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Countdown Wednesday

It’s October.  Today we’re counting down about Halloween.

Things I Love About Halloween.

3. Costumes.  This year I’m dressing as a nurse. We waited a long time for my costume to come in the mail.  We’re also waiting a long time for an acceptance letter in the mail, but that’s a whole different story. 

2. Candy.  I’m not allowed to eat candy, but if I get lucky, I’ll get to eat a wrapper or two (or 6). And maybe Mom will let me lick a lollipop for a while. Those things are yummy. Even the stick is delicious!

 1. Trick or Treaters.  I love when kids come to trick or treat at my house. I know they kind of want candy, but I also think they’re mostly coming to see ME!

 Things Mom Hates About Halloween.

3. Costumes.  When Mom was a teacher, she learned that kids in costumes were WAAAY more difficult to handle than kids in regular clothes. She learned a lot from the kids, and got a lot of ideas from them, but along the way, they taught her how to HATE Halloween. A lot.

2. Candy. Mom buys tons of candy, but we don’t have tons of trick or treaters. That means she has to eat a lot of the candyherself. I can’t remember why this is a bad thing, but apparently, it is… 

1. Stories.  Mom doesn’t hate Halloween stories. She actually wrote a couple of them. But they’re sitting in her computer going nowhere. And she hates that! Now that Halloween is on its way, Mom is in the mood to dust off those stories and get back to work on them. They need to be cut, edited, critiqued, cut, and edited. …And critiqued. Then they’ll be ready to hit the road and knock on a few doors, like a couple of little trick or treaters.

42. There is one October HAPPY thing that Mom LOVES.  Her story Fly Fishing is published in the last ever issue of Stories for Children e-Magazine.  Click the link to get your very own e-copy!

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  1. Yay for your mumma! And yay for candy 🙂 x

  2. Yay for your Mummy and whee gotta say whee love your costumes!

    Mummy has written a Pigoween story for us which she is going to put on the blog soon but she wants to write more. Hey, maybe whee will include Nurse Cupcake in a future one?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  3. Big ya’s for Mommy and Cupcake youz so cute..You’ve got more clothes than my Mommy..bol xx000xxx

  4. I’ll bet this year all kids would come again and again for seeing your fabulous costume. You are the sweetest nurse ever :o)))

  5. Aww Cupcake, I love ladybugs, especially when they’re as lovely as you, but don’t forget that you can’t fly, ok. I think you’ll be a hot item on Halloween as a nurse 😉

    You’ve been nominated for A Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Congratulations! I hop over now to your moms story 😉

    • Thanks, AngelsWhisper. I really CAN fly though. On the couch, off the couch, on the bed, off the bed…. I’m hoping one day to fly up into the tree out front and get face to face with the squirrel that lives there. Thanks for saying we’re good team members, also! xo

      Love and licks,

  6. You look great in a costume, Cupcake, and you sure have lots of cute ones! I’m also sure you’re right that the trick-or-treaters are mostly coming to see you – how could they not? 🙂 #42 might be the best part of the countdown though – congrats to your mom on another publication! 🙂

    • Thanks, Susanna! Mom is also super happy about #42. We’re sad that that e-magazine is going out of business. We had 2 more acceptances from them (a poem and another story). Oh well…..

      Love and licks,

  7. Cupcake, I absolutely ADORE your nurse’s outfit! Your mom must really love you to buy you such lovely clothes…and I never get any trick or treaters even though I live in the middle of at least 600 kids in a two mile radius of my house so any Halloween candy buying is strictly with ME in mind…;~)

    Donna L Martin

  8. Love seeing you in your costumes, Cupcake, but especially love the publication! Many congratulations to your Mom. The Two Orange Pups are sure that everyone is coming to see you, not just for the candy. We only dress as our two orange selves, but hopefully that will be enough to attract a few costumed kids to our door, too!

  9. I hear your mom’s pain about school kids and Halloween. YIKES! I also hate when people – not even kids – come to the door with no costume and stick out a pillow case and want my precious M&M’s. it’s HALLOWEEN! You need to work it, baby!
    Enjoy your sucker stick ;-).

  10. You look adorable all dressed up!

  11. Will and Eko said:

    Oh man, you already have a great costume picked out! Eko and I need to get down to work.

  12. A sexy nurse you are!!
    I’ll miss the candy corn this year :((

  13. Oh Cupcake what wonderful costumes you have!! You make an adorable ladybug but that nurse costume is really “oooh la la” !!! I’m sure the kiddies knock on your door for a peek at your costume every year and getting candy is just “icing on the cupcake” !! (tee hee)

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

  14. You are so adogable in all of your costumes! OMD! 🙂 Oh yeah by the way you have an award:

  15. HELP NURSE CUPCAKE! I have eaten too much candy! HELP! 😉 Great post! 😀

  16. Candy and costumes are good (we especially like the bug thing). Mom getting published, even better. Congrats!

  17. Thanks for the inspiration! We’re going to look for costumes for Lexie and Charlie 🙂

  18. Fun costumes! Congrats on the Halloween story in Stories for Children!

  19. You look really cute in your costumes. Congratulations on the story!

  20. Congrats on the publication. Sorry to hear it’s their last issue!

  21. Cupcake!! That first picture is absolutely precious! You make a pretty nurse. We loved the pictures and snickered at a few of your points. However, the last picture… we hate to say this, bgut we laughed long and loud! How wonderful! Do know we are not laughing at you but at how wonderful that picture is! If you and your mom ever make it to our neck of the woods we will have to dognap you and adopt you for you are the most precious dog ever! Hang in there mom, you are a very good writer… it takes lots of time and persistance… 🙂

  22. Oh Lord, if Cupcake could speak… Halloween was great as a kid but as an old fart and Christian, we see it as a pagan holiday. Tough, society pushes you one way, the Bible the other. In the end, the Bible will win. Sorry, I shouldn’t rant on this… Don’t mean to be rude.

  23. Lovely photos Cupcake, especially the one of you in your nurse costume 🙂 Please congratulate your mom for me for getting her Fly Fishing story published. Well done mom!

  24. Cupcake you cutie! Putting all the dressed up doggies to shame in that nurses costume ahhaa! 😀 Love it, halloween outfits are going to have to be tailor made for my small furries! You have set the bar here! 😀 xxxx

  25. Well done getting your story published. That’s just brilliant! Love all the costumes, although I get why you don’t, with kids all dressed up and going crazy. Have fun eating the candy!! 😀

  26. Very creative. Not bad at all! 🙂

  27. So sweet, Cupcake! You pull off lady bug well and mama get back to those stories. The world needs your imagination.

  28. Dogs are just like humans….. they want what they can’t or should not have. One of my dogs somehow got into my closet and found a bag of chocolate. I was working all day and discovered it too late. I tried to get her to throw up but it had passed her stomach. Fortunately, she just had a tummy ache. Thank goodness for that. Chocolate IS NOT good for our doggies!

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