Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Countdown Wednesday

123Today, Mom and I are counting down about a author visits. She’s going to visit a school on Friday, so she can talk about being a writer, and read her book to the kids there.

Why I don’t like author visits.

3. Staying by myself. Mom will go away in the car for a long time. That means, no walking at the park, no jumping through my hula hoop, no treats in my IQ puzzles, and no bowling practice. Boring.


2. Bags. Mom will pack up tons of things to show the kids, and she will also put her laptop and LCD projector into bags. Bags are usually a LOT of fun. My head fits in there perfectly, and sometimes bags have treats in them. Or bacon. Or cake.


But school visit bags are off limits. Mom says the word, “Get your bony little head out of there.” No fun.


1. Kids. Mom will talk to tons and tons of kids at her school visit. I love kids. And they love me. Whenever kids see me, they pet me and hug me and say how cute I am. Plus, kids taste delicious, like candy. And sweat. And dirt. Yum.



What Mom likes about author visits.

3. Driving. Taking a road trip is always fun. Of course it would be more fun if I went along, but….


2. Reading. Mom loves reading stories. Story time was her favorite time of the day when she was a little girl at school, and it was her favorite time of the day when she was a teacher. Of course, I also love story time, but….


1. Kids. Mom has talked to hundreds and hundreds of kids in her careers as a teacher and an author. Thousands, maybe. She predicts that the kids at this school will ask her some of the same things kids at other schools have asked, “Are you rich?” and “Did you draw the pictures?” and “One time my dad got his finger stuck in the car door…” which is not a question, but….



Comments on: "Countdown Wednesday" (54)

  1. I understand the “left alone”part, Cupcake, but you look like a teacher yourself, so why can’t you come with her. I’m sure you’ll be very brave… or do you eat kids 😀

  2. Bawaahhaawa you do look like a skool teacher in those glasses.. I’m not so keen on kids, they scare me.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I think you should go too cuppycake!

  4. Gosh Cupcake….too bad you can’t go along with your Mom on that school visit – I bet you LOVE being around those kiddies and “feeling the luv”……Just remember that all of US love you – maybe you can “feel the luv” from afar????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. I am sure your mom’s school visits would be even more fun if you got to go, Cupcake. I think you should discuss that with her. Where’s the story about Cupcake that will allow you to go along as a prop? I hope she has a great visit and you get some bacon and some cake! 🙂

    • Thanks, S. That is the question of the century. What are these publishers waiting for?? My story need to be told. And I need to go with Mom. ….EVERYWHERE!

      Love and licks,

  6. It’s a shame you can’t go with her, Cupcake! It seems a bit mean to tell you to get your head out of those bags – we all know that bags always need checking.

  7. Wow, what fun. We bet the kids will go nuts for you – and your name!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

    • Thanks K&C. The kids WOULD love me – IF Mom took me along. She says only if Book 2 gets published and it’s about me. I’ll be waiting till doomsday!!

      Love and licks,

  8. Poor cupcake. Hahaha.
    Have a great timeGenevieve!

  9. I am so sure mom will have fun at her school visit. If you want you can come stay with Rocky. I can’t guarantee that he won’t think your a tasty treat, though, so maybe not such a good idea. :-p
    Speaking of tasty treats, tell mom not to forget we are going out to munch muffins 😆
    Take the opportunity to gaze out the window and relax.

  10. Wow. Cupcake- you look very sophisticated with those glasses!

  11. I like your glasses Cupcake ;o) I agree, a day without mom is a wasted day …

    • Thanks Easy. The only good thing about Mom being gone is – there will be nobody to say the word, “That’s enough.” when the mailman comes. I plan to bark from the time he turns the corner till he’s back at home eating dinner.

      Love and licks,

  12. Oh, Cupcake, I think there is only one solution: you should write books for human and doggy puppies! You would become rich and famous in two shakes (of a dog’s tail)!

  13. I don’t think it’s fair. She could tell them you’re her therapy dog, why not? It could work. 😉

  14. Hope your mom has fun, but I know she will. Sounds like she gets asked a lot of silly questions, but kids are silly that way lol.

  15. It’s too bad your mom cannot take you with her, Cupcake! But I bet she is going to have some great stories and about a billion extra hugs and kisses for you when she gets home 🙂

  16. Tell your mom to have a great school visit! I just love her book. It’s among my favorites because it is so different. And, I like the illustrator. There’s a lot to share about her book.

  17. You look so super cute in your glasses, but happiest on your road trip! x

  18. I hope Mom has fun Cupcake! I hope you have fun at home! 😀

  19. Got to love kids. They’ll always throw in something completely out of context (had a good laugh at the finger in the door bit). I do feel for you Cupcake. How rude of your Mom not to let you stick your head in the bag and go with her to amuse the kids whilst she’s talking. I think the kids would enjoy it even more if you joined in.

  20. First of all, I totally think you should be able to go on the visit, too. And next of all, you probably should count your blessings to not have to listen to some of those “questions”!

  21. If you stay really still maybe you could sneak into one of those bags and your mom wouldn’t realize it until you were already at school.

  22. Hehe Cupcake you are funny. I think you should totally go though! Maybe you could change your mom’s mind…give her the puppy dog eyes!

  23. Cupcake, I haphazardly tagged you. Stop by if you want to play.

  24. Haha Cupcake, I love the car door comment! 🙂 And tell me why your Mom doesn’t take you along too? You’d be pawsome on the visit 🙂

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  25. Bony head? We collies like your head! Ginger says lick those kids on the lips thats where they taste best! Muwahahahah

  26. oh Cupcake, even tho’ your Mom goes to visit with the kids…she still loves you best of all

  27. […] her author visits, students or teachers often ask Mom if she ever has writer’s block. She says, […]

  28. […] past weekend, I was surprised to discover that I was going along on an unexpected road trip to Mom’s BFF’s yard […]

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