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Five Word Friday

Soon, it will be Memorial Day – unofficial start of summer.  So, today, on this non-Friday, my 5 words are about summer.

1. June – June is the 6th month. That means Mom will have written 6 picture books for her 12x12in’12 Challenge. One of them is about a dog named Oliver. Oddly enough, he acts a lot like me, but is named after a dog that Mom met at the dentist office.

2. Sunshine – I love sunshine. When I sit outside with Mom, the sun likes to tickle me. I can feel it running all over my fur!

3. Bugs – When bugs come near me, I try to eat them. I think bugs are delicious. I also think maybe it’s not the sun that runs all over my fur and tickles me….

4. Swimming – I am not allowed to go swimming, and I’m not sure I even know how to swim. But lots of times, Mom and I go to the park and we see turtles and fish and butterflies and dragonflies. Last year, Mom had an idea to write a story about a dragonfly. She still has that idea, but didn’t write the story yet. Maybe she’ll write it in July.

5. July – Independence Day – ‘Nuff said. Summer! Yay! Bring it on.

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  1. We are looking forward to summer too — actually I just noticed that the month of July is already almost packed full of activities!

  2. At this point, no one is looking forward to summer more than me (I?). Here comes the sun…

    • I love the sun, too, Gemma! I lie down in the middle of the street when it’s warm out, and Mom has to watch for cars and then yank me up from the asphalt before I get run over. Sun…. Aaaaahhhhh….

      Love and licks,

  3. I’m glad you like the summer, Cupcakes because for a variety of reasons it is NOT my favorite time of the year…so maybe I will let you soak up the wonderful sunshine for me! ;0)

    Cute outfit by the way!

    Donna L Martin

  4. Finally we have sun over here, Cupcake, and we love it too. My cats are also lying in the middle of the street to take some sun, but we’re living in a home zone, so it’s not as dangerous as at your place, I guess.
    Well, you’ve got yourself a nice independence-outfit, looks really good on you, and the stars on a star… so cute 🙂

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