Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!

Five Word Friday

Today’s five words are about back-to-school.

1. Kids – Mom and I both like kids a lot. Mom liked working with them when she was a teacher. I like to lick them. They taste delicious.

2. Learning – Soon, Mom will go to a writing class to learn about writing picture books. She says, “Learning is fun.” and “There’s always something new to learn.” and “When are you going to learn to fetch?” Ugh.Β  This is embarrassing!

3. Books – At school, kids read lots of books. Mom reads lots of books too. I like to lick books. They taste delicious.

4. Recess – Mom liked recess when she was a teacher. It was one hour to do whatever she wanted (mostly eat peanut butter and jelly and talk to her friends). Recess is all day for her, now, except for one hour when she works on writing stories. It’s like things have turned upside down.

5. Paper, Pencils, Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils – New school supplies are fun. And they taste delicious.

Comments on: "Five Word Friday" (19)

  1. Cupcake, you may not have fetching down yet, but I notice that today you learned to count to 5! Yay! It’s not actually Friday, of course, but that’s just splitting hairs πŸ™‚ Peanut butter is also delicious.

  2. How exciting, going to writing class. Hope you have great fun and learn tons.

    • Mom hopes so, too. I learned a lot at obedience school, so I’m hopeful for her. I especially hope she learns to fetch. Then she’ll stop bugging me about it.

      Love and licks,

  3. Oh Cupcake..yoz just luv’s food..bol Crayons don’t taste nice, pencils are yuk..Go for the lunch boxes πŸ™‚ Wez need youz tomorrow …PLEASE come by..Wez being taken to court by DOGGY…:( xx00xx

  4. Love this list! (Peanut butter and jelly also tastes delicious.)

    Learning’s fun! Except I wouldn’t be good at fetch either.

  5. I’m seeing a theme here. Mom loves to write and you have an insatiable appetite for – ah – everything. You better watch your waste line, dogfriend. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, that’s a wonderful post … I will try pencils, paper and crayons immediately – maybe I should prepare them with peanut butter?

  7. Cupcake, crayons and pencils are the best during classes, so don’t forget to bring them when you have to learn fetching. Nice school outfit πŸ™‚

  8. Children do taste delicious! πŸ™‚

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