Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


Mom decided what she would be a long, long time ago. (I wasn’t even born yet!) She liked writing stories and poetry, but she was a teacher, so she mostly just READ other people’s stories and poetry. Sometimes, she would write a little something during summer vacation or for a graduate school assignment, but she was a teacher, so the stories didn’t go anywhere. (I hate to tell her this, but that’s because she didn’t send them anywhere.) 

One day she was strolling around a craft show at the park. (If I were with her, there would have been less strolling and more playing on the swings.)

At one of the booths a man was selling wooden desk plates with jobs on them. Mom bought the TEACHER one, right away.  That was a no-brainer.  Then she saw the WRITER one. She picked it up and put it down a hundred times, trying to decide whether to buy it.  She said no, then yes, then no, then YES!  That was the first time she thought of herself as an actual writer and not just a teacher who sometimes writes. 

She kept that wooden thing for all these years.  It’s on top of her bulletin board, and she looks at it every single day.

When she did what she had to do, it came true.  All she had to do was:

  • Write every day.
  • Play fetch with me.
  • Read piles and piles of picture books.

  • Take me for a walk.
  • Find a critique group (or 3).
  • Bring me to Petco.
  • Join SCBWI and attend a conference (or 3).
  • Buy me toys and treats.
  • Study about how to be a better writer.
  • Give me a bath, brush my teeth, and have my nails cut.

  • Revise a lot.
  • Go to work with me at the VA.

  • Just plain CUT a lot of words, even if she really really liked them.
  • Pick out dresses for me to wear.

  • Submit stuff to agents and publishers.
  • And study new tricks with me.

Nothin’ to it, right?

Comments on: "Inspirational Quote of the Week" (28)

  1. Oh Wow Cupcake..your Mom certainly has a lot to do..I love that writers post it board, she can send it to me, when she gets fed up of it..bol. Have you been over and seen how my Mom totally embarrassed me 🙂
    Have a great day xx000xxx

  2. What a great story! Love that “Writer” and bulletin board of inspiration. But clearly the catalyst that brought everything together was YOU, Cupcake – your mom might never have sold a story if she hadn’t had to play fetch with you and pick out your clothes 🙂

  3. thanks for a lovely Thursday morning read.

  4. My mom (this curious magpie!) has read the sayings on your moms bulletin board…she like this one:don’t wish it were easier-wish you were better (of course, my name is involved)…on our bulletin board are some bills, phone numbers and notes as: buy milk! or call the vet… btw: the pic with your books could be a good ad for a bookstore :o)

  5. I, like Easy’s went over the board and now I’m extremely curious to read the one that are overlapped.

  6. Nothing at all! Easy peasy 😀

  7. Your mummy is certainly a busy bunny!

  8. Busy, busy. And that quote sounds familiar 🙂
    Write on, mom…

  9. That’s a lot of inspiration on the writers’ board, Cupcake, but I think you give a lot of inspiration too, so that means, that quotes can walk… and swing 😀

  10. A wonderful story! I like the bulletin board.

  11. I see that I have been missing a lot of these steps. I guess that’s why I am not published yet…

    • Well, there are some steps that CAN’T be skipped, like buying toys and treats and picking out dresses for me. But it’s OK to skip some, like the bath and the teeth cleaning. Authors must have priorities after all…

      Love and licks,

  12. Looks like you had a great time, except for the baby swing. LOL

  13. Looks like your mom is a excellent writer and a excellent mom! Love your outfits.. 🙂

  14. […] Tricks – I know lots of tricks. I can roll, […]

  15. Love your tutu, Cupcake! Sending golden hugs.

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