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It’s FINALLY spring around here – complete with warm air and tulips at the park. Actually there are some crazy thunderstorms and flash floods, too. Next stop – Butterflies.

Soon it will FINALLY be tennis season. Actually, I don’t play and Mom doesn’t either, but I’m pretty sure that other people do. I have a tennis dress and a tennis ball, so I will look good while I’m not playing.


Next stop – Mom will probably try to teach me to hold a racket.


And by the way… FINALLY, Mom has Book #2 out for people to read.


Actually, it’s not the Book #2 she was hoping for. It’s her story in Humpty Dumpty Magazine! They made it the May/June Build a Book Activity.


When kids tear out the page and follow the directions – cut the dotted lines / fold the solid lines – bing, bang, boom, Book #2. Yay!


Next stop – Book #3. Wait. What??


Comments on: "Finally!" (69)

  1. That is one snazzy tennis outfit you got going there Miss Cupcake!
    Have a grrreat weekend & congrats to mom on book #2
    Wally & sammy

  2. That book looks fantastic Cupcake, you sure have a clever Mom..We just love you over at Sammy’s šŸ™‚ xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Your mom is not only very-very creative and clever but she has the most inspirational and cutest Muse of the world! I think you should try your nice two-tone colors nails on the strings of a tennis racket. It might be big fun (for you)!

    • Awwww. Thanks, K. I’m pretty sure I’d be afraid of a tennis racket. But I do think it would make my black and white nails look beautiful.

      Love and licks,

  4. You will definitely look good while you’re not playing tennis, Cupcake! But then, you always look good šŸ™‚ Congratulations to your mom on Book #2! It is an honor to have been chosen for the book activity, even if it’s not quite what she had in mind, and I have no doubt the real Book #2 will be picked up any time now! šŸ™‚

  5. What a beautiful yellow tennis dress Cupcake! You look so very Springy – like a cupcake with lemon icing on it! Congratulations to your Mom on being chosen for the book activity (which looks like tons of fun by the way) and I’m sure her Book #2 will be on its way to print SOON! Paws crossed……….see you at the pawty!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Yay for your mumma, how clever she is! Give her a cuddle from us to congratulate her. A build a book sounds like lots of fun. xox

  7. YAY!!!
    P.S. You look adorable in your dress! šŸ˜€

  8. What a cool way to score book #2! Now you will have two book #2ā€™s when some publisher finally comes to his/her/their senses! In the meantime, hurray for Humpty Dumpty have some of that good judgement. Congratulations. Go get those tennis balls, girl!

  9. you look BEEEEAAAUTIFUL in your tennis dress! It is always important to have a tennis dress whether we play or not!
    CONGRATS to your mom on her book!! How wonderful!!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. I agree, it’s important to look good in your tennisdress. To have the best equipment is always a MUST. Mom used this trick at skiing, because she is more the downhill-avalanche than the downhill skier. I like book #2, I’m sure all kids will love it -Activity books are great, even for kids wo aren’t really bookworms :o)

  11. Cupcake you look so stylish in your dress. Congratulations to your mom on her book!
    Bella and DiDi

  12. so awesome on your books!!!! Cupcake–you are so photogenic!

  13. As far as tennis goes, looking good is way more impawtant than playing and you’ve got that covered Cupcake šŸ™‚ Momz thinks your mom is really creative to make that folding book Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. joan wolff said:

    So glad I could inspire your next book…but the REAL story is much better! Thank you for visiting our classroom! You are such a great encourager!

    • Awwww. Thanks, Joan. Your class is Mom’s favorite place to visit. There’s always something fun going on there. Maybe by next time, she’ll have a book about me, instead of a book about you! Then I will come with her! xoxo

      Love and lots of licks,

  15. Cupcake –

    Was your tennis dress comfortable? Katrina and I are not fans of when our owner dresses us up in outfits. We are both wondering how you feel about that but then you do look adorable in it. Congratulations to your Mom’s book in Humpty Dumpty. That is very exciting!
    PS – Do you always need glasses to read?

    • Thanks,S and K. I only wear the glasses to make me look smarter. My vision is perfect. I LOVE wearing dresses because usually when Mom dresses me up, it means something fun is going to happen – we’re going to do therapy work or we’re getting company…. Or she’s going to take pictures of me and give me lots of treats!

      Love and licks,

  16. I love your tennis dress!
    And massive congrats to your mum !!

  17. I love that outfit! We have tennis courts right across the street. Maybe I should think about taking Wonderbutt over there for a workout.

  18. Love the glasses!!!!

  19. Awww, Cupcake, I’m so proud of your momma! And the book looks cute too!

    Donna L Martin

  20. Spring isn’t any better over here, Cupcake, but it brings a little color anyway. You look good in front of the tulips and the park and in your tennis outfit. Congratulations on your mom’s second book. It looks like a very nice book and the pictures are so cute. You must be very proud of your mom. Happy Mother’s Day Sweetie šŸ™‚

  21. Always making me smile and laugh with your posts. You an your Mom are something special. I especially like the knowledgeable look with the glasses

  22. Congrats to your Mom on the book, how cool! šŸ™‚

    I’ll be happy to play tennis with you, but I’m sure not gonna wear a dress, I’ll just come as I am if that’s ok? šŸ™‚

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy šŸ™‚

  23. Rain in the UK šŸ˜¦ send some rays over to us pleaseeeeee xxx

  24. Congratulations to your human on her book! YAY! *the collies do the happy dance* YAY!!! You look absolutely adorable Cupcake! You have a cool mom who dresses you up so wonderfully… wish the old guy did that…. wait.. perhaps we are lucky he doesnt.. LOL

  25. Great outfit, Cupcake. Archie has a stash of tennis balls he loves. Congratulations to your mom on her book 2 being selected in Humpty Dumpty. What an honor.

  26. Congrats to your mom Cupcake! The book looks wonderful. And so do you in your cute little tennis dress.

  27. I’ve got the tennis balls but no outfit. Which is fine by me! Your Mom has a fun story out and I can’t find that magazine! I’m still looking!

  28. Woot woot!! Congratulations on all fronts. Spring got a little ‘b’ slap from winter this weekend up where I am, but it seems like all the plants are trying to hang in there. šŸ˜‰

  29. How awesome, your mama’s book is in a magazine! Surely you will be a big help with #3. We gots a tennis court across the street from us, and we gots rackets and balls, but we all stinks at tennis. Maybe you want to come over and learn with me?


    • Learning tennis with you would be fun, R. But frankly, I have enough learning on my plate these days. Mom keeps teaching me things, even though my brain is so tiny it fills up fast!

      Love and licks,

  30. Well done to your Mom! I’m so thoroughly impressed. Glad to hear Spring has finally reached you. Autumn is definitely here, although our days are still beautiful and sunny. Indeed, tennis season. Both my nephew and niece were No 1 players in South Africa and my nephew is currently in America on a tennis (and academic – clever boy) scholarship.

  31. You look great in your tennis outfit, Cupcake! You might not play, but you look like a pro!

    And congratulations to you mom on book #2! I will be wondering all day about what the surprise in the story is šŸ™‚

  32. The last picture is quite cute, with the tilted spectacles! awww

  33. Congratulation on the book – that’s great!
    Cupcake, you look really sweet in your tennis outfit.

  34. […] Spring is almost here. I mean it’s here on the calendar, but in real life, not so much. Mom and I look for flowers outside, but we’re not seeing a whole lot. […]

  35. […] wrote a story about the classroom egg case and it was published in Humpty Dumpty Magazine. I guess that’s worth a few […]

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