Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom went to a school visit last week to share her book with some 5th graders.

book cover w border2

They were a wonderful audience and asked lots of fun questions. They are also writers and are working on writing their very own pictures books! Mom wasn’t too surprised by this because their teacher used to be one of Mom’s students, way back when Mom was a teacher. She was a smart little girl and lots of fun. Now she is a smart 5th grade teacher and still lots of fun. Here she is when she was little – she’s the one in the pink dress standing right next to Mom.


In fact – when that 5th grade teacher was in Mom’s class, she brought a praying mantis egg case to school for show and tell and it opened up and released tons of praying mantis babies all over Mom’s classroom! And THAT’S what Mom wrote about in Humpty Dumpty Magazine this month in her story called Show and Tell Surprise.


She shared that story with the 5th graders and gave them a copy of the magazine to keep in their classroom.

Joan and me

Mom loves sharing. Sometimes she shares with me. We share the big chair in the living room,


we share the bed,


she shares her coffee,


and her car.


And if I beg hard enough, sometimes she shares her food with me.


On Monday, Mom will share ME with the 5th graders! Yes, it’s true. They invited me to come along for the ride when Mom goes back to visit them and deliver some books. Road trip!


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  1. What a wonderful story, Cupcake! Thank you for sharing!!! Yikes to the baby praying mantises everywhere! and what a great idea to make that into a story. Have fun when you go visit the class!

  2. That’s a lovely story Cupcake……and I just know when you go visit those kids they’re going to LOVE you as much as we all do! YAY! Win/win!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. That’s a great story, Cupcake. Have fun with the 5th graders… hope there are no more mantises in your mom’s classroom :o)

  4. What fun Cupcake, would of liked to have seen the praying mantis 🙂 I love to share wiff Mom but she doesn’t share all with me ..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. I just nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award today!

  6. The bugs would creep me out – big time! Great photos!

  7. Cupcakes visit is going to be PAWESOME!!!! How cool!!!!

  8. So nice that you two share so much! And I can’t help noticing you have the same sheets as my daughter 🙂 Road trip? Lucky Cupcake and luckier 5th graders. Is your mom tiny, or is that 5th grade teacher really tall?

  9. Oh that is such a sweet story Cupcake! How fun that your mom is able to go back and see one of her students all grown up!

  10. Cool. Fun. Lucky. Road trip!

  11. What a great story!! I’ll bet that classroom was crazy when those bugs got loose!! A couple of years ago a teacher at my school had a snake that escaped in the classroom! I was called in to help find it, but I said NO WAY! If it had been the rabbit that would have been different! I’m glad you get to go to school! You will have sooooo much fun! I want to hear all about it!

    • The bugs were scary and fun. A loose snake would also be scary and fun. I agree with you. I’d rather look for a lost rabbit. They’re cuddly, like me! Once Mom touched a snake. It felt like her wallet.

      Love and licks,

  12. Have fun Cupcake! 😀

  13. Wow! That is so cool! I hope those kids don’t scare you Cupcake!

  14. Cupcake, what a lovely story that has come full circle. Your mom teaching a child who is now a teacher. I love that she read her fabulous book — so much to discuss with kids. The teacher must have been excited to see her praying mantis story in the Humpty Dumpty Magazine. I just love this enitre story. It is so cool! Glad you get to go visit on Monday.

  15. Has your mom also shared the information with the children that the heroine of her story was their teacher? If she has, then I’m curious to know what kinds of Show and Tell Surprises will be in that class!
    Your seriousness over your mom’s coffee cup is extremely cute!

    • Coffee is serious business, K. And yes, Mom told the kids all about how their teacher terrorized her class when she was little. They thought it was VERY funny. So does Mom – NOW. Back then, not so funny……

      Love and licks,

  16. They are going to love you Cupcake!

  17. Oh Cupcake, how exciting!! Your are going to have so much fun delivering those books and meeting so many nice kids! And those preying mantis babies must have been quite surprise; I bet your mom’s book about it is really good 😀

  18. That is pawsome Cupcake & you look too divine all dressed up for your outing!
    Wally & Sammy

  19. I bet your road trip will be ace!!

  20. You are so lucky, getting to visit a whole classroom of 5th graders. And I bet those baby praying mantis were fun. My person sometimes finds babies in our yard and she says they’re really cute.

  21. snoopys@snoopysdogblog said:

    That sure was some great show and tell mischief!!

    Awesome that you’re gonna get to go to the school cupcake, are you planning some mischief of your own? Just wondering – Tee Hee

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  22. 5th graders, such a delightful and enthusiastic age to deal with. I’m so glad you’ve been invited along Cupcake. About time you were used as a fabulous marketing tool 🙂
    Loved the story of the grasshoppers.

  23. so glad you got to read your bookto all those kids,looked like they all really enjoyed it, with Cupcake’s paw of approval of course!

  24. I think its lovely that you visit the school. The best way to encourage children to learn is to get their interest and make it fun!

  25. Now that is so cool!!!!! You are one lucky girl Cupcake!

  26. Woot woot Cupcake that is exciting news!! You said you wanted to go to school with mom and now you can!!

    Mom must be super excited about her book and her article. Great job mom!!

  27. […] In 2013, Mom’s story Show and Tell Surprise was in Humpty Dumpty Magazine. That was a winner. Plus, magazines taste […]

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