Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Countdown Wednesday

Since Mom is working on an idea challenge, today we’re counting down ways to get ideas.

 How I Get Ideas 

3. The window – I get ideas from looking out the window.  Mostly, the things I see out there scare me, but sometimes, I just need a closer look.

2. My toybox – I see lots of fun things to play with in there, but I haven’t figured out that I can stick my head in and pull out any toy I like.  I always wait for Mom to pick them up one by one and say, “What about this one?”  and “What about this one?!” and “What about THIS ONE???!!!”

1. Smells – When I smell treats or my dinner or Mom’s dinner, I get ideas about putting on my good girl face and sitting and giving my paw and dancing if necessary. I’ll do pretty much anything for food. 

How Mom Gets Ideas

3. The park and the neighborhood  – I love kids.  We watch kids at the playground and in the field. How they play (or don’t play) gives Mom ideas.

2. School – Whenever Mom visits a school to talk about being a writer or to visit one of her student teachers, she gets ideas.  Sometimes, she also gets a head cold when too many kids cough and sneeze on her.

1. Blogs – Mom reads a lot of blogs. Some are about dogs and cats and hamsters and guinea pigs and families and art and photography. But some are about being a writer.  She gets lots of ideas when she reads tips and talk from other writers.

Ideas are fun, unless they scare you.

Comments on: "Countdown Wednesday" (49)

  1. oh I like the “what about this one” – game, because it is ENDLESS hahaha

  2. You are so funny and sweet Cupcake, love the way, like Easy, Mom gets all your toys out..BOL Have a great day xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Oh Cupcake you have LOTS of fun ways to get ideas and so does your Mom. Ideas are pretty darn important for writers cuz without them they get what my Mom calls “writers block”…..whatever THAT is. We animals don’t have that problem (if we do get blocked our humans take us to the VET and we don’t want THAT!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Whenever I hear the fridge door, I have the idea it’s worth going to find out what’s happening in the kitchen!

  5. What a great dog!! And I love all your awards too. 🙂

  6. I like that you your Mom shared how she gets ideas, Cupcake. Maybe if I do some of the same things that she does, some ideas will come to me, too. Right now, I have the idea that the Two Orange Pups want to go outside, as they are both at the door! It may be a good idea to look for ideas in the park!

  7. You play the What About THIS One game too, Cupcake? Goodness – you’re going to have to come over and play with Scout and Jemma 🙂 Also, we have squirrels on our porch outside the French doors… 🙂 Those are all great ways to get ideas, but I’m glad you have your pillow for when you need protection!

  8. You are so funny and adorable and I’m sure you are full of ideas. I don’t think mom could ever have writer’s block. She is always telling me ideas. I have an idea! Let’s do lunch soon. 😆

  9. This is my first visit to your blog and find it lighthearted and refreshing. I will begin to follow your posts on a regular basis. 🙂 – Bob

  10. Will and Eko said:

    Nothing like a good window to jumpstart your brain!

    • So true, Will and Eko. You never know when something scary is out in front of the house. Like a guy in a golf cart or a balloon or a street light with a solar panel. *shiver* I always check first. Can’t be too careful…

      Love and licks,

  11. I LOVE how you guys get your ideas!

  12. Hey Cuppycake, I have something for you on my bloggy:-)

  13. What a delight to meet you Cupcake. 😉

  14. How cute! You should be a professional dog model Cupcake! You always have the best pictures! Your mom should take up photography also! Our question here is where does Ginger get her ideas? sigh… thanks for the great post!

  15. Hay Cupcake, getting everyone to vote for you today, on the calender contest 🙂 Wez neffer saw you there yesterday in the line up. BOL xx00xx

  16. Cupcake – Get your head our of the pillow and face it, you are just toooo cute and full of creativity and fun. Nothing to be scared of there. – DogDaz

  17. Cupcake you have so many toys! It must be hard to choose which one to play with. Your mom must have a really cool job. PS you won third place in the photo contest, there’s a post up on my blog about it.

  18. Gosh, just reading your post gives me lots of ideas! Thanks, Cupcake!

  19. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your next post. 🙂

  20. Those are all very good ways to get ideas! Maybe I should to move to you house where ideas are appreciated. Whenever I think of something really fun to do, mom always looks at me with her serious face and says, “Hey Remy, don’t get any bright ideas buddy.”

    • I think I know your problem, R. Your ideas are “bright” ideas. That could scare humans. Mom has nothing to worry about. My ideas are usually the opposite of bright. Like when I thought the Yield sign on the corner was trying to kill me.

      Love and licks and not-too-bright,

  21. Great when all the toys are out 🙂 we play with ours on tomorrows post 🙂 xx

  22. I get ideas while eating cookies!

  23. […] friends if you want ideas of treats then check out Cupcakes toy box or Mollie’s treat box you can […]

  24. […] friends if you want ideas of treats then check out Cupcakes toy box or Mollie’s treat box you can […]

  25. Duke likes to sleep with his head under things too… 🙂

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