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First Time


Today I picked a toy out of my toy box for the very first time. All by myself. I stuck my head in and pulled out …. none other than the dreaded mechanical hamster.  I wasn’t confused by the toy box , and I wasn’t afraid of the hamster. Mom said, “Look at you!” and “What a smart, brave girl!” and “Now what?” 


Nothing. That’s what. I didn’t actually DO anything with the hamster. I just sat with it. But it’s a start.


Mom is a first timer, too. This month, she joined a bunch of other writers in PiBoIdMo. That means she got a story idea every single day in November. It’s her first time ever doing that and she did great at it, except for writing down the same idea twice. Luckily she caught the double yesterday, and got a final idea just in time. She didn’t DO anything with her ideas. She just sat there with them. But it’s a start. 


Someday soon, I will pick another toy out of the toy box. Maybe I’ll even play with it. We’ll see….


Someday soon, Mom will pick out one of her new story ideas (probably the one she wrote down twice) and make it into a story. Maybe it’ll be Book #2. We’ll see….

next to toys

Comments on: "First Time" (49)

  1. Cupcake, you have a victory achieved, your mom must be really proud of you and I’m sure you’re proud of her too. Btw You see, the hamster isn’t so bad after all 😉 Have a playful weekend 🙂

  2. Oh Cupcake you cute girl you! Congratulations on getting your toy out of your toy box all by yourself….remember that every journey begins with a first step young lady…..just so you know that I’m just as proud of you as your Mommy is! Wink wink……you look so cute in your Christmas scarf too! 😀

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  3. Hay Cupcake, is that a Frosty Paws in your toy box.:) You are getting soooooooo brave, I love your little photo’s, you are adorable 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Awww, Cupcake, what a lovely box of toys you have…and what fun you will have playing with them all one day. Tell your mom I can’t wait until I read her next book!

    Donna L Martin

  5. Hey, that’s great Cupcake!!!… and it’s a fabulous start ;o) btw: you look great with your bandana ;o)

  6. Like your box of toys Cupcake. I’m glad you play with them and don’t destroy them. My Archie thinks every stuffed animal has a squeaker and tears them a part in less than 10 minutes — and he’s only a toy poodle. Glad your Mom reached her PiBoIdMo goal. I hope she finds an idea because I’d love to read her next book.

    • Thanks, Patricia! Archie is naughty to rip his toys apart. When I was new here I used to eat my clothes. Now I am well behaved. …except when I’m not. Mom likes her 30 new ideas. That’s a good start. Keep your fingers crossed.

      Love and licks,

  7. How cute you look in your bandana!
    Well done Cuppycake! Next time you get the hamster out, chase it round the room:-)

    • Thanks, M. That’s the thing about the hamster. If the wheels are turned on, my eyes pop out of my head like a cartoon dog, and I run away from it like it’s the devil. It’s better when it’s quiet.

      Love and licks,

  8. Sounds like you and your mom are both on your way! Scout and Jemma takes toys out of their box. Jemma only brings one toy – her slinky weasel – and wants to play tug of war. Scout brings out lots of toys and lies in the middle of them 🙂 I play tug of war with a lot of my ideas. And I lie in the middle of piles of other ones unable to decide which to work on. So I guess I’m like my dogs too 🙂

    • You’re right Susanna. Ideas can push and pull in the most annoying ways. But when you have lots of them, like you and Mom do, they’re more fun to play with.

      Love and licks,

  9. Your hammy is really cute cupcake! You should totally play with it more often!

  10. You are so awesome and brave and cute about that scary hamster/monster. Good beginning
    ( I am trying out a new emoticon. If it doesn’t work it will just look like a colon, an o, and the number 3. Here it goes. You are my guinea pig.)

  11. Apparently I did something wrong 😦

  12. Good for you Cupcake that was brave. Tell Mom we are anxiously awaiting book 2

  13. Wow Cuppycake. You is so brave. *shudders* Just look at it’s . . . Mechanical-ness! 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  14. It can be hard to pick a toy out of the box! Elka has had that problem as well.

  15. I’m eyeing that great toybox of yours! Full of some great looking toys! UMM Umm! I think that I could teach you about getting toys out of boxes if you need any help! Sounds like you have a very clever Mom.

  16. Congratulations to you and your mom for taking those first steps! I just finished PiBoIdMo as well. (2nd yr) I wonder what your next toy will be….?

  17. bobmielke said:

    The mechanical hamster looks like a ZuZu. I bought one two years ago for Jack The Cat. He loves it so much he keeps it right next to his bed. Sometimes, Jack can be found out of his bed, sleeping with his head on top of the ZuZu. It’s too cute!

  18. Well congratulations to “Firsts!” May 2013 bringing many more and some 2nds and 3rds…too!

  19. That’s a lot of accomplishment in one household!

  20. Congrats Cupcake and Mom 😉 What you need for your hamster is a buddy to help you keep the evil hamster under control – I’ll send over Maggie, my grandparents puli (another type of cute dog – like you)

  21. What a fab toy box! I am sure you will get the hang of it soon!!

  22. Well done to you, picking out a toy and having no fear. That’s a huge breakthrough. These things a big things in a little dogs life.

  23. Kudos on the effort and keep going… More stories to come I bet. Wonderful! 🙂

  24. LOL…. yes, pick out a toy and do nothing… that will drive her crazy!!! Ginger loves it! heheheh Best wishes on your writing! 🙂

  25. […] – It’s been ages since Mom changed up my toybox. She thinks I forgot that there’s a bag of toys in the top of the closet. Truth be told, I […]

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