55)

  1. You look so pretty, Cupcake!!

  2. You must have your very own closet Cupcake. And a hat rack of course…

  3. Cuuwoowoooote outfits Cupcake!

  4. Cupcake you need a phone too. There you can save all the treats and the toys you see and if you go to the pet store you can pick the objects of desire via treat-database of your phone. :o) I love your dress, it reminds me of summer festivals… we should have a woodstock for dogs this summer, that would be great….

  5. I give my two those same new bones. They love them. Thanks for ideas on how to develop writing.


    • Glad to help, L. Even though I get my teeth brushed every single day, Mom says my teeth actually look whiter since I’m eating those MilkBone treats.

      Love and licks,

  6. I’m with you. Today’s good idea can be tomorrow’s terrible idea. The best ideas usually have to simmer. Unless the best idea is a treat, then just go for it!

  7. fredrieka said:

    Oh cupcake you are such a lady

  8. That peace sign dress looks like a good choice to me. ☮ ☺️
    And tomorrow is always another day, another chance, another choice, another stick. 😉

    • Thanks, G. I like the thought of always having another chance. And another stick. And another stick. And another stick. Yay! Another stick.

      Love and licks and sticks,

  9. Gosh Cupcake……you have a really lovely wardrobe of coats, hats and dresses – now if your Mom would just fill up a wardrobe with treats, I bet you’d REALLY be happy huh?

    Hugs, Sam

  10. A treat for every outfit! I like that idea of your need for a phone to keep up with your ideas. Maybe you could infiltrate your Mom’s lists. I’m getting hungry looking at those chewy pictures.

  11. Cupcake you look adorable in your outfits but I love love your hat! You just need to leap in and grab a bone! There is no wrong choice 🙂

  12. Cathy Ballou Mealey said:

    Cupcake – do you know the book “Zorro Gets an Outfit”?

    This week Carter released a new one “Mr. Bud Wears the Cone” – well, OK – you might not want to read THAT one!

  13. Cupcake —you rock!!!

  14. Cupcake, you must have a very large closet for all of your outfits. The Pet Store must be a favorite spot with so many good smells.

  15. I hope you get some of those sticks and chews Cupcake!

  16. Awwww you look so darn cute!!!! I always save my ideas as well. I will just be doing something, and an idea will pop into my head for a blog post, so I always write it down, otherwise I will forget!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. I’m thrilled to see that you and mom are doing well. You are still entertaining us with your funny moments. Happy Father’s Day!

  18. Good luck on the treats, C! 😀

  19. You look cute in your hat.
    I don’t believe that you’re too lazy to chew those chewy treats!

    • Thanks, C. I’m not sure if it’s lazy or because I always had to eat fast or my food would be taken away by the big dogs I lived with. Somehow, I grew up hating to chew.

      Love and licks,

  20. Cupcake you look great in all of those outfits. You have to hope it’s not just wishful thinking on the treats 😉

  21. It’s a great thing to have treats that give you beautiful white teeth so you will look even cuter in your dresses and hats (although I’m not sure that’s possible). Writing down ideas is VERY important… mom has lots of little slips of paper everywhere with notes on them. Of course the cats are always sitting all over them. I think a treat app for dogs would be perfect for a phone… ~Cooper

  22. Cupcake…you totally won the jackpot of treats!!!! Enjoy!!!!

  23. Awe, sweet little Cupcake, I know Mom takes great care of you!!

  24. We loved this post. Dad remembered taking Trevor to the pet store where he didn’t like the treats and let them know.. LOL…. Dad wants to get lil Hallie a hat like yours! You are so cute Cupcake!

  25. Awww… you have been shopping, Cupcake. That must have been the nicest part, to chose your own treats 😉 You’re looking mighty fine with your new hat. Pawkisses 🙂

  26. Hmmmm, Cupcake, I think you should reevaluate things a little bit. Since your mom is not capable of keeping her ideas in her head but has to rely on artificial intelligence, her brain must be tiny. In contrast, you are able to keep your ideas in your head; so, your brain is of optimal size!

  27. […] there are only seven (or nine) basic story plots in the whole wide world. That means that the millions and millions of books that are written are […]

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