Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Today, the park was chock full of surprises. I chased a butterfly whose name was Don’t-You-Dare. I tried to eat a bottle cap, which tasted like sand. I ran in circles on the baseball field till Mom was dizzy and my feet and legs turned brown from kicking up dirt. And I even saw a purple jelly bean and a cigar butt.


After all that excitement, I cooled off on a pile of dirt in the shade of a bench.

under the bench

Mom got a super-fun surprise last week. Back when she was studying in her Making Picture Book Magicย class, she wrote a story called What If I Don’t. Her teacher, Susanna, and all of her online classmates helped her and encouraged her while she worked on it. She also brought it to her writing group called DavidLaurieandOtherDavid. They said, “Fix this, change that, move this, cut that, let’s have more coffee.” Last week, Mom got a contract for her story from MeeGenius! What If I Don’t is going to be Mom’s first ever eBook! Surprise!

meegenius blue

MeeGenius is a free app with tons and tons of cute books for kids to read on the iPad and iPhone. Pages turn with a swipe, and there’s also a Read to Me option, in case you’re like me and can’t read.

Mom, I don't think these glasses are working....

Mom, I don’t think these glasses are working….

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  1. That is so awesome! What a great surprise! Let us know when it comes out!

  2. Wooohooowooooo for your mom! She’s pawesome!

  3. Wow that’s super exciting! Whee like the sound of that butterfly. Basil was trying to eat a spider called “ewww-drop-it” earlier

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Don’tcha hate when delicious critters have those names that make us miss out on them? I think spiders are probably delicious. I’ve never eaten any, but when I see one I jump up and down like a nut.

      Love and licks,

  4. Bella and DiDi: Cupcake that dirt looks like a great place to relax. Tell your mom congratulations! We are very happy to know about this app and will notify the small humans in our family about it. We read them a lot of books, especially when they are supposed to be sleeping.

  5. Cupcake, you had an incredibly busy day at the park and your mom’s news to so wonderful. What a great day! Purrs and Hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. What a great surprise for sure, for both of you! Cupcake you found some really interesting things at the park, things that our Mommy won’t let us play with. And for Mommy, WOW is all I have to say! Congrats on all of your good news for your book! I am so proud of you!

  7. stanleyandkatrina said:

    Wonderful! Congratulations! We can’t wait to see it.

  8. Cupcake, I am soooo proud of your mom and I saw that cigar butt…you REALLY don’t want that, I promise…;~)

  9. That’s so cool that your mom got that book accepted. Tell her congratulations from me and my person. And I was wondering – did that purple jelly bean taste good? I’ve never had one of those.

  10. Congratulations to your mom on the book! That is great news.
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun in the park, Cupcake.

  11. Mumma is going to download the app for me! Bubba xx

  12. Yikes what fun Cupcake, hope you didn’t chew on the cigar butt BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. Pe-ezzz Big congrats to you Mom ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxxxx

  14. Cupcake that’s a super doper surprise! congratulations to mum on such a wonderful result for her hard work! and bye the bye you really do rock those glasses sweet Cupcake ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad you had a great day hugs Fozziemum xx

  15. Lynn McShane said:

    Congratulations! I’m soooo proud of you!!!!!!!
    Excellent news!

  16. Congratulations to your mom. She couldn’t have done it without all of your dog-gone encouragement. Love the glasses and that book you’re reading!

  17. Congrats Ms. Petrillo! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ms. Hill’s class is great isn’t it?!? Great job on finding things, Cupcake!

  18. super cool and congrats to your Mom!

  19. First off, smoking is bad for you Cupcake *BOL* Secondly, CONGRATS Mom!!! That is SUPER PAWSOME!!!!
    Wally & Sammy

  20. Congratulations! We all want to know when it comes out. Interesting title. Fun post Cupcake — wish I had your energy!

    • Thanks, P. Don’t worry, when the ebook comes out (which they say will be in 3-4 months), you’ll probably hear Mom cheering with happiness all the way from your house!

      Love and licks,

  21. AMAZING! We couldn’t be happier for you, that is the best surprise ever! Congratulations – and very much deserved!

    • Thanks, C. No one was more surprised than us. I mean, a purple jelly bean in September?! It was shocking!…. Wait. Did you mean the ebook? Oh. Yeah that was pretty exciting, too….

      Love and licks,

  22. Congratulations! And to think it came from Susanna’s class! YAY! (I took the class recently, too)

  23. Stacy S. Jensen said:

    Great news. I need to dust off my MeeGenius app!

  24. Congratulations, Genevieve! SOOOO exciting! I can’t wait to see it with pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and Cupcake? Purple is NOT the best flavor of jelly bean. Don’t waste your time!

  25. Soooo happy for you!!!! Congratulations :โ€ข)

  26. That was certainly a VERY busy day at the park you had Cupcake…Hope you made time for a nice comfy nap after all that excitement…and speaking of excitement, how awesome is that about your mom’s story? Woot! Congratulations are indeed in order

    • Thanks, G. If I ever find a geocache with a cigar and a jelly bean inside, I’ll BEG Mom to switch them out for something else so I can keep those cool prizes.

      Love and licks,

  27. MeeGenius is your new name, Cupcake! You stared at your mom so sagaciously that she deserves this name, too! You are WeeGeniussss!

  28. Fantastic news! I thought I was following your blog, but I am now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Wow!! What a big day for both of you!! cigar butts! I’ve never seen one. And What if I don’t?! Will you be featured in this ebook? Can’t wait to see. Oh wait! We don’t have anything to read an ebook with! I’ll have to borrow one at school. Thanks for sharing all this fun news!

  30. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    Wow, that’s such cool news! Big congrats to your Mom!! I’d love to download that so it can read to me too, I can read, but it’s nice to be lazy too! :

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. YAY!!!!! Way to go! Congratulations on your newest book! YAY!!!

  32. […] them when they’re revising. ย Mom had an old story that she liked a lot. She showed it to her writing group friends and they said SO many amazing things about it. Like, “There’s too much […]

  33. […] chicken, cigar butts, […]

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