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Award on Fire

I am very grateful to my collie friends and Chuck at Collies of the Meadow for sharing the Blog on Fire Award with us. I do hope my blog isn’t REALLY on fire, because that could be dangerous, plus Mom would be angry if her computer burned up and she couldn’t be a writer anymore. She says she forgot how to write on paper. Yay! Maybe I can eat the pencils that I haven’t eaten already. 

To share The Blog on Fire Award, I need to tell 5 things about myself, and then give the award away to 5 blog friends. Here goes! 

1. My birthday is in September.

2. I wear a harness in the car, but most of the time I stand up and stretch as far as I can, anyway.

3. I have 9 dresses, 4 jackets, a couple of tutus, and more bandanas and collars than I can count.

4. I love the park, but sometimes I get stuck under Mom’s chair or under the park bench.

5. One of Mom’s Facebook friends drew a picture of me. I think I look adorable.

6. I shed. A lot.

Yup.  That’s 5.

Visit these friends for pet fun and writing fun…..

Yup. That’s 5.

I’d also like to thank our guinea pig friends Bingo, Buddy, Nibbles and Nutty at Hutch a Good Life for awarding us honorable mention in their Olym-Pigs.  Click here to see lots of crazy guinea pig antics, and ME on the short list in the couch-surfing event.

Comments on: "Award on Fire" (26)

  1. Well dones Cupcake..that sure is a terrific award..yoo’s deserve it my ickle pal 🙂
    Big Hugs
    Mollie xxx
    Oh yooo’s on the problem page today’s 🙂

  2. Pretty soon’s your birthday.,YAY! CAKE! Presents! CAKE! YAY!
    Congratulations. Will you have to pay taxes on that award, like the medal winners in the Olympics? (how stupid is that!). Hope not.

    • Thanks, Gemma! I also love cake. And birthdays. And presents. I don’t know about taxes, but once I tried to chase a taxi. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I caught it….

      Love and licks,

  3. Congratulations on the awards! Well deserved. Loving the tu-tus btw 🙂

  4. You count the way I do, Cupcake! Congratulations on all your awards!

  5. Such a wonderful post. Love Cupcake!

  6. Awww, thanks Cupcake for the lovely award! The last time I was around a fire, I almost burnt my parent’s house down! I’ll let you in on another secret…my son’s birthday is in September also…what a great month to celebrate birthdays!

    Donna L Martin

  7. Congratulations! I don’t think you can really shed what I would call a lot.

    • Thanks, Clowie! You are definitely way fluffier than I am, but my fur likes to jump out of my skin and fly around the house. Mom wants to buy stock in SwifferDusters.

      Love and hairy licks,

  8. Hi Cupcake!
    You deserve this and many more awards! Guess what? My birthday is in September also! 🙂 You are adorable and everytime I look into those intensely intelligent eyes I see my lil Hallie’s eyes. You are so adorable. Byt the way, Smoke eats all our pencils too… he used to hate remote controls (or he perhaps thought he could change the channel with his teeth! LOL) but he doesnt do much of either anymore. You and your mom do a great job on your blog. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thanks, Chuck! We are birthday buddies! I love looking like Lil Hallie. Pencils are delicious. Next, I’d like to eat a marker.

      Love and licks,

      • Oh my…. LOL…. Smoke once ate a marker… a blue one… had blue ink all over his fur.. LOL… luckily it was one of those non-toxic kiddie markers that are water soluble..(sp?) and it washed out… you should choose a pink one… Yes, we are birthday buddies! How cool is that? I think Lil Hallie looks like you.. 🙂

  9. :))) SUPER HAPPY! What an honour from yourself Cupcake! Furry cuddles, xx

  10. I came to extinguish the fire, but now I see it’s just an award. Thank Dog! Congratulations on your fire award, Cupcake, and your upcoming birthday. You’re so lucky, Cupcake, you have more dresses than I have 🙂

  11. Congratulations on your award, Cupcake, and thank you SO MUCH for passing it on to me when I am not even a dog – although I do love and own dogs 🙂 One of these days you’ll have to meet my girls 🙂 I love your birthday hat, and I hope you will be having a big blog birthday celebration when the bug day rolls around! Thanks again! 😉

  12. Congratulations Cupcake! I love the pictures, especially the one of you in the shade under the chair – there is no way I could fit under there! The drawing is excellent!

  13. Congrats on your award (and love your fancy skirts!)

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