Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Sometimes, I’m just plain tired. Belly-up-worn-out. Head-upside-down-exhausted. Desperate for a nap.

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Resting is good. Recently, I had a busy day visiting friends, almost eating stones (till Mom yanked them out of my mouth), and almost eating an ant trap (till Mom dragged me out from under the chair and picked up the trap). I also dodged the treacherous air conditioner vents in the floor which I’m pretty sure were trying to kill me, and I navigated my way past the dangerous grill, which had a mysterious cover on it to disguise the perils underneath. So clearly, after such a difficult day, I needed to clear my head and get some rest.

Writing is like that, too. If Mom has too many perils to navigate, too many imaginary friends to visit, some close calls, danger, strangeness, and pressure, she gets tuckered out like me. She doesn’t go belly-up and nap, though. She does an hour of writer-relaxation, instead. She organizes notes and computer folders. She reads blogs and Facebook posts that her writer friends write. She browses around on the computer doing research or looking for unusual character names. If it’s a lucky day for me, we go to the park or the ice cream store or the playground or Starbucks to people-watch. If it’s an unlucky day for me, Mom says, “I’m going to the bookstore.” or “I’m going to the library.” and she drives off in the car without me to go and read millions of books. If she brings any home with her, she says, “Do NOT eat the books!”

Duh. Why would I eat books?

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  1. Life can be very tiring. But please, don’t eat the books. They can lay really heavy in you stomach and make napping hard.

  2. You do look tired. I think she’ll get upset if you do anything to the books. Some bipeds seem to form an emotional attachment to them.

  3. I nose the feelin…I’s taken the day offfff today to play catch up.. I likes the sound of goin out for an Ice cream YUM YUM .
    Big Hugs
    Mollie xxx

  4. Sounds like you really deserve a good, long nap. Whenever my person doesn’t want me to eat something she hides it in a cupboard or puts it on top of the refrigerator. Some day I’m going to jump high enough to get that stuff off of the refrigerator.

    • I think you can make it, Bongo. I can barely reach up to a chair because of my tininess. Good luck. I bet that refrigerator top is chock full of goodies.

      Love and licks,

  5. That’s quiete an amazing slide show, Cupcake, but you’ve to watch out for what you’re going to eat, not everything is eatable, you know… ants, pooh πŸ™‚

    • Poop is yummy, AngelsWhisper! I eat goose poop all the time. Unless Mom sticks her hand down my throat and yanks it out. Bummer. I never ate an ant, but once I ate a butterfly. Mom didn’t believe her eyes. She said, “Oh no you didn’t.” But, oh yes I did!!

      Love and goose-flavored licks,

  6. It sounds like you went to the House of Horrors! Grills can be treacherous. Mom has a system. That’s how she gets to write such cool stuff. Maybe you need a system when you make these scary visits to friends” houses. You two need to sit down and talk. πŸ™‚
    Love you, cutie.

    • Good idea, Gemma. Visiting is ALWAYS scary, but so is staying home. I am vigilant all the time. I just never know when I’ll encounter a balloon, water cooler bottle, a ladder, a mechanical toy, or a jogger with no head (Yeah. That’s a whole ‘nother story…).

      Love and licks and cuteness apparently,

  7. I like books Cupcake. I once ate ‘My Family and other Animals’ πŸ™‚

  8. What a busy day you had Cupcake! However, you look like you are giving that book the evil eye in the last picture! LOL….. nom, nom, nom….

  9. […] you tell I am begging for ice cream? I think it’s pretty clear. She mixed up a batch of my special yogurt/peanut […]

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