Living with a children's author isn't as easy as it looks!


Mom likes holding me. 

People at the Veteran’s Home like holding me.

I like holding my toys, sometimes in my paws and sometimes in my mouth. 

Holding is good, no it’s GREAT.

Humpty Dumpty Magazine is holding one of Mom’s stories.  It’s a little rebus story about show and tell.  Holding is not the same as buying.  But it’s also not the same as rejection.  So, for Mom, holding is GOOD,  but not great.

Comments on: "Holding" (30)

  1. Hi Cupcake!

    I could say crossing my eyes is not the same as crossing my fingers and right now I’m crossing my fingers (and my eyes if it would help) that your Mom’s story is picked up by HD!

    Donna L Martin

  2. I hope they are moved to do more than just hold…. after all, what’s holding without showing a little love….. Right?

    • Absolutely right, Rumpy! No worries, though. There’s snuggling, sighing, kissing, petting, patting, paw holding, tickling, and even some love to the softness of my ears.

      Licks and cuddles,

  3. I’m not surprised everyone wants to hold you, you are do cute. Tell your Mom we wish her all the luck with her story.

  4. We would love to hold you cupcake! You are so cute! 🙂 HooRay For MOM!!!!!!

  5. Holding is great! We’re big fans of holding at our house. We love to hold paws. Your mumma is so clever! B, B & B x

  6. Great is better than good, but good is better than not good. Huh? Hold on…

  7. Good luck with the story for Humpty Dumpty Magazine! xx

  8. We hope your mom’s story gets some movement. However, we hope that you stay in someone’s arms 🙂 We are too big to be held but we love being hugged 🙂

    Bella and DiDi

  9. Good luck for your mummy’s stories. I like cuddles, which is kinda like holding, right?

  10. I like attention, but no one picks me up! Good luck with the stories.

  11. I can certainly see why everyone loves to hold you, Cupcake! 🙂 As for your mom’s story, holding is a good sign. Holding is maybe. Holding is hope. Holding is at-least-someone-thought-that-story-was-good! I’ll hold my fingers in the crossed position for your mom 🙂

  12. I hope they stop holding your mom’s story soon and decide to put it in the magazine.

  13. You have the “innocent-cute-puppy-dog-pose” down PERFECTLY! I may just have to pick you up myself! Not so sure that the hamsters would manage it, but I would give a squeeze from each of them 😀 xxx

  14. “Holding”…we like that!!! Congrats to your mom Cupcake and best of luck that it gets through and is featured in the magazine! Love the photos, too 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

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