Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.
Mary Kay Ash

I would like to fly. Sometimes, I fly around my house – from the floor to the bed and from the ottoman to the sofa and from the chair to the door.


But I’m not allowed to fly outside. If I could, I’d fly up into the trees to catch birds and squirrels.


They are up there laughing at me, so flying would come in handy to put a stop to that.

Mom writes picture books. But sometimes, she goes outside her comfort zone to write other things. Once she wrote a non-fiction story, but she hated it – ALMOST as much as she hated doing the research for it. She said, “This is too much like work.” and “I dread writing time.” and “You cannot climb a tree – you’re a dog, not a bear.”


Last weekend, Mom wrote a song. Her friend needed a little pre-k song for graduation, so Mom made it up and sang it out loud to herself over and over and over and over and over. She said, “That was easier than I thought.” and “I didn’t know I could write a song.” and “You cannot climb a tree – you’re a dog, not a bear.”


Sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zones and TRY to see what we really can do. Mom is no Paul McCartney, but she wrote a song. I may not be a bear, but if Mom would unclip my leash for 5 seconds, I think I can climb a tree. After all, bumblebees fly….


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  1. Oh Cupcake – you best stay leashed up little lady! Flying isn’t for little doggies…. 😦

  2. Whee reckon you can be whatever you want to be, Cupcake. Then again being a dog must be pretty cool so don’t go making your decision too quickly. Sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be something your not, Billy likes to pretend to be a shoe for example and sit on the shoe rack!
    The Pigs xx

  3. Do pigs fly Cupcake? After this post, I am just wondering…. Say hi to mom and tell her that it is cool to go outside of your comfort zone! I do it all the time…Not always a good thing, but most of the time it is. : )

  4. Piggies fly! We saw on Pink Floyd album cover! XXXX

  5. Oh Cupcake…..I think you WOULD be able to climb a tree – you certainly have the willpower! As for your Mom writing a song – that’s really wonderful! Aren’t you proud of her for trying something new? I’m sure if she let you climb a tree (which would be something new) she’d be proud of you too (at least until she had to get a ladder to go up and rescue you!!!!).

    Hugs, Sammy
    P.S. the trees are BOOOOOOOOtiful!

  6. I think you could climb a tree, but I think you should have a friendly fireman with a ladder on standby to help you back down again – just in case!
    Can you sing along with your mom when she sings the song?

  7. A great reminder! xx

  8. Cupcake your mum is very much an intrepid explorer going out of her comfort zone..much like your desire to climb…we really are only limited by our ego I think…the fear of failing not flying 🙂 hugs Fozziemum…pee ess I think you can climb..i am pretty sure Doc could too…it’s a terrier thing 😉 xx

  9. Ooops, sorry, wasn’t working before! I had to say that I am supposed to know how to fly but haven’t learned so maybe we could sneak away for a flight together! Your mom is amazing writing a song on top of all her books!

  10. hungryhungryhippo404 said:

    Cupcake you have the cleverest mum! Lucky you! And I say give flying up the tree a go, you never know, it might just work! 😉 Big hugs Julia & Oscar ❤

  11. Love it when you get outside of your comfort zone. Writing a song and lyrics is a talent. Good for your mom. I think you do enough flying around the house Cupcake.

  12. I would love to see you climb that tree Cupcake!

  13. It’s that leash thing. I’ve got that problem too. We could both climb that tree and get those pesky squirrels and jays.

  14. fredrieka said:

    your momwithoutpaws has talent.. I have a talent I try and bite bees, I usually get a fat lip, but I keep doing it they are annoying

  15. Houston climbs trees…

    But Fuzzy and I can’t! I’ll bet you could…why not!!!



    • Houston is AMAZING! I think he looks like a big giant squirrel sitting up there! I don’t blame the other doggies for calling out some jealous howls at him! He’s awesome.

      Love and licks,

  16. LovableLobo said:

    We would love to hear your new song. Maybe you and your mom could howl a few lines together. Hooray for spreading your wings and trying new things!

  17. What a cute post. We too bet you could climb that tree. Hope you get the opportunity. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  18. I love the photos Cupcake. The blossom is beautiful.

  19. We would love to hear / read your mom’s song Cupcake. As for the flying…we think it best you stick to flying around the house, just saying.
    Wally & Sammy

  20. mollieandalfie said:

    I think everyone had thought we had flown away Cupcake BOL, we are back now and wez missed you xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Congrats, Ms. Petrillo! Good luck climbing, Cupcake! 🙂

  22. Cupcake, your mom must be able to climb a tree after creating a song. Congrats Genevieve! And cupcake, you can do it…climb that tree. 🙂

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    • Mom noticed that something was wrong when she tried to look at your post called Pansy. Nothing was there. Try going to wordpress (dot) org and click Support and then Forums and type Suspended in the search. There might be answers there. Good luck.

      Love and licks,

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  24. Beautiful photographs Cupcake! If you were able to get up in a tree…what would you do then? Your Mommy would have to call the Fire Department to get you down! Congrats on writing a song, now that is talent!

  25. Cupcake, I’m not sure I’d want to fly, and I don’t know about climbing either, BUT I’m pretty good at jumping… how about you? Maybe we could perfect our jumping and get so high we can snap those squirrels right off their branches… Cooper the Cattledog. (Tell your mom it’s pretty cool she can write music.)

  26. Maybe you have grown up with a kitty and played a lot together? You could try also a jungle gym at the playground, as a first step upwards – like your mom wrote a short poem as her first attempt.

    • You’re right, K. I need to start out small. Next time Mom brings me to the park, I’ll try and drag her to the jungle gym, while she tries to drag me to the baby swing….

      Love and licks,

  27. Now that’s what I like. A positive attitude. Nelson Mandela said something to the effect that you don’t know what you can do til it’s done. I say, sometimes it gives you a belly ache, but it’ll get done. 🙂

  28. You are truly an inspiration Cupcake!!

  29. I think you can Cupcake. Mommy says with enough thrust, this little piggy can fly. I think she may be right! Have a great hump day. XOXO – Bacon

  30. be whatever you want to be cupcake, but in my and kirbys opinion being a dog is pretty amazing!!! 🙂

  31. I do believe you could climb a tree Cupcake. After-all Sampson once started up a ladder, so why can’t you climb a tree? Have you seen the videos of that dog that does climb trees, walls etc? It’s pretty cool. Hang in there and don’t let Mom convince you you can’t do something. 😉

  32. Oh those dogwoods are GORGEOUS!!!! Love those pictures Cupcake!!!! Love and hugs to you and your mom…especially writing a song!!!! Congrats!!!!

  33. I think I came just in time. I have something to help you fly, Cupcake. Check out my blog. And your mom is soooo talented. Now, let’s all sing together. Pawkisses for the weekend 🙂

  34. Cupcake is so clever and cute 🙂

  35. I wanna fly!!! haha! Flying huskies coming through!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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  37. [never thought i’d find the end]

    Great thoughts Cupcake. And you are right. If your mom can write a song, who is to say you can’t climb a tree or fly until you try. I say go try, you will go cray wanting to do these things until you know for sure.

    And don’t forget to let us know who it all goes–up or down or splat!

  38. I think not even Superman will keep up with you Cupcake. 😆 Simba used to ‘fly’ like that as well but as we get older, our legs can’t do that anymore. He is 15 years old now and still thinks he is a little horsie and forget about the muscles that hurts afterwards, so I must keep reminding him. LOL!

    Your mom sounds so clever to write picture books and I agree – the minute something feels like ‘work’ it’s not much fun anymore. hehehe. I like the picture stories she writes about you and she takes the most beautiful photo’s as well. 😀

    I agree, sometimes we do need to go out of our comfort zones. I am sure Paul McCartney would love your mom’s song as well. One day Simba and I will come and climb trees with you. 😀

    • Simba sounds like he might be my long lost horsie brother. Mom always tries to make me look cute in my pictures. I don’t think she really has to TRY that hard. I’m naturally cute!

      Love and licks,

      • It sure sounds like that Cupcake. LOL! I think your Mom has great taste and I totally agree. You are naturally cute but no harm in making you look more cuter for sure. hehehehe

        ♥ Hugs ♥

  39. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    Hey Cupcake the Bear!

    I think you should be at least able to try and climb the tree! Tee Hee – I’ve tried in our garden, but just as the Squirrel assumed I couldn’t manage it – yet! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  40. Cupcake – That has been one of our Mom’s favorite quotes forever. She tries to live by it but says the bumblebees are dying. – Lulu Belle of DogDaz

  41. YAY for mom writing a song! 🙂 As for those squirrels…. Ginger will loan you her flame thrower if you like… muwahahahah

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