Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Check out the brand new award I got from my friend, Misaki!

explore-dog-awardExplorer! Me! Thanks, Misaki! I think it’s because I like to explore what Mom has in her dresser drawers.


And her laundry basket.


And her purse.


And also because I am a GeoDog!


I am allowed to give this award to 5 blogging friends, plus I have to answer a few questions. Simple. I don’t know exactly what 5 means, so if you’re a blogging friend, this award is for you!

Now for the questions:

  • What is your favorite place to explore? I like the playing field by my house. Lots of geese live there, and they leave me delicious candies in the grass. Mom says the candy is disgusting, which I’m pretty sure means delicious.
  • Have you ever found anything exciting/interesting whilst exploring ? Well, the goose poop, I mean candy is pretty exciting, but when I went Geocaching, I found a tiny cache in a tree. …..And once I found a pork chop bone by the dumpster.


  • What do you like exploring best beach or park? I have never been to the beach, but I got close a few times. Sand scares me. I know that because sometimes, Mom brings me to the baseball field at the park. When I step in the sand, I turn to stone. What IS that stuff??
  • What is your favorite post you have written (link to it)? I like all of my posts, of course, but I especially like one from long ago named Turtle.

That post talks about the name of a magazine and the name of the turtle we used to have. His name was Leave-The-Turtle-Alone. Names are important. Mom was named after her grandmother. I was named Cupcake because I am so sweet. Mom always thinks of fun names for her stories. Some of her recent stories are named: Ms. Oberman Overslept, Josephine Dances Her Head Off, Meanwhile, and Vacuum Sweet Vacuum.


Just FYI – the vacuum is NOT sweet. It is evil, and I’m pretty sure it’s trying to kill me.

Comments on: "Exploring" (65)

  1. Oh cupcake, don’t be scared of the vacuum! My sister and I get vacuumed every day when Mommy runs it around the house cleaning up our fur tumbleweeds! Bella just loves to be vacuumed too, as she chases Mommy all around so she can run the brush end of the vacuum all over her. Congrats on the “Geo Award”.

  2. Nooo Cupcake, don’t eat the red candy!

  3. Oh Cupcake you are so adorable I just want to hug you to bits but I’m afraid you’d think I was trying to kill you. HAHAHAHA Just kidding – I know we’re long-time buddies even though I’m NOT a doggy. Concatulations on your new award from Misaki. She’s good at picking out the RIGHT people for awards. She’s spot on with this one! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Congratulations CUPCAKE!!! 🙂 YAY!!! What a delightful post. WE always ooh and ahh over your pretty pictures. Vacuums… ah yes, Teddy once attacked the vacuum and tried to eat it as it was running.. Smoke ran from it until one day he couldnt take it no more and tried to chew the cord off it…. Vacuums are evil….. Dad calls Mick a vacuum eater… we arent sure what that means…. Love your post!

  5. You are no doubt a top notch adventurer, and now that I think about it you kind of look like Wishbone the dog detective. You guys must be long lost cousins.

  6. You found a porc chop bone? Great – maybe it is a travel-bone and you can place it in the next Geocache? Congratulations to your award!

    • Thanks, E. Mom threw the bone as far as she could. I think the lawn guys chopped it up by now with their noisy grass machines. I haven’t seen it lately…. 😦

      Love and licks,

  7. We dropped by your Turtle post and saw that you are not too fond of kitties, but we decided to leave you a comment anyway. We love getting our paws into things where we don’t belong so like how nosy you are, even if Misaki does call it exploring. And we too don’t like the vacuum, except for Giulietta. So, you see, we do have some things in common! Congratulations on your award. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Thanks, Kitties. Back then, when I was new at blogging, I didn’t know any sweet kitties like you. I only knew the kitties that hid under cars and tried to kill me when I walked by. Now I know bunches of kitty friends, and I am not afraid of them at all. xoxo

      Love and licks,

  8. Oh Cupcake you do great exploring!! I am sure it’s a terriers calling to investigate everything….and explore they must..have a greatday and congrats on the wonderful award from Misaki 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

    • Thanks, FM. You’re right. I do love snooping into things. Once I dug and dug in the snow and stuck my bony face in there and guess what – I found – potato chips!

      Love and licks,

      • Wow Cupcake that’s quite daring..freezing your nose off paid off! Doc has a nose for rabbit holes and termite mounds..thinking of starting a termite detecting business with him hahah I joke but there is a man who does that in Australia ..doggie always sniffs them out! Huggies Fozziemum xx

  9. You are quite the excellent explorer, Cupcake, and you made my mommy laugh when she read about your love of delicious goose candy, although I have a feeling that your mommy doesn’t laugh about that. 🙂 Sometimes mommies fail to appreciate our love of the putrid, for some reason that I cannot understand!

  10. I’m with you, Cupcake! The vacuum fills me with terror 🙂

  11. well, congratulations Explorer Dog!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Oh my dogness Cupcake…you just crack us up!!! Congrats on your award sweet girl. We just LOVE that turtle name *BBBBBOL* xxx

  13. Congratulations, Cupcake! You are quite the explorer!

  14. mollieandalfie said:

    Bawahwhahhwa love you in the laundry basket.. Big congrats Cupcake 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Thanks, M. And A. I think I am a perfect fit in that basket. Mom likes when I sit in there. She says the word, “I give up.” …that’s good, right?

      Love and licks,

  15. Well of course congrats on your new award. I love your answers. I wouldn’t spread that goose poop story around. People might flock to the table with that one! P.S. Rocky is so freaked by the vacuum that all I need to do is open the closet door and he goes running. You are not alone. Evil!

    • Thanks, G. Rocky is smart and perceptive. I am never sure where the vacuum is, so it always surprises me when it appears. Not the good kind of surprise…

      Love and licks,

  16. you look like you have so much fun being an ultimate adventurerer!

  17. you are a pawesome adventurer Caupcake!

  18. LOVE that Turtle post! 😀 Congrats on the award, O Great Explorer Canine! 😀

  19. Congratulations Cupcake! You are a very thorough sniffer. We like to sniff our humans’ things too but we run when that red monster comes out.

  20. Congratulations on the award. That turtle post is very amusing. Best name ever for a turtle. I know this is very odd but for some reason my owner named her sock drawer, “leave the socks alone.” I was looking for a new Cat Council member.
    You are right, vacuums are evil.
    ~Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge

  21. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    Hey Cupcake

    I’m thinking not much goes on without you knowing about it! Keep an extra close eye on that vacuum though, I agree – very scary! 🙂

    Big wags

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  22. I’m pretty sure Delilah would like the candies at your park Cupcake. Congratulations on your awards!!

  23. What a fabulous and well-deserved award!

  24. You are quite the explorer and deserve an award. But stay away from the vacuum monster. One time I had to bite it really hard because it was trying to eat Mommy – Sofie Bear

  25. Vacuums are dangerous monsters. Our former one, for example, was a dinosaur:
    I think you deserve a new name: Let-Cupcake-Explore!

  26. oh Cupcake, you are so cute! And I don’t think I would like sand…my litter is not squishy like sand must feel…I don’t explore much in my house cuz I think once upon a time I must have gotten into trouble for doing stuff like that…I know I can do anything in my furrever home, but my past is still hard to overcome…paw pats, Savannah

    • What a bummer about your past, Savvy. At least you know in your heart that your home is safe, now. I get into trouble every day. I’m used to it.

      Love and licks,

  27. Congratulations on your award Cupcake! I hope you found some goodies in those drawers and purse.

  28. You are most definetly a explorer cupcake! Kirby also thinks other critters droppings as candy too, lol

  29. Congratulations on your award! This is how my cats know how many five is:

    “stop it, guys” = 1
    “guys, stop it!” = 2
    “I mean it” = 3
    “STOP IT! NOW!” =4
    “THAT’S IT! Where’s that water bottle.” = 5 (and run).

  30. Cupcake you are way tooooo funny! I wish you were close enough to be Linus friend in person. I guess we are internet friends like your mom and me….: )

  31. You sure do make one great explorer… and we totally agree with you on the vacuum!

  32. Congratulations Cupcake. You’re absolutely a great 😀

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